Another snazzy Raspberry Pi wallpaper for your phone and computer

After the success of our last snazzy wallpaper for your computer and smartphone, Fiacre is back with another visual delight.

Click one of the images below to visit the appropriate download page!

Standard rules apply: these images are for personal use only and are not to be manipulated, printed, turned into t-shirts, glazed onto mugs or sold.

Let us know in the comments if you decide to use the wallpaper, or tag a photo with #SnazzyRPi on Twitter and Instagram.


Jack Chaney avatar

How about a “drone” shot. Macro focus view, having the Pi components looking like a vast landscape.

Alex Bate avatar


Martin avatar

That really sounds cool :)

William Easdown avatar

Maybe using one of those ridiculous probe lenses!

Bart Elffers avatar

Hi guys,

When I use the .webp images for wallpaper on my Raspberry Pi 4, they won’t load, background turns blue-gray. The above .jpg-images ar not very sharp, but they show up as wallpaper. So how can I use the .wepb-images as wallpaper for the Raspberry Pi?


Eric avatar

Can you design an another wallpaper that contains the red Pi and the blue Pi? I think that will be beautiful;)

Data Wizard avatar

How long until a Raspi phone is released? That would be my dream

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