Did you get an August date from element14? Don’t panic!

We got this mail late last night from the guys at element14’s head office – it’s of relevance to those of you who got a very discouraging delivery update yesterday from Newark.

We’d like to apologise to all customers who placed orders with Newark element14 and  have seen their acknowledged delivery date suddenly change on our website’s order backlog to August 2012.

At present, as already communicated by Raspberry Pi,  all deliveries are  on hold awaiting the outcome of the compliance testing currently taking place.

To avoid misleading people while the compliance testing takes place, our system auto-generated the August date, which has clearly caused confusion. We’re sorry!

We can absolutely commit that our orders will be shipped in the order they were originally received and that no-one has lost their place in the ‘queue’ as a result of this latest change.

Once the compliance testing is complete we will then have a clearer idea about our future deliveries and we will confirm accurate delivery dates  to our many thousands of customers.

Apologies again for any  confusion this action has caused. We firmly believe delivery  will be much sooner than August.

Newark element14


Austen Frazier avatar

Honestly at this point I’m not even actively waiting or interested anymore, and I think by the time I finally /do/ see an RPi at my door it’ll be “oh, this showed up” rather than the excitement I originally had for it. It’s such a shame to see this play out the way it did, I had rather high hopes for doing some things with it.

Steve avatar

I’m still pretty excited about it, but I have to somewhat agree that the way this has been handled has certainly put a boot into some of that excitement. Now I want to stress that I feel the RPi foundation has been as forthcoming as possible, Liz and co have done the best they can. The problem is the two distributors who seem to keep moving dates around, accidentally sending out emails and generally causing a lot of confusion. Then again, I’m sure they have their reasons for doing this as well, reasons us mere mortals will never understand.

liz avatar

*Doesn’t understand either* :(

SonicBroom avatar

If that’s how you feel, please feel free to donate it to myself or any number of people on here who are a little greedy and would like more than one :D

JamesH avatar

So, you had high hopes of things you could do with it. Surely you can still do the things you wanted to do with it? So the only thing has changed is the time before you can do those things?

phillip avatar

You are obviously paid to say the rubbish you keep coming out with JamesH

how many holidays has this project paid for you to go on while poor children suffer by not being able to afford one?

Martin avatar

Yeah I’m sure the RPi Foundation is paying James to hype up the product… because it needs all the help it can get.

Step down off your high horse and try to commit useful comments.

JamesH avatar

You are going to be banned. In fact, I’m off to do it now. Personal insults are not acceptable here you [person], and it doesn’t get much more personal than that. I have received NOTHING from the Foundation whatsoever, so go back under you bridge troll boy.

JamesH avatar

He’s gone. How stupid – insulting an admin. Banhammered. Hope it was worth it mr_molez.

Jānis avatar

yeah, that was really stupid, insulting an admin.

next time someone want’s to express, they should check out, maybe other person has “god mode: on” which changes everything.

JamesH avatar

Yes, it was. Although insulting *anyone* on here may get you a ban – we like things to be polite. In this case it wasn’t a first offence.

Tass avatar

Nicely done! I can’t think of a more inappropriate (or inaccurate) insult he could’ve come up with.

JamesH avatar

Exciting, the banned person has attempted to rejoin, and has written some spectacularly rude and offensive (in fact very racist) comments which fortunately haven’t made it through. However, the tone of the comments and the quality of the grammar indicated that Chesterfield, Derbyshire really needs to up it school teaching quality. C’mon Philip (mrmolez), you can do better than that….It’s not that difficult to think up a decent insult without resorting to those levels! And also remember that incitement to racial hatred is a crime in the UK.

Austen Frazier avatar

I didn’t really mean to come off as harsh, but to sum it up: I was really excited, and then it gets released, got one, delays, delays, compliance testing.. naturally you can understand why I’m just a wee bit disappointed.

gerryk avatar

Agreed. I don’t blame the R.Pi foundation… they are quite obviously doing as best they can. However, the manufacturers and licensees are another story.
Deviation from specification, a horrendous lack of awareness as to demand, and what almost seems like a vested interest in the certification end. I am heavily involved in hobbyist electronics, and have never seen a situation where something so obviously ‘incomplete’ has been held up by either CE or FCC.
I am disappointed, but I get over things quickly, so no harm done. My initial excitement, and motivation, however, has also been gotten over.

Maarten Cautreels avatar

I didn’t receive that email but I’m happy to hear (and see in a previous blog post) that there is some progress. I did receive an email a few weeks ago that I was in the first batch of RS Components. Since then (March 9th) I didn’t hear anything from them anymore, any idea what may have happened?

mtrx avatar

You’re in the same situation as many other first batch customers. RS seems to deny there’s any kind of problem, only the foundation can straighten this out since ordinary people just get a generic canned response if they try to contact RS support directly. There are clearly quite many of us who this is happening to. Please.. Liz, Eben?

liz avatar

We’re doing our best – as well as encouraging one of their team to come here and answer your questions directly, I am posting updates (see the RS post for another one) as soon as I get them. element14’s team members are dropping in here from time to time to answer questions. We hope RS will find the time to do the same thing!

mtrx avatar

Thank you, I’m glad to hear this isn’t being ignored atleast. The reply that RS sent you isn’t really helpful though, since our email addresses have remained the same before and after updating the details as they requested. Nothing in spam folder either.

mtrx avatar

Seems like RS mailing list updates are working again! Just received a new email from them. Sigh of relief. ;)

MyName avatar

I still don’t understand if all this info is about only the 10k first units, or the ones following. As I have been saying for months now, most people (me included) is interested in when the 10001+ units can/will be produced and delivered (since we obviously failed to get into the first batch)

What about us (the 99%? :P) that already have a May/June->OCTOBER(?) date?
I saw Eben write in the other post’s comment that the “backlog wont last for long”??
So, can we expect a speedup in production in order to avoid people having to wait until October?

liz avatar

Yes, you can. We don’t expect anyone to be waiting until October.

We know a date for the 10001th unit is what you’re interested in. RS and Farnell will be making those units, and we will tell you when they do that. As we’ve explained above, they’re waiting on compliance tests before they push the button.

Lynbarn avatar

10001th – Ten thousand and oneth? :)

krice386 avatar

what I dont get is waiting on CE compliance for people in North America… we dont care about CE Compliance… it doesnt mean anything to us… we just worry about FCC compliance and they have massive loopholes for bare board gear

SonicBroom avatar

Que Sera, Sera. Whatever Will Be, Will Be. R Pi, one day will be freed. Que Sera, Sera.

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MortenB avatar

EMC testing and CE labelling is something manufacturer put on as a indication that manufacturer have tested a unit and it complies to EMC requirements. In other words, is is up to anyone else to prove otherwise.
99% of all products from Asia never have been EMC tested, still all of them have CE labelled on them. As long as a product do not burn when power is put on and don’s spam any radio or TV transmission CE will be put on a product.

As a electronic engineer myself designing boards with Atmel AVR controllers with lots of I/O’s I know a lot about the EMC requirements, enough to easily see on computer products I buy that they never have been tested the way they are designed.

Quite another issue is the EMC directive have strong requirements for electromagnetic radiation (and immunity) but not a single word in the directive for scalar waves that really is dangerous for people !

Vincent555 avatar

Scalar Waves……Ummmm….I guess it resonates with me having been able to play with my the RP since the 29th of February, like everybody else who bought it on the release date. :-)) Yes definitely Scalar Waves !

Btw, happy monthly anniversary to all.

Wooloomooloo avatar

Pssst, I’ve got some barely used HiFi-quality power cables with hand-woven triple quantum foam insulation for real cheap, interested…? They’re listed right next to my half-full ZPMs on ebay…

MortenB avatar

I just want to add that I would buy a few RasberryPi B-boards today if I could, without a CE label, to me it is not an issue at all since I know the worst possible radiating computer boards radiates me just a fraction of what any Wi-Fi network or GSM/3G phone does. Ant that proves that most people are not able to think for themselves :)

xlq avatar

Emissions testing isn’t for health, it’s to stop radio frequency interference (like light pollution, only it’s a problem for radio receivers and sometimes other electronics).

MortenB avatar

Yes, my point is that your neighbours TV reception is far more important than your health. An even also your neighbours health.

pintpint avatar

Why i havent recibe any mail? I made the preorder, but no mail here, no spam, have you already began to send the emails in EU

liz avatar

You need to ask element14 that, not us.

pintpint avatar

thks, I have just pay!!!!

dave avatar

If you have pay, then you should recibe. Anything else wouldn’t make sense.

bob_binz avatar

Ok, I know this is *totally* in the wrong place, but can you change the time on the (wherever the post time-stamp time comes from) box?? I keep thinking I got up an hour too early, Ta! :)

liz avatar

Good point – I think I was expecting it to autoswitch with daylight savings, but it hasn’t done and I’m afraid I hadn’t noticed! Off to fix now.

stuart avatar

Shame. Might as well forget it. The raspberry is in the juicer

JamesH avatar

Does it blend?

Topher Brink avatar

According to the FAQ, yes it does.

killor avatar

Sorry for my bad English.
I understand that there is paperwork to do and expect.
But as we await the arrival of the RPI also could advance on other issues,
for example,
What are the measures of the RPI to be doing some DIY in the cases?

John Robson avatar

Yes – please send mine and I’ll post the measurements, photos etc. I promise I won’t plug it in ;)

If one of the guys/gals at the RPF has time it’s be nice to get a set of high res images from each face and accurate measurements for all the case printers out there. But it’s not a big deal, not really.

What could be cool is a complete 3d render so that a reprap can print a virtual board for all the cases to test against ;)

matt timmer avatar

A lot of what you’re asking for can be found in the forums, I do believe.

Problemchild avatar

Liz, we all undertand (or at least should) that this is not your fault and these things are sent to try us . The CE thing is a total PITA but at least it’s been done.
I think the point is that we have had several false starts and indicators of release dates and folk have been getting excited then let down at each one. Now when new dates are mentioned people just say “Whatever” .
Hopefully we can get this delivery problem behind us and regenerage some enthusiasm with real hardware on people’s desks doing real stuff moving the project forward..

liz avatar

Yeah – we’re all really looking forward to discussion in the forums being about people’s projects again when boards start to reach the people who’ve bought them!

Mike avatar

You’re optimistic. :) I fully expect that after people get them, the comment threads are going to be about how it’s painfully slow, and almost unusable for running LibreOffice and web browsing, and the videos that have all gone up are misleading with their emphasis on GPU-heavy applications.

I hope I’m wrong and the threads will be more positive, but that is absolutely my prediction.

Joseph Halder avatar

Yeah, I’ve seen video of the beta board booting linux, booting some window manager (maybe XFCE?) and a browser… Truthfully? It is painfully slow, but there are so many good GPU heavy applications that would work well on it, and since that is the case, I’m going to use it for GPU heavy things (XBMC, Quake III, etc)

JamesH avatar

Those videos are a bit old – it’s quite a bit quicker now. Still need to get acceleration for X going, which should make a big difference. LXDE is pretty good, and Midori as a browser works OK.

AdeV avatar

This reminds me of the time I had to wait 28 days for my Sinclair QL…. only it was a lot more than 28 days IIRC (ordered in February 1984, delivered in July). Except that there’s _loads_ more information coming out from the RPi foundation than ever came out of Sinclair…

IMHO – I absolutely don’t think the launch has been mishandled as some seem to believe. I don’t understand how the ever lengthening delivery times are removing the excitement, heck, I can remember pretending to type on a picture of the QL! OK, a little older & wiser now, but I’m still checking back here daily to find out what the latest hurdle is… And even though I’ve barely got a clue what I’ll be able to do with my RPi when it does finally arrive, I do have lots of harebrained projects in mind.

Incidentally, has it occurred to anyone that almost all of the delays and problems the RPi has experienced have been down to our ever-incompetent legislators? The magnetic RJ45 jacks notwithstanding, or course.

Problemchild avatar

Yes , I did the same trick. This is all very Sinclair, I’ll be glad when this is all over. Personally I’m tired of talking about when it will be released etc I want to talk about what I’m actually doing with it.
Lets be honest this is a low spec phone chip with some RAM and a NIC, what’s gonna make this interesting is the Software, the applications that people put it in and most importantly the education environment . Now the “Hacker release” seems to be well into April /May at the earliest I think this really impacts the kind of enviroment that will exist by the time of the September/October Educational release.

Abishur avatar

I have been noticing that generally speaking the people who are doing most the complaining or the “why didn’t you plan on CE testing” (despite the answer being in the post they’re commenting on) tend to be from a younger generation who haven’t lived through the launch of device like this before and are only familiar with the “instant” gratification of Amazon ;-)

linagee avatar

Also don’t forget that EMC/CE testing typically is around a $5,000+ process. Quite a hindrance to any hobbyist wanting to take their project off the ground. Hooray for regulation! :-(

Martin avatar

Come on people, you’ve all waited over a year for this thing to go into production and now that it is your all cranky over shipping delays… move on and just be patient, good things come to those who wait.

I’m still terribly excited to get my hands on one but unlike some of the other people carrying on like a bunch of 4th graders I can wait.

Please remember that this is a BRAND NEW PRODUCT there are bound to be issues at the start, the team has done a great job getting this far and I applaud them for their efforts, the last thing they deserve is people whining about delivery dates that they have no control over, go take it up with RS or element14, but please stop whining… it doesn’t get you anywhere.

RPi team, you’ve done an awesome job, keep it up.

PS A High Spec Model B (aka Model C) with more RAM and a faster CPU would be nice :)

rew avatar

Disclaimer: I’m not RPF.

That’ll be a while. You might notice that 4Gb RAM modules for PCs are now the cheapest (per Gb). Those have 8 or 16 chips. (I just checked: mine have 16) So the per-chip capacity is now about 0.25Gb. You pay extra to have the per-chip capacity doubled: You need the newest chips.

And the RPi has the restriction that it HAS to be one chip. So more RAM has to wait for a technology update: Larger chips have to become available. Cheaply.

On the other hand, it remains to be seen if the SOC can handle bigger chips. How do you know in advance on what ball the manufacturer will put that extra address line?

Martin avatar

I’m not interested in an argument about if it can be done or not, memory chips larger than 256mb exists… plain and simple. What I’m suggesting is that people would buy a High Spec version costing 2 or 3 times as much with twice (or more) RAM and let’s say for argument sake a dual core 1ghz CPU, it would sell extremely well.

Abishur avatar

Beagleboard would agree with you ;-) (which is to say, if it’s outside the scope of the RPF’s goals and the board you want at the price you’re talking about already exists, then why not just get that board :-P)

plugwash avatar

looking at prices it seems that the beagleboard, beagleboard XM, panda and i.mx53 quickstart are all about 5x the price of the Pi (there seem to be a lot of boards clustering arround that pricepoint).

Granted some of these boards come with accessories that the Pi doesn’t come with but even so the price differens is still far more than the 2-3x martin is talking about

The beaglebone is only two and a bit times as expensive as the Pi but it doesn’t have video output and I think it has the same ammount of ram as the Pi.

Someone on the forums has mentioned a hackable digital TV device based on the allwinner chip that looks pretty attractive and has 512MB of ram but apprently availaibility is quite poor.

plugwash avatar

[quote]On the other hand, it remains to be seen if the SOC can handle bigger chips.[/quote]
I’m sure i’ve seen posts from one of the foundation members saying it should be able to do 1 gigabyte.

However due to the arrangements of data busses and chip select lines it needs to be a single die memory chip (unlike the panda which uses a four die chip)

[quote]How do you know in advance on what ball the manufacturer will put that extra address line?[/quote]
That is what standards are for.

stuart avatar

Makes a fair rattling noise !

Jim Manley avatar

Very much appreciate the coordination with the destroybuters (look for my new word in the next update to the OED :) ). Let us know when you find out what you’ve done to make the electronics production and distribution gods angry, and where the heck you found a virgin to sacrifice among the junior volunteers (oh, wait, they’re geeks ;) ).

We developers are happy that the non-believers are losing faith so that we can scarf up their canceled orders and boards they may try flogging on ePrey, etc., at a loss. When those who don’t even know what to do with an R-Pi, only ordered one because they heard there was overwhelming demand and thought they might be able to flip them on-line, then find out they goofed, we’ll be there. Then, we can complete our work on the education software, accessories, etc., so that by the time production volume ramps up enough to meet student demand, our stuff will be ready.

R-Pi Akbar! R-Pi is great! Well, it will be as soon as we get them in-hand :)

matt timmer avatar

“When those who don’t even know what to do with an R-Pi…”

Hey, I resemble your remark! Seriously, I’ve considered canceling my pre-order not out of anger or disgust, but because I feel bad that someone may not get a board as early as they could.

This will be my first foray outside of Windows (Well, dos was still around when I was younger), and I picked this tool because I’ll be forced to learn if I wish to do anything with it, unlike any old box I could throw XP on if I got frustrated. Also, at the time that I heard of it, it didn’t have the hype it does now, so I wanted to support it with a sale.

Oh well, sorry in advance I guess. :) At least mine won’t be on Ebay!

JamesH avatar

Don’t feel bad. You will be learning – that’s what it’s all about.

cnxsoft avatar

I kind of wish I had received that email. August is still better than nothing. Now one month since my order confirmation, and no ETA yet.

tadpole avatar

I made a huge mistake and commited to doing a project designed with the RPi at the core of it. It is due this July, and last year July I figured it wouldn’t be a problem because there was that September delivery thing hainging in the air. Then it was November.. December.. and of course that 6am thing in February. It isn’t about blame, as I know it isn’t anyone’s fault – unforeseen things happen. This really does hurt the foundation though, because I know I’m not the only person that has lost *faith* in the statements concerning delivery etc. I wish someone could shed some light on how many orders were placed, and how large the original shipment will be. I only get emails saying that I’m on some list (somewhere) and that they are really doing their best to get one to me. I need about 8. *Sigh*

Martin avatar

You committed to a project based around hardware that had not yet gone into production? That was a bit silly…

simon avatar

I received my Raspberry Pi in the post this morning
It’s brilliant, it does everything you could wish for, and it’s amazing
I can’t believe you lot haven’t got yours yet
Ha ha not really
Early April fool gag, sorry I couldn’t resist.

Jóan Petur avatar

I have not read the thousands of comments relating to using RS components and element14. I just wondered if it just wouldn’t been easier to setup some Chinese shop to send the board(s). I often buy electronics on Ebay from China with free shipping, and that is to the Faroe Islands of all places. Ok, it takes some time to arrive, but the Chinese don’t have any problem sending to the Faroes, which some UK and Danish shops might have. Anyway I still think the RPi is a great thing :)

plugwash avatar

AIUI the RS/farnell deal is not just about distribution. It’s also about funding the production, organising the production and taking the risk* of production.

* There will be people who have bought the Pi

plugwash avatar

Sorry I didn’t quote complete that footnote, it should have said.

there will be people who have bought the Pi without properly understanding what it is and what it can and can’t do. A proportion of those will end up either cancelling or selling the board on ebay.

What noone knows is what proportion of Pi buyers fall into this categeory. If it’s too many then there could end up being a lot of unwanted Pi boards kicking arround.

Joshua Haynes avatar

Just glad I won’t be getting mine in August as I originally come to terms with, a couple of coworkers ordered theirs and they got realistic dates such as May 14th. We all ordered ours within several hours of each other.

XBrav avatar

Yeah, until this morning my ship date was March 30th. Came right here as soon as I saw August :-(

I wish we had some way of seeing how far down the queue we are in sorts of ordering.

Alan avatar

I feel like I should say something but look where that got me last time. ;-)

ricky roberson avatar

Liz, Eben, all, I just wanted to say…

Illegitimi non carborundum.

bobbintb avatar

no worries. i figured it was just some auto-generated thing for one reason or another.

Just Me avatar

Lost that interest and will wait whenever they ship it to me. The dates keep floating around and in order
1. End of March, 2012
2. Next to May 11, 2012
3. Back to April 2 or first week
4. Now it says Aug 11, 2012
So I expect this to be shipped somewhere between April and August.

Romani avatar

So, if i order now i will get it in end of summer? In modern world this is way too long. I was really interested in getting this little thingy, but shipment price is same as device price into my country and i have to pay to wait unknown amount time for shipment? Sorry, no.

JamesH avatar

OK, thanks for telling us you don’t want it.
Another example of the I WANT IT NOW yoof of today I guess, without considering the facts.

Romani avatar

So that? is it criminal to wanting shipment not in next life? You can be proud of yourself that you have created great device, but with such shipment dates you just losing clients. You probably thinking “where else you can buy it, but i sure that our asian friends will change it pretty soon”
Anyway i hope Raspberry hope life and success, but with
such client treatment… when clients say that shipment dates
unacceptable you should work on better rates, but not calling clients fools.
Yes, we “I WANT IT NOW yoof “, but it is “I WANT IT NOW” world and if you cannot adapt to it, then rest in peace.

JamesH avatar

I will, indeed, rest in peace. When I die.
I sure we have lost clients. We cannot do anything about it though. We are doing everything we can to get these boards out as fast as we can. Whatever you say cannot change that, or make it go any faster. Welcome to the real world, where the laws of physics apply.

Lars T. Hansen avatar

Yet another spoiled kid that does not understand what goods _CANNOT_ be manufactured and shipped in no time.

Hemanth avatar

Received your email update. Thanks!! Waiting for your product release…

ashley basil avatar

Oh! this is great fun better than a roller coaster, and free,! No!! Farnell have taken my money, when i ordered the “STM32f4 discovery board” only £10 ++ well had to do some thing as gave away the ZX 20 years ago, could not get the coal nay charcoal for it!

Anemonarium avatar

What a debacle, I’ve lost interest as well. By the time I get mine, I will have put my unborn children through college. A collie could have handled the release better than these distributors stuck in the prehistoric age.

Take people’s money and don’t deliver, multiple times. Fail.

Lynbarn avatar

You’re being a bit melodramatic aren’t you? Stuff happens, people make mistakes, but they people who never make mistakes never made anything! Besides, How many people have actually had their money taken? I would suggest the answer is somewhere around 0. Put into perspective, the combined delays are really quite minor in the great scheme of things. Still, at least the queue for the likes of me is a bit shorter now, as you don’t want your slice of Pi. :)

JamesH avatar

Tell you what, when you try and release something similar that requires as much effort as this project has needed, and things don;t go quite to plan, can I come round and tell you what a debacle it is?
I would expect people will start receiving the first batch in the next couple/three weeks… Best you find a girlfriend/wife, start having sex and start producing those children! You haven’t got long.
Oh, and no money should have been taken from anyone yet – only when they get dispatched.

Anemonarium avatar

I would never sell products that don’t exist, bad business.

JamesH avatar

No products have been sold. No-one has parted with any money. Lots of people have preordered,which is basically waiting in a queue, just like people do outside Apple stores. Nothing is actually sold until you get to the counter.

Derrick avatar

I’ve watched a sizeable number of projects similar to this go through planning, design, and manufacturing, and I can honestly say I’ve not seen a single one escape delays and unexpected problems.

I work in manufacturing, so this is a normal thing for me – and I’m very used to a lot of the more common issues – but even so, you simply cannot prepare for everything. It just *never* works out that way. I can’t think of a single new product to sail smoothly through this process.

The wonderful RaspPi folks, however, have been exemplary in this process, better than everyone else I can think of off-hand:

* They’ve taken no money. Most companies will allow pre-ordering (in which you actually pay up front) to help fund the process. As the RPF hasn’t taken any of your money, they owe you nothing.
* They’re completely transparent, and have kept all of us up to date with the current goings-on all along. Yeah, it’s frustrating, but what more can they do?

What more can you ask for? Can you name anyone who’s done this better? Particularly a small non-profit or startup, not a huge, multi-billion dollar company. Though I’ll note you won’t even find companies like Apple managing this either – they’re extremely tight lipped about release dates and such because they have most of the same problems too. There are just so very many things that can go wrong that are entirely out of the developers hands.

TirsoJRP avatar

This is killing me, now even my father wants a RPi.

Inky- avatar

Just got an email update 3 mins ago.

“With the first batch of boards due to arrive into RS warehouses soon, we’ve started to contact the people who are at the front of our queue, so they know they are first in line to get a Raspberry Pi board.They will shortly be invited to place their order on our dedicated RS Raspberry Pi store, and will be despatched to customers on a first-come, first-served basis in line with customer registrations.”

tadpole avatar

Yeah, I just got that too. What bothers me however is that they give you no real information as to where you are in that line, or how long the line is. It is basically an email that says nothing that allows you to plan. In my opinion this is just plain old frustrating. And to think I actually got up at 5am on that day so as to order early.

Vincent555 avatar

From the way you say “we’ve started to contact people” I would assume that you work for RS. Is that correct ?

I hope so as I have just received an email from RS and that would imply that I’m in the 1st batch delivery.

Yessssss. Looking forward to it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the sad side, I need more of them. I have lots of uses for lots of RP’s and the following batches may take some time to arrive.

Being selfish here of course as there are lots of people who will be waiting for some time. My condolences.

For those who are loosing interest : You try and do better than the RPF. I dare you ! And thank you for not ordering RP’s. The rest of us will then get our additional boards quicker.

Quentin avatar

I’m quickly losing interest in this once promising project. It’s certainly understandable that there are some, simply unavoidable, delays sometimes, but the resellers of the device have not handled the situation well, and I’m not sure I think that Raspberry Pi team itself has done a much better job. By the time I actually receive the device, I may no longer have a need or desire to use it. It looks like the team here may have backed the wrong horse when picking their distributors.

Mark Baldridge avatar

Look, they’ve been planning this thing for years! And now you gripe over a few months or weeks??

I don’t know about you, but I had some very interesting plans for the RP and I’m not going to chuck them out the window just because a few weeks worth of production backlogging got in the way.

My plans will still be there in April or May.

The RP team is doing their best. Give ’em a break. Be patient. Be real.

Eric C avatar

Fingers crossed that the shipment will go out tomorrow and arrive at my door a week from now. This may be a pipe dream.

Jesse avatar

I’m afraid I have to go along with the few people saying that they are losing interest. I’m sure it’ll be reignited once it arrives, but I’ve been coming to the RPi site for about 9 months now hoping for good news, it’s it’s just been delays after delays after delays. I realise they’re not all the organization’s fault, but it’s still frustrating, especially when there’s no guarantee that we won’t still be waiting another few months yet.

I’ve had a project waiting in the wings for pretty much that whole time, which I wanted the RPi to be apart of, but was originally planning to do with regular computers. Now I’ve just left it waiting and waiting and waiting,

First October, then November, then before Christmas, then after Christmas, then there was some on ebay for >$1,000, then it was up to the distributors, then the distributors site crashed and I missed out, now they have to go through QC. I almost wish they’d send me a message one day and just tell me that I can never have one so I can get on with my life, haha.

Sorry, not blaming anyone, just felt the need to have a whinge for once. >_>

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Hey, i am sorry if i missed this or miss read the email/post. The post mentions that the devices must pass EU testing before they can be shipped to the EU. I am a person ordering from the USA, i am curious if the boards shipping to the US are effected by this. the reason i was asking is because the FCC regulations are a lot more loose then the EU regulations. I can see reasons for holding all of the boards, but one can always be hopeful.
BTW I am sorry that you guys have to deal with so many people that don’t understand the difficulty of transitioning from building 10 to building 10,000 units. It takes so much time it is really easy to fall behind. Heck some projects like this have a 20 year lead time from initial design to production.

You guys have done a wonderful job on the whole, you just had a few bad dice rolls.

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The EM (electromagnetic) emissions point is the crucial one for CE, and luckily for us, the requirements very closely mirror the FCC requirements. We expect to get things sorted pretty quickly next week, but we need to wait for the testing chamber time. (We’ve booked one out for the whole week, which we doubt very much we’ll need, but better safe than sorry. Problem is, the closest we could find was in Wales, so there will be a lot of travel going on next week.)

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Yeah the emissions standards are almost identical. but the US has no susceptibility standards. the EU actually requires the device to function while there is noise in the area… the US actually doesn’t care if the device functions at all. If you are getting the testing done this week, it shouldn’t matter. i hope you guys did your filtering right… or the simple circuit may need to have a giant steel box around it and a tun of ferite beads. But it is now wait and see time.

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So given those timetables (and we wouldn’t hold you to this) and assuming there are no other hurdles, would we expect them to start shipping out after another 2 weeks?

Im not so much worried about it taking so long, just the uncertainty, over the coming months i may be in another state or another country(depending on which month) and no longer living at the shipping address i provided to e14. The blog post was careful to be ambiguous on the date. and uncertainty is problematic.

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EMC testing is a scary process. It all depends upon the circuit design. it is even scarier when you don’t have a case. Basically what will happen is the device will be put in a chamber while it is operating, the test engineers will measure the radiated energy, at every frequency up to i beleive 40GHz (it has been a longtime since i read about this). the device must conform to the following specifications (quick refference, it is not complete, but will give you an idea).


Remember that when you are looking at the power limits, the clock speed is 700MHz but it has several harmonics, 1.4 GHZ will be very strong, as well as 2.1 GHz. Not to mention if they used any switching power supplies, that frequency will be noise (i think they used linear supplies, but i didn’t examine the board images that closely) it does not take much to create a 37dBuV /m signal generated.

Any loops or patches, improper grounding, sharp corners or poor soldering, can act as an antenna at some of these frequencies. EMC is not something that can be over looked. i really hope that they make it though testing. I honestly hope that they pass with flying colors. But if their PCB designer didn’t consider EMC while designing the board i would put my money on it failing testing. Not because i want it to fail, but because EMC engineering is hard, and should not be approached lightly.

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Thanks a lot for the detailed info :)

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Good article, I just log in to check the status and when I see the date, I thought it was an april’s fool prank :-S (i initially got a march 30th date :-( )

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So My ship date now says August 16th… I’m guessing I am like 9000th in Queue for one of these. Which means I probably will not get one until the actual date I was quoted. If they are only shipping 2000 at a time. I guess I can get certified in Linux+ while I’m waiting so I can actually do something useful with the RasPi when it gets here.

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The message from Element14 and the Raspberry Pi organization is that no one will loose there place in the queue if the shipping date had been changed to sometime in August.

To me, the change in shipping date is just that, that there will be a 20 week delay in shipping the Raspberry Pi computers. On March 26 my ship date was April 2, The ship date is now August 16. I contacted Element14 on this fact and the email message I have received from Element14 does not refute the fact that the Raspberry Pi computers will not resume shipping for 20 weeks (from the start of the last week in March).

PS. Any company that would change arbitrarily change a customer’s position in a backorder queue would not be in business for very long.

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That’s quite a singular interpretation of what’s written above! I predict you’ll have a nice surprise, some time well before August.

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What if your original ship date that you got was for sometime in August?

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If manufacturing of Raspberry computers has stopped while compliance testing takes place then look to early 2013 for delivery.

Manufacturing of Raspberry Pi computers likely has stopped because compliance testing may require that there be changes to the board in order to get compliance approval. I have asked Element14 twice for clarification on this point but Element14 has chosen to not answer.

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Stop talking nonsense and spreading misinformation. AFAIK (and I know more than you) the testing is going well. EMC testing takes a while, and Element 14 are waiting for the results just like everyone else. Remember – the Foundation is doing the testing, not them.

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I havn’t got any date at all, I registred on launch @ both RS and Farnell but no mail no nothing…

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Received an invitation to order at Farnell this morning that definitely lifted my spirits for the day. I duly ordered my slice of berry pie and divulging credit card information with glee. Received a pdf of an order confirmation with an August delivery date just now, then while perusing this thread got another mail with an attachment (pdf) that claims it is definitely not an invoice but merely an acknowledgement of order, again with an August delivery date just shy of 20 weeks. This is just cruel.

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I tried buy it, but on the COUNTRY combobox, BRAZIL is not listed…

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While we expect the distribution.
Can publish the final dimensions of the RPI and connectors?
Thank you very much

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