Bus stop Pac Man

Last week saw Trondheim in Norway host a Maker Faire. Rather than go with the usual stale old poster advertisement, the folks at Norwegian CreationsHK-reklame and Trondheim Makers hacked a piece of civic infrastructure with a Pi, a modded MaKey MaKey and some aluminium strips, ending up with a bus stop you can play Pac Man on.

You can read all about the build – which involved hacking the power supply to the bus stop so it provided 230V of AC for the monitor – over at Norwegian Creations.

bus stop

We love Maker Faires, and we love the way that this sort of bus stop hacking project has become – well, if not exactly mainstream, something culturally recognisable. If you want to meet the team at a Maker Faire this month, Rachel Clive and James will be with the folks from Pimoroni, demonstrating what happens when art, education and science come together in the form of a tiny computer at the gargantuan World Maker Faire in New York on Sept 20-21.

(It’s the first World Maker Faire Eben and I have ever missed, but we have a great excuse; it clashes with the vacation we’ve been planning all year for our tenth wedding anniversary.) Say hi to the giant motorised cupcakes for us!


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Wow 10 years! Your Tin Anniversary nearly coincides with ours! (Oct 16th) Of course my wife and I have not done anything near as cool as start a non-profit, or design and build the Raspberry Pi. We’re such losers…

Anyway, best wishes to you and Eben on your upcoming anniversary! May there be many more! Enjoy each other, and your vacation!


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Congratulations right back at you! (Tin’s a bit rubbish for ten years, isn’t it?)

Haggishunter avatar

I’ll solder the resposibility and stanned up for tin. It may not be the prettiest metal, but has a noble history (especially for the Cornish). Aside from its uses in art and music, tin has lined a fair few pie cases of the years, and I susptect it’s also an ingredient of the Pi, as it is in most modern com-pewters.

Congratulations, anyway – will you be bronzing on some warm beach, or heading somewhere snowy? (I was going to ask where Eben is planning to “whisker” away to, but decided to can that comment.)

Liz Upton avatar

>com-pewters <- I see what you did there. Applause.

Cancelor avatar

and bronze ;-) …. but noble?

Zak avatar

Congrats on you anniversary! Enjoy!

ColinD avatar

Happy Anniversary to you both.

The Other Peter Green avatar

Congratulations on your anniversary! May you be as happy as my parents, who are celebrating their 67th wedding anniversary in a fortnight’s time!

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How frustrating would it be if you were about to get a PacMan high-score just as your bus turns up… ;-)

Joyeux anniversaire!

Liz Upton avatar

Wouldn’t you just wait for the next bus? I would *totally* just wait for the next bus. :D

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This is awesome! Anyone know what emulator and pacman version was used to run on the pi???

Robert avatar

Hey! Awesome project, I was curious if you had a blog where you wrote down all of your steps/instructions/etc. The reason for this is I am currently trying to find a project to implement at my university. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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