Snazzy photographs of Raspberry Pis #SnazzyRPi

If you don’t follow Raspberry Pi on Instagram, you really should, for there you will find #SnazzyRPi, a collection of snazzy-looking Raspberry Pi photographs taken by our very own Fiacre Muller.

Here are a few more to whet your appetite. Enjoy.

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Eduardo Uribe avatar

As an old IBM Systems Engineer, in charge of /360, /370 and 4300 operating systems was proud of my experience in assembler language for such equipments. Now a days are learning ARM’s assembler and have noticed that are very similar. The main advantage is that you may test programs as many times as you want instead waiting for systems availability.

Anne Carlill avatar

Can we use these photos in tweets, etc. for our Jams, or are they copyrighted?

Jack Chaney avatar

Are there plans to upgrade the two units on the ISS with Pi4?

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