Celebrate with us this weekend!

The Raspberry Jam Big Birthday is almost here! In celebration of our seventh birthday, we’re coordinating with over 130 community‑led Raspberry Jams in 40 countries across six continents this weekend, 2-3 March 2019.

Raspberry Jams come in all shapes and sizes. They range from small pub gatherings fueled by local beer and amiable nerdy chatter to vast multi-room events with a varied programme of project displays, workshops, and talks.

To find your nearest Raspberry Jam, check out our interactive Jam map.

And if you can’t get to a Jam location this time, follow #PiParty on Twitter, where people around the world are already getting excited about their Big Birthday Weekend plans. Over the weekend you’ll see Raspberry Jams happening from the UK to the US, from Africa to – we hope – Antarctica, and everywhere in between.

Coolest Projects UK

The first of this year’s Coolest Projects events is also taking place this weekend in Manchester, UK. Coolest Projects is the world’s leading technology fair for young people, showcasing some of the very best creations by young makers across the country (and beyond), and it’s open for members of the public to attend.

Tickets are still available from the Coolest Projects website, and you can follow the action on #CoolestProjects on Twitter.

CBeebies’ Maddie Moate and the BBC’s Greg Foot will be taking over Raspberry Pi’s Instagram story on the day, so be sure to follow @RaspberryPiFoundation on Instagram.


Mike avatar

Happy Birthday! I had hoped for a Raspberry Pi 4, though.

Alex avatar

Well, the birthday isn’t over. It’s not even February 29, yet!

Gavin Wang avatar

I also had hoped for a Raspberry Pi 4!

John Vedral avatar

Thank you for 7 years of renewed Making Enthusiasm!

muhammed avatar

Thanks for all the amazing projects you enabled us to do hoped for raspberry pi 4

Roy Davies avatar

Happy Birthday. Here’s to the next 7 years. Congratulations to all at raspberry pi

Valar avatar

Congrats raspberry pi, Thanks for making such wonderful product

Zee avatar

Happy birthday. Thanks for sharing, Congratulations to all of you. Cheers :)

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