Come see us at SiliCon with Adam Savage

Makers, we want to meet you…in person! A small and rowdy group of us from Raspberry Pi will be at the Savage MakerVerse at SiliCon with Adam Savage in San Jose, California on August 27 and 28 at the McEnery Convention Center. At our little corner of this “Comic Con + Maker Con” event, we’ll talk Pi, share some revoltingly cool Raspberry Pi Pico projects, and let you get hands-on with Raspberry Pi products. And, of course, we’ll be handing out some kick-ass swag like we always do. 

silicon with adam savage logo

You can also learn more about Raspberry Pi microcontroller products at a session called Getting to “Hello World” with Raspberry Pi Pico and Pico W hosted on the Maker Stage by our own Alasdair Allan. He’ll introduce you to the platform, and then go hands-on with the official MicroPython port for the RP2040, the chip at the heart of Raspberry Pico and Pico W.

And if you have a Raspberry Pi project to bring along, we want to see it! The MagPi’s Features Editor Rob Zwetsloot will be at the event to check out what makers are creating. And he tells us he’s creating a fun Raspberry Pi Pico-based cosplay for the event. Liz has some Pico-based wearables going on as well – we’ve been enjoying preparing for this one a little bit too much.

matt richardson as marty mcfly
Our Matt is no stranger to cosplay. Wonder what he’ll be wearing at the Raspberry Pi booth this year?

Beyond the world of Raspberry Pi, there’s a ton happening at SiliCon with Adam Savage from celebrity meet and greets, featured makers, maker workshops, cosplay contests, and tons of geeky panels. Get your tickets here.

rob z silicon luigi cosplay with hoover
Our Rob has already set his sights on an elaborate hoover upgrade for his Luigi’s Mansion cosplay

If SiliCon with Adam Savage is not in the cards for you this year, don’t fret. We’ve missed going to events just as much as you have (arguably, says Liz, more). Expect to see friendly faces from Raspberry Pi at more maker and hobbyist events around the world soon!

silicon with adam savage on stage in astronaut suit
Costumes are a pretty big deal at SiliCon

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