Competition: name our bear!

In about a month’s time, we’re going to be launching a brand-new range of Raspberry Pi merchandise. (My desk is currently awash with notebooks, gym bags, pencils, mugs, umbrellas and…stuff.)

This little guy is going to be one of the additions to the line-up.

He’s soft, he’s cuddly, he’s only about 20cm tall, and he doesn’t have a name yet. That’s where you come in.

To win a bear, as well as some other goodies I’ll select from what’s kicking around in the office, and to have your choice of name used in the shop, leave a comment below with your chosen name, with an explanation of why you selected it. (Make sure the email address you log in with is a genuine one, so we can get in touch with you if you win.) The competition ends at midnight on Tuesday April 16.


Adam avatar

Hi, I think you meant to say that the competition ends at midnight on Tuesday April 16. You stated “March” (smile).

liz avatar

Very good spot. How embarrassing. I’ll go and fix that!

Paul avatar

Easy one. It’s Razz!

IBarbaroSSa avatar

when I whrote about this competition, I was thinking of iwan.
because names like Raspbeary Pi are so predicteble, but someone came up with Razz, i think it isn’t gonna get better than that!

J Ashfield avatar

So does it end 2014 or should it be April 16

Edward avatar

Ebear :-)

lanodan avatar

raspbear ^^

Peter avatar

Do you mean Tuesday, April 16?

How about Cutie Pi?

Dave H avatar

I suppose RaspBeary is a bit too on-the-nose, isn’t it?

joni avatar

can it be anything else than “RasBear Pi”?

Sean avatar

I will suggest the obvious name of Raspbeary.

John Graziano avatar

I think a good name for the bear it…

(Raspberry) JAM! everyone loves jam and you can use it on pretty much anything and make it better!

Peter avatar

Do you mean Tuesday, April 16?

How about Cutie Pi?
Just because it seems appropriate.

Aaron avatar

BearyPi. =)

Philip Drew avatar

Razz is good.

How about ‘Pip’?

Mark Embling avatar


They exist in raspberries, it also contains the word “pi”, and could easily be male (short for “Philip”) or female (short for “Pippa”).

What more could you ask…? ;-)

Bob H avatar
liz avatar

I’m pretty sure we’d end up owing DC some money if we went with that!

Gunter avatar

Looks like Henk.
Yes, totally Henk.

Richard avatar

Obvious – PiBear

Niksa Bodlovic avatar


It’s obvious… :)

Marta avatar


Ryan Walmsley avatar

BearPi has got to be his name!

Mark Hickford avatar


Corin Hosklins avatar

His name HAS to be Sudo, i mean common you cant get anymore awesome then that!

Doug! avatar

He? Why not a fitting bear name like Ursula? Or a lovely English name like Jane?



Sean avatar

Razz Beary

Peter Mount avatar

PiBear – Think along the lines of Winnie the Poo/PooBear but this one likes Raspberry Jam instead of Honey ;-)

Gary avatar


Stef avatar

Just “Pi”

Sean avatar

No, an insatiable love for pi(e).

Holger avatar

His name is Raspbeary, Peter Raspbeary..

Simon Clark avatar

Enzo? After the designer of fast red things

Daniel Tomaszewski avatar

I call him Razzy :-)

yehnan avatar

Rappy Bear

Jared Sartin avatar

Razzle – cute name for a mini mascot: “Razzle the Raspberry Pi Bear”

David Driver avatar

He has got to be called

@BizzoDoes avatar

I think he should be called “Pastry”.
He’s soft, sweet, and the right colour.
After all, a Pi isn’t a Pi, without some decent Pastry.

MarcoA avatar


It looks like sponge cake! :)

Luis R avatar

name it “Piyou”

paul avatar

How about “pi bearry” tip Ctrl F in your browser to check that nobody else has picked the same name

ukscone avatar

it has to be RASPutin or eBEARneezer or what about Eben? :)

Steven avatar

Really? No one said it?
Beary as in Bear + Berry.

Might sound like a lame name at first but come on, it fits the bill.
Was half way through the title when I already had that name in mind.

Daniel Light avatar

print (“bear”)

We were promised robots avatar


Mike avatar

How about “Radius”

I had some explanation as to why that mentioned it also being the name of a character from R.U.R. that was once played by the second Doctor Who…but mostly it’s because it gives somebody the ability to make a “Circumference pack” of merchandise: two Raspberry Pi’s and one of the bears. (C=2πR)

jimi avatar

May I suggest ” Winnie the Pi !!”

Graham avatar

Simply Ras – as in Ras P Bear (y)

Crawford avatar

The Bear should be names Tinker. Why? Because tinkering is one of the fun things one can do with a Raspberry Pi. It is also the name of my budgie.

Jeff avatar

Graham. It’s a smart sounding name and he just looked like a giant graham cracker to me at first look!

coppermine avatar


Neil C avatar

My 3 year old daughter suggests Ralph

Dan Hagon avatar

I vote for “Porgy

Steve avatar

Custard the bear

paul avatar

Pi Bear (name after Pooh Bear)

Prithwiraj Das avatar

‘Honey’ please – It’s sweet, a term of endearment, and lends itself to further name extentions from different owners – like Honey Pie (or Pi), Honey Poo, Honey Bunny etc. etc.

Andy avatar


Daniel T avatar


TBoyH_RPi avatar

He should be called Guido as Guido van Rossum designed python which I would guess is what the pi is named after

Starfighter avatar

I was thinking along the lines of Winnie the Pi, Pibear and stuff like that – but then I saw someone beat me to it so I started over.

When I think of the Raspberry Pi I think of things like… python, scratch, arm, raspbian, robotics and what not. That generated names like Scratch, Wheezy and so forth. But my favourite of the ones I came up with is Rasbie.

Gail Ollis avatar

Marmalade – because you’ll find him near the Jam :-)

RPI-1213 avatar

cute – female – Lizzy

Gail Ollis avatar

Marmalade – because you’ll find him near the Jam :-) (And he’s a sort of golden orangey colour)

Steve avatar

My 2 1/2 year old just pointed at the picture and said, without hesitation, “Amy!”

Mark avatar

Ripple… ‘cos we all love ice cream

Dave avatar

His name is Ted.

No explanation needed

Keith Templin avatar


A cross between Teddy Bear & Cutie Pie & Raspberry Pi

mahjongg avatar


Mike H avatar

“Su” as in su (super user). Short, simple, catchy, and easy to say.

ChrisP avatar

“Piezo”, derived from the Greek piezein, which means to squeeze or press (like in piezoelectric…)

That’s a fitting name for a technology that squeeze a computer in a tight space.

Julian avatar

Coolie as in Raspberry Coolie

clive avatar

Bubo. Because he’s swell.

liz avatar

You’re not allowed to enter! (We all laughed, apart from Rob, who didn’t get it, so we all did bubo mimes at him and coughed a bit.)

Martin Harvey avatar

Och well here a good one

Keep doin all he good everyone keep the sweet pis comin

Oh my that last line was cheesey (must now and lie in darkened room for that one …)

Nick Adams avatar


he’s custard coloured.
Who doesn’t like custard with their raspberry pie

William avatar

Hrm, how about something different, like ‘Kufu’?

Al avatar

PiBearer – Bear bearing the RasPi.

Nagelfar avatar

Rapberry Pi-ddington Bear.

I can’t give your a more reson than that i like the name :-)

Gail avatar

Q.T. Pi

John Read avatar


Elvis Bartlett avatar

Cobbler R. Beary
He is the Raspberry Pie gobbler

Reilly Greenlaw avatar

This ist too easy. His name shall be Mandela.

Justin Hewlett avatar

I think the name should be “Pi Byter”.

Ravenous avatar

Turing. (Dunno if he’d pass the test though, a bit of ventriloquism might be needed.)

Matt avatar


Nice little combiding of raspberry and bear, sorta like the os distribution raspbain ;-)

Matthew Mills avatar

He should be called Charles or Alan. Explanation is obvious.

Dan Deufel avatar

If you have a dog, then call him “Chew Toy”.

Otherwise, I’d like to suggest “George”. While the following clip refers to a rabbit and a duck, Chuck Jones and friends have subjected a number of other animals to this treatment and the associated name.

Bram avatar

Frambo! (framboos is Dutch for raspberry)

jonatan avatar

TeddBearry .. its funny

Wayne Talbot avatar

The bear should be named “Tart”. Enough Said.

Montekuri avatar

Beepi – like old computers do a “beep”.

ramon marzolo avatar

Looks like a “Mr. Raspi” (ras-pee)

Joseph avatar

Archy, or Arch, as in Archimedes, one of the first people to use geometrical techniques to attempt to calculate Pi.

SnowflakeTeaJelly avatar

“Honey Pi”, because bears like honey.

Tidagi55 avatar

Hmmm…CuddleBeary Phi, ’cause he’s such a cute, golden, number. Heheh

6677 avatar

Wheatley. I was playing portal earlier and liked that name :P

fileneed avatar

it’s gotta be Razzie Bear, reminding of Fozzie Bear from Muppets

smokin1337 avatar


Briarios avatar

Berry P Bear

I chose the name cause its easy to remember

Fergal Butler avatar

How about “Babbage the Bear” or “Babbage Bear” in honour of Charles Babbage?

Milanchez avatar

When I saw it, the only name for this cute bear I could think of is – Sergeant Pi.

Rory Bolton avatar

Call it dusty!

In honor of all the old BBC Micros left un-loved!

Montekuri avatar

Pi-tty (pee-tty) – it has such a sorrow face that I couldn’t say: What a Pity!

Keith avatar

Codi, Cody or Codee

SMatteso avatar


Because he looks like a Graham Cracker pie crust

Stew Fisher avatar

Bit of a bad one but Bear Bones, Cos the raspberry pi is a Bare bones system

but i do second the idea of “RaspBear”

Rob Bishop avatar

Code-e-ACK Bear? (Joint entry with Paul B)

liz avatar

Yeah. You can’t enter either. :)

guru avatar

Ooh! Oooh! Code-y ACK-land. It can be Joss Ackland’s little brother bear then!

Michael avatar

Rubus Bear

I tried :-)

HerSo avatar

Bearberry , I think that would sound good^^

Zach Igielman avatar

He should be called: su PiBear OR
su Beary OR
su Bear OR
su Pi OR
su RootBear

su = set user (like in terminal)
PiBear and Beary merge the name of the foundation and the word ‘bear.’ Pi and Bear are simple. Root bear because bear is the toy and root is the user people usually end the command su with.

Rob Bishop avatar


Montekuri avatar

The name: Pimate
“Pimate” is not a primate, but is your mate for your pi projects.

John avatar

Simply “Rasp” as in Rasp Bear Eben.

Altaf avatar

110 comments and nobody said Raspberry Po?
love the pimate though :)

Jeff Parker avatar

My 10 year old coding daughter says: –

Raspberry Ripple

is the only proper name for the bear

James avatar

Steve, because he obviously looks like a Steve.

Montekuri avatar

Raspberry Pi-ball, round as raspberry.

Johan avatar

PiLovingbear (haha, you got it? :P)

Blogmaniac avatar


xzanfr avatar

Because raspberry’s have a pip in ;)

Montekuri avatar

I would say that it is a pin of the pi.

Philip Thompson avatar


As per the software..

Scott avatar

Jam. Or Jammie.

Although he technically looks like a mis-dressed Carl or maybe Rasputin.

Bash avatar

Pi bear

Bash avatar

raspberry pi bear

Roger avatar

Sudo because he will watch over you when you are using the dangerous commands, and well, what a SUPER looking BEAR

Montekuri avatar

April Pi – because it has been born in April.
And I have a female dog (“bitch” is a bad name) called May and this bear is like her.

Micah avatar


SteveT avatar

+1 for the little girl who suggested “Ralph”. Everyone else is trying too hard to come up with a cute or meaningful name.

Nik avatar

His name should be Razbeary.
It’s a good logo name.

Dennis avatar

Berrington Bear

Jürgen Galler avatar

I would call it “wheezy” according to raspbian “wheezy”

Montekuri avatar

R-Pi (Ar – Pee).
And you can create a cartoon where the bear says: arpp!

a.keegan avatar

Raspbeary Pi

Cristian C avatar

I suggest calling him JasPi Ted (Jam/Rasp/Pi)

David Guest avatar

LilPi or LilyPi

PiFan avatar

Maybe something to do with Cambridge, such as “Cam”, “Isaac”, etc ?

“RaspBear(y)” seems to be one of the more common / popular suggestions.

But why a bear ? Surely someone needs to build a Pi inside a bear ??

Montekuri avatar

It was a reply to xzanfr, to his suggested name: Pipin

Ovi avatar

Berry Bear !
Because it sure loves the raspBerries !

Theladdie avatar

Bernard the bear extraordinaire

(From Sophie 5 years old (almost))

Prys Hughes avatar


Short for Raspberry and it’s a TopGear reference.
“Look Hammond, the Ugandan rozzers are here” – James May

Cristian C avatar

Or how about Ebiz Pi (Eben/Liz Pi)?

Montekuri avatar

Fluppi – A so fluffy bear

Duncan Smeed avatar

Woonnie the Pi ;)

Ovi avatar

because my daughter said so ;)

Daniel T. avatar


Allan avatar


Montekuri avatar

woolpee – the wool pi

Ovi avatar

what about ArmBear ?
it sure has stong ARMs !

Radioelf avatar

Hi!, RuBuPi…

Patrick avatar

and he’s looking for his pic a nic basket filled with rasberry pi

NiXijav avatar


Geir Mortensen avatar

A Pi thats Cuddly.

My wife votes for cutiePi.

Martin Rix avatar

You know who likes marmalade?
Pi-ddington Bear!

Henry avatar

I was thinking what if his name was Raspberry Rupert, or just Rupert? Rupert seems cute for a teddy bear, and I like the name. Thanks for looking!

p.s. I was the first one to post this name ;-)

Montekuri avatar

Banana Bear, since it is yellow :)
A bit of irony

Jason C. avatar

Raspbear sounds great!
or Raspberry Bear
or Bobo

mich-i avatar

it’s not he-man, his name is him-bear or himbear (sounds like the german word for raspberry…)

Montekuri avatar

Talking about it, the bear could be red and its ears could be green like leaves

Christopher Magnollay avatar

I would go for Framboise . It’s French for Raspberry and let’s face it, there’s not enough female teddy bears out there.

Henry avatar

I was thinking what if his name was Raspberry Rupert, or just Rupert? Rupert seems cute for a teddy bear, and I like the name. Thanks for looking!

p.s. I was the first one to post this name

Kevin avatar

Raspi Bear

Pete avatar

How about Star tex ? (start x) ….. or debianair bear ? or chip ? or SOC bear

David avatar

Another one for custard as goes well with Raspberry Pie but can also be taken on it’s own (if you don’t like raspberry’s). He also looks a bit yellow in that pic.

John Beetem avatar

“Eddie Baby” — so much less formal than “Ted”.

Lee avatar

MoonPi The Bear, would have been cheesy and went with mooncake but didn’t think it worked for the name of a bear plus it could get confused in posts.

MalinaMan avatar

I’d call him Pierre, Raspberry Pierre :)

Pete avatar

can I have some pants to go with this T shirt bear (Don’t laugh it’s the wife’s comment)

sonjco avatar

I suggest Pi Crust

Tobias avatar

I will call him “Imbear” :)

Ben avatar

Lennie. Anyone who’s studied GCSE English will get this! (well, should – AFAIK most courses make you read “Of Mice and Men” – if not read it, it’ll only take a couple of hours).

Or Alan, or perhaps Charles.

In fact – there can be several with different names: Robin, Jamiet, Mike, Tudor, Lee, John, Harry, Dave, Pete, Harry, Al, Andy, and David. Raspberry lollipop if you can work out the link between those names!

Kurt avatar


as in have a “Slice” of Raspberry Pi.

Bakul avatar

Codely bear? He is cuddly and he helps you code!

Hove avatar

Muse the Bear, as when you’re coding, you always need someone to voice your ideas with, yet don’t want or need a response, just a trustworthy soul to listen.

Moi avatar

Razzπar or Rasπar will be nice

William West avatar

Jammy bear because raspberry jam in a pie is great

Mohamed avatar

I think the bear should be named RUBUS, which is the genus that the raspberry plant comes from. The Bear is in the same family!

Thiago Fortes avatar

The name is Rasbie!!!

unotom avatar

How about just simple “Pi” much like Winnie the Pooh always called Pooh. Simple and short!

Perrie avatar

Barry Pi. Two puns in one (Bear-ry AND Berry)!

Tim avatar

He looks like Baxter to me.

Baxter M. Scott

Like Baxter the Mascott ヅ

Dave avatar

I think PIEnstein cause he is smart little bear.

andre avatar

I think it should be PIEthagoras in honor or Pythagoras the guy with the theorem.

Montekuri avatar

Let’s call him “Seven Double Oh” (about the 700 Mhz processor), the Secret Coder.

Eric P. Scott avatar

Sugar Pi

I can’t help myself. ;-)

Todor Velichkov avatar


James. avatar


He’s the number 00000001 bear.

Riley Williams avatar

Nibble – Half a byte ( 4 bits) or Nibbles

Chris avatar

I think you should name him Beeb bear.

Tim avatar

Being this is a Raspberry Pi bear and Pi is from Python, how about Tuples.

Tuples has to be the cutest term in the Python language.

Sam avatar

I would like to suggest the name Amy for the bear, named after @MiniGirlGeek Amy Mather. At only 13, Amy has been an amazing source of inspiration for us at Manchester Girl Geeks: she’s more passionate about coding and technology than any other girl her age I’ve met, she’s a great role model for young people – and girls in particular – who are not afraid of being geeky, and she even gave a talk at last month’s Raspberry Jamboree in front of a huge audience.

In line with the Raspberry Pi’s mission of inspiring the next generation of inventor, engineers, inventors, coders, and geeks, that little bear should carry the name of one of the Pioneers (!) of this movement.

Plus, Amy is kind of a cute name for a teddy bear.

aguirrech avatar

RASPosito !

Nathan avatar

Beary P.!

Sue avatar

Does the bear have to be a boy? How about an anagram of Charles & Ada…name for bear Clara Dash

Montekuri avatar
Phil avatar


Q.T. Pi

Sweetie Pi


Honey Pi

Ahmes – Ahmes wrote, “Cut off 1/9 of a diameter and construct a square upon the remainder; this has the same area as the circle”. In other words, he implied that pi = 4(8/9)2 = 3.16049, which is fairly accurate.

Dale Jones avatar

I know we use it for something else but he’s clearly a Bramble

Phil avatar


Montekuri avatar

Rampi – low ram, low cost, great pi

Rich avatar

Eben Bear………………

If it wasnt for him where would we be at now !

Hink avatar

“Bouchon” “Bouchon Bear” Bouchon Bear > BB > Baby

in tribute to Basile Bouchon the 1st french, and perhaps of the world, hacker and an inportant person in the beginning of the computer ( )

Bouchon in french is used to call a child you like ex: “tu t’es fait mal mon petit bouchon ?” translation: “you hurt urself my lil angel”
So it’s a cute name for a ” Teddy Bear ”
bouchon coding translation : stub

sry for my (a little) broken English

Glen avatar

Ursa Pi-nor!

Melle avatar

I thougt up Raspberry PoohBear

Dangerous85 avatar

Want Want Want

I Want the bear t-shirt to put on my pg tips monkey !

Please please please

p.s Raspbearburry…

ait avatar

little pi

liz avatar

Obviously, there’s no way in hell that we can let “Pinus” win. But I won’t pretend it didn’t have us all falling about laughing!

Montekuri avatar

Cheappi – because Raspberry Pi is cheap.

Stefan avatar

I think I will call mine Rubus ;)

“The raspberry is the edible fruit of a multitude of plant species in the genus Rubus of the rose family, most of which are in the subgenus Idaeobatus; the name also applies to these plants themselves. ”

case closed.

Vince avatar


Vince avatar


Montekuri avatar

Jam Jug Picode – just a pun with trekker name: Jean Luc Picard

Stefan avatar

Because anyone using it is hard-working like a bee ;)

Otherwise PiRaz would be my second suggestion

LeoT avatar

I would suggest ITchee (or some variation of that spelling). It is suggestive of IT and SCRATCH!

B0D_Mr4ZU avatar

You could name him “Macko” (It means small bear and it sounds funny and cute :D [and read as it’s written “m a c k o” not “m a k o” :D ).
Or it may be Raspimacko :D It is really playful name for cuddly little cute soft staffed Raspberry bear.

Simon L avatar

If he was born before the 21st March then he’s a Pi-sces :)

Dinre avatar


When dependencies appear
Or you’ve found a bug
Stave off the madness
With a Bug-a-boo hug

dcj123 avatar

Raz Pi or Raspbearmie

ben avatar

little berry pi

Andrew Scheller avatar

Unbearable ;-)
Bearly conscious

Aussie Steve avatar

Maybe the little cutie should be known as KC and pronounced as Kasey and standing of course for Kids Computer Best wishes all

Peter Ryan avatar


MrPorkman avatar

hap pi bear.

Matt Filer avatar

How about ‘Raspbear’ or something similar to that, like ‘Raspibear’ or ‘Raspi Bear’.

4thdwarflord avatar

Sir Roderick Philip Icarus Bear the Third (or Sir R.P.I Bear III for short)

SteE avatar


It’s a type of raspberry, and sounds like a name for a bear. It’s one of those old fashioned British names, like Rupert (Also a bear name). The meaning of Cuthbert is “bright, brilliant, famous”.

erwin avatar

how about just plain and simple Bert?

Andrew Buckingham avatar


Tayken avatar

Odus: It means instinctive, he is an instinctive programmer. Also it is “sudo” backwards.

Pygar avatar

Sean nailed it. Razz Beary! I suppose we could give him a little tiny magnifying glass and deerstalker hat, and make him Razz Beary, P.I.!! For when he’s investigating new things to do with RPi’s, you see…

I read that the makers of the new solar airplane are hoping to add some form of autopilot next year- I think we all know what computer should be the core of it!

Jason Russell avatar

Name him Swift, after Jonathan Swift who wrote Gulliver’s Travels and has one of the first computer-like devices in literature in it called The Engine.

JakeMalley avatar

0101001001100001011100110111000001100010011001010111001001110010011110010010000001010000011010010010000001000010011001010110000101110010 or 52 61 73 70 62 65 72 72 79 20 50 69 20 42 65 61 72

(Raspberry Pi Bear in Binary and Hex)

ColinD avatar

Pythagoras ? Pithagoras ?

Cameron Bowes avatar

RazBearyPi or Perry – Its A Name Made From Only Letters In Raspberry

Maximilian Walker avatar

Clive (Clive Sinclair)

clive avatar

I think that we have a winner :D

ColinD avatar

Pi-Ty ? (as in the TY Beanie Bears ? ) Or Pi-Thy ?

Ian Walker avatar

I would name the bear ‘Berry Bear’ :D

ColinD avatar

Pifi ? (py-fi) – PieFi – Pifie

nestof avatar


Paul avatar


Raspberry’s grow on brambles

Steve avatar

Hoppy Bear. After a female geek (Grace Hopper) who worked on the first compiler and who debugged by removing moths!

Neil avatar

Mafon Pi
Now they are made in Wales

Simon FD avatar


bin avatar


dnozay avatar


ColinD avatar

Ben the Bear ( or E-Ben !)

James A avatar

The Pi Bear – Very simple (just like the RPi) and easy to remember.
Bearnary – A mix between bear and binary.

ColinD avatar

Chuck (as in Chuck Berry !!)

Tonny avatar

How about Rasbear Pie? Or perhaps RP Bear.
Or RasBarry P.

AnnO avatar

Little Berry Pi or Little Perry Pi

ColinD avatar

Darlington ( Jeri Ellsworth gets the credit for that one – her cat name !!)

Jake avatar

Piper. Pronounced “pie-per”.

Neal avatar

Fuzzy (…logic)

AnnO avatar

Perry Berry Pi

mike avatar

Berrybear or just Berry to his friends, all 1 million of them!

Oliver avatar

Pi bear! It the bear of the pi… It could be the mascot

ColinD avatar

Darlington of course refers to the transistor pair configuration !!

James Hamilton avatar

Cambridge + Raspberry =


Oliver H. avatar

I almost went for Tinker Bear, but you got me here.
If I may so bold, when referencing Mr. ZX80, who got me started back then. he should be named

Sir Clive.

Or even better: Sir Clive the Tinker Bear


Nahid Siddiqui avatar


reason: first thing came to my mind when I looked at it

Rob101 avatar

as he kinda looks like a choc chip cookie. Or

Actually, you should run a competition Blue Peter style at a local school asking the kids to name it, the winner receives a pi starter kit or summit, just an idea.

Jonathan Pallant avatar

Cornelius IV
Mosaic Al

No, I’ve gone off on a tangent there. Must be hungry.

Mark avatar

Flower, after Tommy Flowers

Keschy avatar

Probably already said, but RaspBearyPi sounds nice ;)

Özay Turay avatar

Pinnie The Wooh

That must be the name of it, because he will be as famous as Winnie The Pooh some day. ;)

Joe Henley avatar

I spoke to the bear’s mother, she said the baby bear’s name is “HoneyPi.” …for the two things bears like most.

Mini-Man avatar

I like the idea about Grace Hopper, and think it should be simply be named Grace

Sally Eddy avatar

It should Be π Bear (PI Bear) using the PI symbol

Mark avatar


CW avatar

I think Raspbeary Pi is the best suggestion, with “Razz” or “Razzy” as a nickname.

Rob101 avatar

Named after Arvind Gupta, his work is in the same spirit of the pi foundation.

Pete avatar

Magnum P.I.

Sean Hendrix avatar

Rasp”Bearry” Pi

TimW avatar

Archimedes Rubus the FORTH

(Archimedes as Pi sometimes referred to as the Archimedes Constant, Rubus is the genus of the raspberry, and FORTH for the programming language)


Nibble (half an octet)

Florian avatar

Rasteddy Pi
or just Teddy Pi

Martin Blackman avatar

Raspbearian gets my vote.. :D

Michael Anderson avatar

I have a few suggestions
bracket – because he is curly and you need him to code
bit – because he is the only one
bash – he is in command
cint – sint
cstr – seestr
reboot – rebooting home computing / maker ethos

matt whitehouse avatar

i say it should be named raspbear

RootShell avatar

I want a RasPi for me :)

(LOVE your contests)

Greetings from Portugal!

Edgar M. Toro avatar

RasPi :-)

bfesser avatar

Not particularly RasPi related, but how about Ursula (latin for ‘little female bear’) or something along those lines? Someone more creative than myself could surely RasPi-fy the name.

Unrelated, I’m wondering if you’ll have little Raspberry Pi logo lapel pins? I’ve been trying to figure out how to make one for months from a sheet of brass… unfortunately, I don’t have a CNC mill, LASER or water cutter, or a 3D printer (and hackerspace dues are much too high for the unemployed).

Sched7 avatar

Rubin – named after the variety of raspberry Bulgarski Rubin.

John Coles avatar

I think it should be either “Root” or “Sudoer”.

Darwin Leuba avatar

It’s a Razzy Bear! From the great raspberry jungle, this bear comes to spread joy as children learn how to use computers!

Gladly (the crosseyed bear) avatar

Bedause it will be remembered.

liz avatar

We used to sing that at school, and feel smug because we couldn’t be caught. See also “Most highly flavoured gravy. Hallelujah.”

Noelia avatar

Piwok (Pi + Ewok)

Gabe avatar

I would name that bear Debian, or Debby. It is a cute name, and frankly, the main operating system of the raspberry pi. I would love to see that and I think it would be awesome and hilarious!

P.S. That thing is so cute.

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Dude; totally should name him/her

… maybe would be better for a Kangaroo…

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Wow, so many cool names. Many which had popped into mind. That will teach me not to check the site more often. Great suggestions guys!

I think both the bear and Eben need to be Knighted. (Eben for Realzies) :)

Sir Raspberrington Bear of Pi
Sir Razzington Berry Bear of Pi

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I would name that bear Ted. Ted Hoff was the inventor of the microprosser, (which is what the raspberry pi pretty much is, and he is a TEDdy bear, so I think the name would really stick.

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How’s about Hackleberry? Keeps with the foundation name and one of the things the foundation encourages.

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I think a great name would be ‘Logic’.

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Or you could stick with the fruit puns theme, and just select a different fruit…

Teddy Pear!

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Raspbeary pie

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Winnie The Pi

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Ted Berry. Like Teddy Bear but not.

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Gnu Boo.

(As in “Smarter than the average bear, Gnu Boo”)

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Well, he’s not wearing any pants – so, how about Bear Nutz ?

Like Beer Nuts.

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I think that one has to go in the same category as “Pinus”. There are certain things we just can’t call the bear, much as we’d like to. ;)

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“Barry Pipers” because it is an anagram of “Raspberry Pi”.

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Barry could be nice ;).

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There have been a number of “Winnie-the-Pi” suggestions.
This would obviously, for the same reason’s Liz stated, probably force the Raspberry Pi Foundation to owe Disney some money.

So, instead, I humbly suggest: Berry-ther-Pi, or Pi Bear for short.

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Perhaps it could also be Raspberry-ther-Pi?
Or Beary-ther-Pi?
I don’t know which sounds better.

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How about, simply “Berry” – a variant alluding to Beary/Raspberry with a nod to Debby, but dropping the Rasp.

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“Scratch” as in Scratch the Bear!


Codus (The Magnificent)

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I’m suggesting Captain Curly :-)

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Razzle Dazzle

From my childhood.

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Isacc New-Pi?

Came to me first, worth a shot! :)

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I suggest that Razz would be a good name, but he/she needs a jar like the one Winnie the Pooh has, labeled “Razz” instead of “Hunny”. One paw should be stuck in it.

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“Camera Module”…….Because, it was the only thing to appear in April (so far)……….

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Pip the Bear?

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I think I’d just call him “Shenanigans”

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I like “Raz’

Short and simple.

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Your spam filter thinks I’m a bot

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I like ‘Hunny Pi’

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Nepo (Open backwards)

Due to the pi opening minds, opening possibilities and of course the open nature of the project.

Or Desmond, that’s a good name too.

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BEE PI – bePi – My Pi, something to eat – “The Raspberry Pi”. geek Pi.

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How about Butters. I mean, you need butter to make a raspberry pie. And Butters off South Park is cool. Kind of looks like Butters when Paris hilton dressed him up in a bear costume too.

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Berry !

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I think you should call him Gert ;-)

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Raspi the Bear

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I would call him Pi π or maybee 3.14
Just because you got it “wrong” in Raspberry Pi(e)/π

Or just call him squeeze because thats what I would do to him when my code isn’t working :)

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I fully can’t wait for someone to stuff one of these bears with a PI and make it sing and dance – or make the coffee.

I can imagine the voice commands now


e.g Gert

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How about Pencoed the Bear.

The reason? Well, there’s a bear that likes marmalade and is named after the station we first meet him in. As this bear is far more refined and prefers fruity jams to marmalade, it is only reasonable to assume we first meet him at the station nearest where the Pis are made. Hence, Pencoed!

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Ronnie the Pi (as an homage to Winnie the Pooh)
Chuck (after Chuck BERRY)
Alan (after Alan Turing)
JJ, short for James Jam

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My choice: RUSSEL

I think for being a good mascot its name should resemble the product somehow (in this case soundwise) but not be too close to the products name to give it its own identity.

And of course, at least if you ask me, Russel is a pretty good name for a bear! :)

So, “Russel the Raspberry Pi Bear”



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ugh! merchandise.has it come to this? how tawdry. Well you can redeem yourselves if there is a Tie or two among the range.

I like the suggestion of Guido a long way above. Getting too close and literal to the bear thing isn’t a class act

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Dru short for drupe i.e. the fruit of a Raspberry.

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How about pber (read: pi-bear), just a part form from “raspberry”

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Michael. It’s a cool name. :-)

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Without being too much of a nerd may I suggest Monty along with the programming language of choice for many of the Ras-Pi users.

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The best name to this bear is Raspi :-)

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Raspbeary or Rpi for short [pronounced rappy ]

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I would say his name should be “Red Beary” and he loves pie as well as PI. A math major graduated top of his class. of course “red beary” would refer to red berry or in this case a raspberry. my two cents have fun naming.

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It just has to be


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Hi all,
I thought about “Lampi”.
That’s because “lampone” is the italian word for raspberry and, as a little nerd touch, for the assonance with the LAMP platform.

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Berry Bear

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call it Derek. The reason being we recently had some plumbing done by a Derek and it’s now a name I associate with exceptional quality. or feel free not to. up to you.

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What first came to mind: Paddy Pi
no further explanation needed.

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Piear as prouncouned like a differently stressed version of Pierre as he is a Pi Bear

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Brown Bear, mr. Brown

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What about Hallon? It’s Swedish for raspberry, and even though I’m not sure how it would be pronounced in English, it’s a cute word!

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RaspiBeary !

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I’ll submit ‘Marmaduke’ – with the obvious ‘ARM’ reference…..

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Razz T Bear, of course

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Raspberrian Bear

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“Bear”, the name’s Bear. Can’t get any simpler than that.

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I suggest “Stemby” – STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths), B for Bear, Y because it fits (or you could say because he’s a yellow/brown bear).

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teddy pi

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I think the name Justin Pi-Bear with the continental pronunciation of Pi would really help with inclusion among young females. Great for STEM inclusion objectives.

Rick avatar

Forgot the why…

Because if you use a Raspberry Pi, you will become a much more logical thinker.

P.S. Should this name become a winner in this contest, please take the stuffed bear prize to a local childrens hospital. The kids would appreciate it much more than I.

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“Rubus” as in the Linnaean naming of the raspberry..

A bit like a Rufus a common bear name
A bit like a Rebus the Logo he proudly sports on his T-shirt

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I suggest ‘Mostly ARMless’.

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Pi. Teddy ( you now P. Diddy ;-)

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Rolf Neece. A rot13ed anagram of Raspberry. Of course he’d be Rolf to his friends.

Failing that, Eta Beta – two letters that go with Pi to make up a well-known TLA.

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IMHO i call him Alkaid Pi (Alkaid is the star in the east of Ursa Major)

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How about “Rasputin”, as in Rasp-Pi-Utin.

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Ugh. A Red Dwarf quote springs to mind…

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For Rasperry Jam and a name.
And it is easy for children to say, but I doubt they’d be the main market. :-)

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I’ve been looking at this bear for some time this evening and think I have a valid name for it. Something that harkens to what my use for the Raspberry Pi is going to be.


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Arpie? (RPi)

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my sugestion is: “Piurso”

This is a contraction between Pi+urso(bear in Portuguese) (I think the Pi needs no furter explain) :)


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Sandy because he is coloured like sand

from Amelia age 7

Rob avatar

Hmmm because of the colour, simply “Honey Pi”

Are we allowed more than one entry? If so, I also like “JuPiTer”. A stellar bear, shooting for the stars :D

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Fruit Bear

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I say joseph

Jason avatar

— pronunciation to be determined.

Eben, but for the more self-concious founder.

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I say Monty ;)

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Nick Z avatar


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How about Erasmus Barry (the Bear)?
He is know by his friends as “Ras Barry”.

Su avatar

R. Shakes (Raspberry Shakes)

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Ps. sorry for the late entry

Jason H avatar

Berry the sweet pi

Ivan De Mello avatar

sorry didn’t see your post earlier, nice one!

Igor avatar

I was thinking Piearnator. Small but powerful. :)

Richard Collins avatar

Geek Bear
Lady Ada
inc a (bit old school Z80 that one)

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I would suggest Stella as it is the name of our one year old daughter whom we refer to as Stella Pi (for long-winded reasons I won’t go into). It would be great for her to know that a Teddy Bear is named after her (although she probably won’t be very receptive to that information until she is 2-3 years old).

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My suggestion is Barry Pi.

Please don’t let me win! I will only accept runner-up.

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How about:

Latin for Raspberry!

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Awww I was gonna say that ;)

I’ll go for this: don’t name him. That’s the point – Raspberry Pi is about being creative, so be creative and name her / him yourself.

If I must pick then I’ll go for Colin.

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His name is TeddyPi!

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We talk about this bear on our blog ( Post: stuffed toys and Raspberry Pis ) where we show another stuffed toy with a RaspberryPi inside that Tweets, plays video, talks (text to speech) and sync with Dropbox. We have included a tutorial to make you own internet stuffed toy with R-PI.

For this contest we propose: Pieater (Like Peter but infact it is a Pie Eater )

The Carriots team.

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Though Cody is a great idea.

Mr. Clark avatar

I think he should be called Cal.
It stands for Cute And Lovable.

Martin Lowe avatar

How about Pibbly?

Sillyknit avatar

I think your teddy bear looks like a Raspberry Crumble.

Andy avatar

(Need I say more?)

(Can’t do python otherwise)

(They’re everywhere, tags! In docs that are legible to both computers and humans, and kids play it)

(After that influential decade)

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Sadly this won’t always work… all the comments go through a moderation queue, so it’s possible for you to say the same thing at about the same time and thus not see any preceding ones.

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Very Beary Pi . The bear is so sweet!

Katie avatar

Tim (Bearners-Lee)!
Don’t know if the second half would be allowed? Might need the grand master of the world wide web’s permission for this one :P but hey, I’d love a bear to be named after me!

Katie avatar

How about Linus?
1) it’s a cute name for a very cute bear
2) named after the creator of the Linux OS :D

Jane Po avatar

Pi Dough

Katie avatar

– sounds quite sophisticated, I think, but it’s also the name of a fruit commonly referred to as the ‘King of the Fruits’ (on a par with the raspberry of course) :D

liz avatar

My Dad is Malaysian-Chinese, and I am not to be fooled by your steeeenky fruit! (I love durian, but it’s very much an acquired taste.)

Katie avatar

Maybe teddy bears are an acquired taste too?
I joke, of course, who doesn’t like teddys? I think Durian still suits the bear well, and sounds like Dorian (Grey) :P

Katie avatar

Delta, Omega, Theta

Greek letters, to compliment Pi :D

Vabi avatar

What about Stackie (U know, little, sweet stack)?

Katie avatar


I always lose at Scrabble, but I will always be up for a game, because the name of the game is so much fun to say.

Scrabble :)

Brian avatar

My Bear Name:

“Ping” — this name fits in so many ways!

will he have a zipper in his back, unzip it insert a pi, and have LED eyes, and servo controlled arms, and head?

Vabi avatar


Picker [Pi-hacker, and (garbage) collector] :D
Idler (Like CPU, when it’s nothing to be done)
Rasgineer (Raspberry Engineer)

Ritchie (after the Dennis Ritchie)

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“Conan, the Raspbearian”! Sorry, know it can’t win, just hadda get it out of my system…

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Here is my list:

Tedberry Pi
Teddy Berry
Osoberry Pi
Ursoberry Pi
Ralpherry Pi

Those sound really nice to me :D Hope you give him a great name! He’s so cute he deserves one :D

Jeff Jones avatar

Sir Pi Bear

Booger avatar

Hair Pi
Just because

rodney avatar

Razz Matazz

James avatar


Brayden Dean avatar

RaspBEARry, BEARry, or RaspBEAR

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I think that cute bear should be called Rasbearry Pye :-)

SMaric avatar

Rap Berry Psi
If this is ‘Psi-mon’ you can then later introduce additional friends and even develop the Adventures of ‘Rap Berry Psi’ a Pi based game perhaps

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Fabrice avatar

what about Tipi ( contraction of teddy and pi). Yes, TIPI !!

TBoyH_RPi avatar

The ARM On Reference To The Pi’s Processor Plus He’s Always There To Give You A Hand

George Worley avatar

I thought of another:

George Chauvet avatar

How about “Beneben” – “Son of Eben”?

codfangler avatar

I don’t know if this has already been offered but, ‘Razzi Bear’ would seem to be a good option for promotion and ease of use. It relates strongly to the product and has echos of the ‘Golden Raspberry’ awards every year when they present the worst movies of the previous year with their ‘Razzi’ statuettes. I assume, by the way, that the foundation will want to use the name in a promotional manner as well as simply selling it to users. Sorry if this seems a bit dry but I used to do stuff like this in a past life and it’s difficult to get out of the habit.

barbara avatar

raspbeary :)

Olleh avatar

I’d like to see him called Kernel Pi.

loirad avatar

Bearberry Pi

kidmarine avatar

‘choc chip’ – has the biscuit colour fur and choc coloured eyes and nose. just like the raspberry ‘choc chip’ is a great desert.

guru avatar

I’m changing my mind to Björn.

ukscone avatar

so are you going to release an album of Pi related songs called “Björn in the U.K.” ?

sorin avatar

Pinuk – as in Pi (developed/made i)n UK

Thomas Burgess avatar

Rubus-It is the genus that raspberries come from.

This may be a repeat comment, I don’t know. I don’t see mine, so I guess it isn’t.

Nedstryger avatar

Ubiquitous, since very soon Raspberry Pi’s will be everywhere!

Alienhunter3010 avatar

My 50 cents:

Mr. TeddyBerry

Daniel Radcliffe (Dan3008) avatar

as in micro-chip, or the SOC that the pi runs :)

Also a little memento for those who remember “Chip’s Challenge” :D

Montekuri avatar

PiLinPinPin – a word created from Pi, Lin (linux) and Pin (the pins of the board).
It is to be similar to Pirlimpimpim (same as “abracadabra”), a word said in a child book written by Monteiro Lobato:

Nedstryger avatar

Some more choices:
William Shakesbear
Binary Bear – Highly Logical
Babbage or maybe Charles
POSIX – teddy bears are usually our first interface after we’re born

sonjco avatar

Wishbone In honor of the Spectacled bear that passed away from old age at the
San Francisco zoo

purple-eyez avatar

Rubus – Latin for raspberry – the past inspires the future

bluseychris avatar

Steve. Failing that Simon.

Matthew Manning avatar

Razz or bash

Michael Hall avatar

That Parmi Bear, he’s always putting his arms in the pi.

Igor avatar

Cutebearry, because he’s cute berry bear =)

Ute avatar

The name is “Teddy Pi”, what else. After all it is a very cute Teddy Bear.

Chug2 avatar

How about “Pisoft” as in Raspberry Pi Software, very soft …

James May avatar

How about “Frambo”, Short for Framboise the French translation of Raspberry, and
Rambo makes it sound powerful, that the Rasperry Pi certainly is!

Johnny avatar

I think it should be called douglas, dunno why, just douglas is a cool name

aTao avatar

eBear, a mix of Edward Bear (as they all are really) and e as in email.
Thread()Bear, dual meaning of Thread.
Bear Metal Coder.

Ralph Corderoy avatar

A bear called Nand. Gives a few other possible names in the family going forward, well fifteen assuming binary operators, and provides a route to explaining how all logic can be done by a bear called Nand.

Glollum avatar

mabye . . . Linus Bear?
or Syrup

LemmeFatale avatar

I’m going to suggest: Ellipticus.

The name comes from the Latin name for a species of golden/yellow raspberry ( – specifically, the Yellow Himalayan Raspberry), which I think fits because he’s clearly got golden fur, and is obviously associated with raspberries!

Sago7 avatar

“FramPI Bear”
Fram from Frambuesa.

Or Just “FramBear”, “Fram”, “Frambuesa”

Isobel C Lynn avatar

Peter I. Raspbearry.

Isobel C Lynn avatar

Explaination to why I chose this name: His first initials are PI and it’s RaspBEARry. I forgot to add the explaination in my first post.

Johann van de Venter avatar

Call the little guy RasTeddy.

grace avatar

Bearberrypi- bearberry is an actual berry named for the animal that favors the taste Or Honeysuckle because of the bears and honey thing

johnny P avatar

She should be called Cupboard. Because we know from old mother Hubbard that
the Cupboard was ……………………BEAR………………….!!

Thank you and goodnight

Josef avatar

*Gender neutral
*Sounds cool, and works with “The Raspberry Pi Rebel”
*Makes you think of X-wings
*Stands for “Raspberry Eating Bear Educating in (GNU/)Linux environment

Best regards / Joe

grace avatar

Bearberry or bearberry pi- bearberry is an actual berry named for the animal that favors it’s flavor.
Or honeysuckle because of the bears and honey thing

Brandon Brown avatar

RasBeary Pi

grace avatar

rSquared Pi Sticking to the pi theme, that’s the area of a circle. So I feel it fits.

gamerb avatar

Either the Comments are broken or my name is so good it wont let me post, because this is the fourth time, anyways the name of the bear should be Raspberry Muffin or just Muffin.

Nedstryger avatar

Sara Bearrum (Rymes with cerebellum, sort of)

iis avatar

Pabsie or Pabsey – just a random combination of letters from Raspberry Pi
or Rassie – Ras(pberry) + (P)ie and it sounds like Lassie ^w^
or Pix – concatenation of Pi and Tux; pixel; short and memorable
or Tex – Teddy + Tux; TeX language; short and memorable
How about concatenation of Pix and Tex – Pitex or Tepix
or Tipux (with random linux/python/GPIO tip on backside of his t-shirt)?
However he/she gets called, should be obviously Glenda’s cousin (
Wish you’ll consider one of those concepts.

grace avatar

Pi r squared

Bob avatar

Berry – as in rasBerry (or indeed snosBerry) :p

Wafflemaster avatar

I think raspbear is a cool name.
Or Tony. He looks like a Tony to me.

Vareen avatar

Given that in the picture he looks similar to the texture of a freshly-baked chocolate-chip cookie, I’ll call him Choco. Other variations (such as Cookie Bear), would present issues I’m sure you would like to avoid :)

Grace avatar

Pi Bear Squate ( pi r squared )

paddy gaunt avatar


Nuncio Bitis avatar


Nuncio Bitis avatar


Nuncio Bitis avatar


Nuncio Bitis avatar


René Løwe Jacobsen avatar

I think it should be named “Raspberry Pi Model Bear”

iis avatar

If it was a snake, not bear, could be called Pithon

Jack avatar

the bears name should be Rasber
because it seem simple and reasonable

Mark avatar

Shortname: Pie. Fullname: Pi Pie :-)

David Ashley avatar


David avatar

Second amendment. Because he has the right to bear arms… :-)

Smstext avatar

Pi eyed

colin allison avatar

GP Bear ……. (General Purpose) Bear …….. just as the Pi is proving to be general purpose.


PS – if I win, then I would donate it to the Great Ormond Street Hospital charity for their fundraising campaign. One of my grandchildren has just spent the past 6 weeks there and they do wonders for the children.


Mike Alexander avatar

“Fur Too” or “Fur Tooloop”

W avatar


Another Greek letter, with a similar use to Pi in algebraic equations (where Pi represents the product of a set of numbers and sigma represents the sum of a set of numbers.)

Antuan avatar

Rasty, aka the motherbear!

NiXijav avatar

FrambuPi. In Spanish, Raspberry is Frambuesa, then FrambuPi. It also sounds cool!

Steven G avatar

Crumble. As in the raspberry crumble desert

John H avatar

Custard! You can’t Have Rapberry Pi without Custard!

Grace avatar

Pie bear squared (pi r squared)

Romilly Cocking avatar

Darlington – assuming he’s not a long-tailed bear (Gordon, you may need to explain)

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