A rather snazzy Raspberry Pi 4 wallpaper for your phone and computer

Fiacre took a rather snazzy photo of a Raspberry Pi 4, and he liked it so much that he set it as his iPhone’s wallpaper.

And we liked it so much that we asked him to produce size variants so we could share them with all of you.

You’ll find three variants of the image below: smartphone, 1920×1200, 4K. Just click on the appropriate image to be redirected to the full-resolution version.

Standard rules apply: these images are for personal use only and are not to be manipulated or sold.

Should we create more snazzy wallpapers of Raspberry Pi? Lets us know in the comments, and we’ll get Fiacre to work.


Darrell avatar

More snazzy Raspberry Pi themed wallpapers? Yes, please!

Powderjockey avatar

Ditto. More wallpapers and this one is great.

Elijah avatar

These are totally going on my Pi 4 when I go home.

Federico avatar

Yes, please!!!
More wallpapers!!!

Art V avatar

Yaaaaaaas pleaseeeee moooaaare wallpapers!!!

F T avatar

Of course, i would like more raspberry pi wallpapers!

solar3000 avatar

OOOOhh ooohhh a raspberry pi phone…ahhh man, no.

Jayme avatar

I want the wallpaper that says my other computer is $35.

mwrich4 avatar

you mean my $35 computer comes with the admin password (the phone doesn’t)

Erwick avatar

Downloaded and applied without a second’s thought. And yes. Much more wallpapers please. Hold a contest.

Darren Green avatar

Yeah more pi for me

Richard Brumberg avatar

Pi 4 Images? All images appear to Pi Zeros.

Michael Teare avatar

Not Pi Zeroes, but a Pi 4 with a mirrored image.

Chris avatar

Another reason to not have enough ram ….. nice

Bob avatar

Downloaded and on phone!!

Shaun avatar

How do you get these images to work on the raspberry pi? As in how to make them into .jpg so you can set as wallpaper on your Raspberry PI.

Fannattastic avatar

I have an ultra wide display in the ratio of 21:9 can you make one that supports it

Martin avatar

yes, they look nice, but …
– please with more pi inside (and less empty background)
– also in light versions
– dont forget the stunning x-ray images :)

Carlos Rodriguez avatar

Of course more wallpapers of Raspberry, I would love to see more!!!! E>

Cleve Stamps avatar

Thank you for the nice Raspberry Pic! What a nice gesture posting it for free. I’ll use it immediately. Thanks again. One love

Paulus avatar

Great initiative Raspberry Pi weekly.
Please more and if possible even more snazzy wallpapers.
Could you make this a 52 wallpapers a year at least! :-)

Andrew Pattison avatar

Here’s some awesome images of the rev 1 Pi from back in the day:


Kevin avatar

Beautiful Picture! This picture now has pride of place on the lock screen home of … another revolutionary device ;-)

Kevin Davies avatar

Beautiful picture of a revolutionary device is now on the lock screen of another revolutionary device.

Abhisheik avatar

More Wallpapers please <3

Johan avatar

More Amazing Raspberry Pi Wallpapers Please.

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