Biz’s LEGO case: buy parts!

The Daily Brick have released their first custom LEGO kit: it’s all the bricks you need to make Biz’s Raspberry Pi case (£9.95). You might remember Biz; she’s an 12-year-old Scout, a roboticist and a fan of Raspberry Pi. Her case was really popular here – I know a lot of you have made one already from LEGO you had at home – and was written about online in places like MakeZine and The Register. (We’re impressed; we had to work for six years before The Register paid any attention to us.)

Click to visit The Daily Brick.

I’ve spoken to Biz’s Dad, who says that Biz has chosen to be remunerated by The Daily Brick in LEGO. So if you want to see Biz’s collection grow, and don’t have the pieces you need to make the case at home already, please head over and order. Well done Biz, and thanks, Daily Brick guys!


Jac Goudsmit avatar

Awesome! But they should have used transparent bricks in the corner where the LEDs are. And they should offer a kit with mixed-color LEGO bricks to match everything else I ever built in LEGO :-)

Tuan Anh Tran avatar

the v2 got a transparent piece in the corner. :D

MINKIN2 avatar

Congratulations Biz!

It is really impressive that Biz’s design has picked up so much interest that it being put into sold to the masses. This must be such a huge inspiration for her and I hope it leads onto greater things greater things in her future.

Now who do I give my money to again? And will biz see any royalties from the profits :)

MINKIN2 avatar

Sorry for the poor grammar haha. I was interrupted 5 times whist posting that.

Colin avatar

Read the piece again ……… “Biz has chosen to be remunerated by The Daily Brick in LEGO” = royalties.

mike avatar

The top of what I’m going to call the walls of the case are smooth. So how does the lid attach? Also the lid appears to be only one piece thick and some of the pieces are only three studs long, so how is the lid held together?

Matt avatar

The lid has a second connective layer underneath that also prevents the lid from sliding around on top of the case – see step 3 of the building instructions.

Johan avatar

Well I might just end up buying that, I tried doing such case today but sadly lacking bricks.
Spent an hour trying to find the legos in the attic, and even more time sorting it through to find all the red bricks.

Alan avatar

If you follow the link to the Daily Brick peeps’ webside, you can see the build instructions (very slick – no fuzzy photos!) and see how it all holds together! The lid is a bit tidier than the Biz prototype and has a second layer underneath that fits inside the walls (ie 2 splots smaller in each direction) and should be snug but lift free easily.
We’re buying one for our second Pi (Biz’s own) as the BEAST Pi (Boreatton Engineering And Science Team) used all our flat red lego :)
Al and Biz

Rob D avatar

Well Al, but more importantly, Biz, you have a few more splots now!
I ordered mine as soon as it went on The Daily Brick, and the kit arrived the following day. The case does it’s job rather well!

Thanks! -Rob, (up the road in Wrexham)

Tuan Anh Tran avatar

I just ordered one. +1 Jac Goudsmit about the transparent brick in the corner.

Toli avatar

Just bought mine… £4.73 :)
And I will receive it very soon (all the parts I ordered were available…)
It will “taste the rainbow”…
I’m also using lego teknics for improving air cooling too ;)

Matt Chapman avatar

A little bit of fame for your previous comments:

Kevin Roche avatar

I ordered the kit, it arrived the next day. Built the case: Magic! Thanks Biz.

Zac Schutt avatar

Apparently because of the large amount of orders they got after this post the price has been raised to £11.95, but now there is a transparent brick for the LED’s. Also, their on a backorder now.

Alexandre avatar

Its now at 14 pounds. That’s a pretty steep increase in price. Given what I see in the comments I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t 15 or 16 by August.

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