Christmas delivery: we’ve got Pis and kits in the Swag Store!

Update: And that’s it for our UK readers. It’s Maplin or nothing now. Folks in the US can still grab a Make Raspberry Pi Starter Kit from their local RadioShack.

Update: And that’s it for pre-Christmas orders from the Swag Store. You can still order, and get your Swag delivered quickly, but it will be the other side of unwrapping-day unfortunately. Those of you in the UK still looking for last minute stocking fillers might want to head over to CPC who can still just about get you a Pi or a starter kit in time.

If you’re in the UK and you’re looking for a last-minute present for someone this Christmas, there’s still time to get a Raspberry Pi, a starter kit or other Pi goodies: we’ll deliver them to you in time to get them under the tree.

We’ve got complete starter kits at £75. If you order any time before midday Monday, we’ll be able to courier them to you in time for Christmas.

The kit includes:

  • Raspberry Pi Model B 512MB
  • 8GB Micro SD (pre-imaged with NOOBS)
  • Micro SD Card Adaptor
  • Your Choice of Pibow Case
  • Chiclet Keyboard
  • Optical Mouse
  • 1 Amp Power Supply
  • HDMI cable
  • Micro USB cable
  • A Raspberry Pi tote bag to cart the lot around in
  • …you just need to bring the screen!

If you just want a Raspberry Pi, we’ve got stock of Model Bs that we can get you in time for Christmas too – but you’ll have to order today, because these go via Royal Mail. They’re £32.88.

We’ve also got this furry fellow for sale. Babbage is £9, and is looking for someone to snuggle with this Christmas. Order him today, and he’ll arrive just in time.

Other items from the Swag Store: Carrie Anne’s book, Eben’s book, Pibows, accessory bundles, shirts, and more, are all available, and again, if you order today, you’ll get them in time for Christmas.

Merry Christmas!



Mark avatar

Has this article replaced the one about the Spanish Sorting Office use of Raspberry Pies, which seems to have mysteriously disappeared?

EverPi avatar

Same question here.


liz avatar

It’s mysteriously disappeared ‘cos the fella who submitted it hadn’t got the clearance he needed from his boss; he’s meeting him this afternoon and hopefully we’ll be able to reinstate it.

Declan Malone avatar

D’oh. Strike the bit about “here’s one industrial project we do have permission to talk about” (paraphrasing, cos I don’t have the article text any more).
Here’s hoping there’s a quick approval for it (and the Portuguese PO doesn’t run into any major glitches this Christmas :)

EverPi avatar

Thanks for the clarification, i’ve linked some images too, so if he denies i’ll omit it.

nelson avatar

got to love the web archive

Simon D avatar

He should get promoted for showing off their postoffice in a good light.

meltwater avatar

Hope he doesn’t get in trouble for it, we all really enjoyed reading about it.

liz avatar

Still haven’t heard back. I do hope everything’s OK. :/

RobV avatar

Not his boss you need to worry about, it’s the engineering consultancy firm’s boss who would be calling the shots

Sheena avatar

Hi, I just ordered one of these starter kits. Can you confirm that it will be delivered tomorrow? (Uk address) thanks.

Miguel avatar

Why does everyone think of Portugal as Spain?

ukscone avatar

around here we also give a small gift on epiphany/12th night/little christmas/3 kings day (whatever it’s called in your location) so you’ve still got time to order for that (just) even if you aren’t in the uk :)

Allan Sheldon avatar

Any chance of Raspberry Pi car window stickers?

Dave Akerman avatar

I can’t look at a Babbage without checking to see if he has a wire coming out of his backside.

IrishFramboise (AlanMc) avatar

I was wondering why airport security were looking at him funny yesterday…In any case Babbage helped keep my little girl happy on a flight home for Christmas. Glad you’ve got the books available on Swag now – thanks =o)

Bonnes fêtes à tous!

PS has anyone tried bringing bare RPi’s in hand luggage? What’s the usual reaction from staff?

clive avatar

I once took 20 in hand luggage. Security were unconcerned but customs stopped me at the other end because my BRIGHT ORANGE Peli case worried them (they told me it was because they used Peli cases “to carry their tactical kit” and therefore they associated them with firearms O.O)

liz avatar

I’ve been through security more than 30 times with Pis in my hand luggage in varying numbers. I’ve never had a problem. If you’re worried, you might want to take a copy of the user guide with you; we’ve done that in the past so we can demonstrate what they are; but we’ve never actually needed to show it to anyone.

meltwater avatar

I’ve not had any problems so far either, I tend to pack as hand luggage since I can manage without everything else except the Pi.
The last thing I needed was to be two weeks without it because the bag was lost (was halfway through writing chapter 9 at the time).
I did expect to have to explain it, mainly because it had a whole collection of components packed with it.

Must be difficult to determine what is OK or not sometimes though. Afterall, boards like the RPi are rather capable (then again so is your average phone).

The only time I’ve had to show them what I had, was when I had spare batteries for my phone, which don’t scan well as lumps of material packaged into blocks.

Gramar Nazi avatar

Pis? might need to learn spelling. Pis spells Piz or Pizz which is close to piss. Pi’s or Pies would be appropriate. I can be hired to proof read or whatever, i’d love to work for the pi group.

liz avatar

I have decided to regard Mr Nazi’s post above as being a little like the internet equivalent of the bad joke you find inside a cracker.

DJB avatar

Crackers have bad jokes on the inside?

JamesH avatar

It is really…quite….well…ironic?

Everyone knows the plural of Raspberry Pi’s is Raspis.

Simon Rishton avatar

Pi’s would refer to things belonging to a Pi. Pies are a different thing entirely. This is probably why for the first few months we were only allowed to order one Pi at a time. Perhaps the answer is to treat them like sheep – and have a flock of Pi?

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