American Pi Hackspace Tour, part the second

Rob Bishop, our developer-evangelist, spent some of last summer visiting US hackspaces, giving Raspberry Pi talks and demonstrations. Because there was only a short time we could spare him for, there were large parts of the country that he wasn’t able to visit – and you let us know you weren’t happy about that.

So this summer, Rob is going to be visiting the parts of the USA that you shouted most loudly from: namely the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest. He’s put together a preliminary map, showing a proposed route (not yet set in stone) and the locations of hackspaces across the country. Click this image to visit the interactive map. The green line is Rob’s route, and green pins are proposed stops: blue blobs are hackspaces.

Click the map to visit a larger version

Rob will be in-country from around 5th-25th August; we’ll confirm dates later when we’ve drilled the route down a bit more. If you live somewhere on or close to this proposed route, and you’d like a visit at your hackspace or makespace, please leave a comment and we’ll see what we can do.

Rob will not be able to visit grade schools, but he may decide to fit in some university visits. Once he’s got feedback from you in the comments, he’ll confirm dates with the individual venues.

Like last year’s Raspberry Roadtrip, these events will consist of a talk, Q&A, live demos and (hopefully) some kind of competition for best Raspberry Pi hack.

And if you’re somewhere we haven’t covered yet, don’t despair: Eben and I are also planning a smaller hackspace tour, after last year’s romp through NYC, DC, the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida. It’ll take in some more of the southern states and send us up through Texas in September, after Linuxcon in New Orleans (where Eben is keynoting). We’ll have more details nearer the time.


Jim Green avatar

Is that Louisville I see?

liz avatar

It is. Are you near there?

Jim Green avatar

Yes! Very much so! Just a few blocks from either the University of Louisville or LVL1 (the Louisville Hackerspace).

Dirk Prefect avatar

Hmm.. Is he starting in Louisville or ending in Louisville? If ending there are several things worth seeing along I-65 Including the burbon trail, Mammoth Cave, and the Corvette museum (I live within a couple of kms of this one.) assuming he has any down time. Will have to make a trip to da ville for the visit.

Bill Worden avatar

I’m in Bloomington Indiana, which would be on the way from Chicago to Louisville. I would love it if a stop could be made here! We just finished a class at our Community College using the Raspberry Pi, and I could probably convince my students to make a ‘special appearance’ to relate or experiences if you want!

Esmail avatar


The class was at Ivy Tech I’m assuming? Anyway, looks like there’s a scheduled stop in Indy at “The Speakeasy.” See

I’m planning on going, so if you make it, I’d love to talk to you about electronics/programming programs for kids in the Bloomington area. I have two high-school aged cousins that I want to introduce to programming, but I never seem to get around to it.

clive avatar

That just screams “ROAD TRIP!” — still time to get your bike licence Rob :D

Hove avatar

He’s a good looking lad – in fact you might say he’s the RPF’s “Evangelista Joli”!

I’ll get my coat.

liz avatar

We usually call him our Justin Bieber, actually.

John Stuart avatar

I live Louisville and I would attend and I’m sure a few coworkers would too.

Daniel Guevara avatar

Why not Mexico DF. When they will remember us? There is a huge comunity.



Dio avatar

The map immediately reminded me of the Griswold’s trip to Walley World :D

liz avatar

Oh, I *loved* that movie when I was a kid. Although I was not then, and am not now, able to work out why anybody would want to put wood veneer on a car.

Tim Rowledge avatar

I have bad news for you; it (mostly) wasn’t even wood, but a cheap and tacky form of Fablon. And yes, it looks as bad as it sounds.

Jim Manley avatar

However, 12 headlights makes complete sense to this guy – have you ever had to replace and align one of those suckers? Not much fun! :lol:

I want to know who made the roof rack for that station wagon – it seemed to hold Grandma in the lawn chair just fine :shock:

At least Mitt Romney put his dog in a carrier – the unfortunate Griswold’s pooch … well, as Stacey Keach playing the highway patrol officer said, ” … poor little guy probably kept up for the first mile or so … ” :(

Leo avatar

A friend and I went to see Rob at the Hacker Dojo in Mountain View.. It was very informative and Rob answered all of our questions and explained why some things were the way they are. It was also interesting to talk to other people interested in and/or using Raspberry Pi during the discussion periods. We ended up staying through the presentation twice! Good job, Rob!

Balthazar54 avatar

I’d make it to the Seattle site. Looks like it is in what used to be the local Immigration building. I’d assume they have taken out the iron bars for foreign visitors, um, temporary housing.

Tom Corcoran avatar

Is the start in Louisville, KY? O/A 5 August? Save time for the Bourbon Trail Distillery Tour and tastings while in Ky.

Mikel-ange Adelson avatar

I see Florida but i don’t see any thing connecting to it.Weird

dgately avatar

Nothing in Silicon Valley? Hmm, kind of the birthplace of a lot of tech…

liz avatar

We’ve been there before, and we visit quite regularly – if we’re around we try to come to the Silicon Valley Jams, and we’ve dropped in at CA hackspaces before on several occasions. This trip is about visiting places we’ve not been to yet.

dgately avatar


Jim Manley avatar

Come to Raspberry Jam Silicon Valley 1 – 5 PM the third Saturday of each month, currently between the gift shop and cafe at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View ( Eben visited our Jam in March when he was here for PyCon 2013, and we held our Jam at the Maker Faire in San Mateo in May, where Eben, Liz, Hexxeh, Pimoroni, Hal Heydt, Bakul Shah, and many other Pi luminaries (and lunatickies such as myself ;) ) attended. Eben has to come to California every couple of months to report to the Broadcom overlords, and Liz is often in tow (although I think I may have that backwards :lol: ).

dgately avatar

Hmm, missed the JAM at the Maker Faire… I’ll have to check-in at Mtn View when I can! Thanks

Len Layton avatar

What about Vancouver, BC? We’re just 2 hours north of Seattle and I am sure there’d be lots of interest!

Paul Fisher avatar

agreed! Vancouver BC would welcome a Beiber lookalike that knows his Pi. The Vancouver Hack Space would be happy to host Rob for a night.

The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

Very cool! Why doesn’t Rob do a tour in the UK? Just wondering!

ukscone avatar

because they aren’t about the raspberry pi really, they are more about punishing Rob not putting his toys away and for leaving his skateboard in the middle of the office for people to trip over

liz avatar

>and for leaving his skateboard in the middle of the office for people to trip over
He does that. He actually does that.

liz avatar

We don’t figure the UK needs a *tour* – we talk in all kinds of places in the UK all the time. (Example: this weekend Clive, Eben and I are in Swansea at Technocamps; Rob and Rachel are in London at Maker Faire.)

Gregg avatar

Last year’s trip which did visit NYC focused only on the so-called hack spaces.

They missed the Linux user’s group, and that’s NYLUG. I’m part of it, and there are a few others in it who do own the devices. So if there will be a visit to NYC, please contact me directly about arranging one.

Chase avatar

Come visit Rapid City, SD! Show the rest of the city how awesome you guys are!

Andy avatar

Too bad I’m in Virginia, 7hrs from Luisville KY…

andrew goh avatar

With 14″ laptop/notebook prices falling to under US$300. I wonder if the Raspberry Pi has outlived its purpose?

liz avatar

That’s still x12 the price of a Pi, so…no.

Weildtrio avatar

andrew I think you,ve missed the point where do i start :
The pi is cheap . it is designed to be played with in so many ways if accidently break it a replacement is affordable so as a Dad if my girls broke it i wouldn’t mind same cannot be said about my laptopd.
A laptop is designed to be used not programmed. Pi is many things to many people it represents true value for money.
Well done Pi we love you.

SDC avatar

The Raspberry Pi also has a nice interface to hardware via the GPIO pins opening up a whole world of things you can’t do with a laptop (or wouldn’t want to do, would you want to use the whole laptop for a small focused application like home automation (energy monitoring for example) or monitoring your homebrewing operation or, well, take a look, people do all kinds of things with it for which it’s suited in ways a laptop really isn’t.)

Ronald avatar

I live in Joplin, MO and have recently come across the raspberry pi. I would love for you to stop in Joplin if you can find the time I have had some thoughts and questions about the pi that I would love to discuss, not to mention to say what an awesome and timely product this is. Thank you for even considering it.

Weildtrio avatar

How many Pi’s are there in Gloucester UK ?

liz avatar

About one in every fifty users has added their Pi to – if you look at Gloucester and multiply the number there by 50 you should get a (very rough) idea!

SDC avatar

Hi Rob and the Raspberry Pi crew, this is Steve from Bloominglabs, the hackerspace in Bloomington, IN. We’re on your route, in fact we’re between LVL1 (Lousiville) and Pumping Station One (Chicago) on your map.

We’ve been around since 2009 and count many Raspberry Pi enthusiasts among our members. We’ve also sparked interest in the Raspberry Pi in our community. Though it’s a small town, Bloomington is the home of Indiana University, a large university with solid Computer Science and Instructional Technology departments.

We work with kids both at our space and with the local library. We were visited by ‘Geekcamp’ summer camp last week, and the kids were very interested in the Raspberry Pi and asked a lot of good questions.

So that’s my pitch :) I’m sure were you to include us there’d be lots of interest and you can reach a lot of people. Please contact me if you’re interested in discussing further. Either way, thanks to you all for bringing such a wonderful platform to the world and for coming out to the midwest and western US to meet with people.

Rob Bishop avatar

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the invitation!

If you drop me an email ([email protected] [at] I’ll try to fit in a visit.

Chris Brandsma avatar

If you need help with the Boise stop please let me know. I run a user group here and can help you with location and getting the word out.

Rob Bishop avatar

That would be awesome. Please drop me an email at Rob.Bishop [at] and I’ll let you know my plans.

Waterbury avatar

Why isn’t FamiLAB listed on the map? :(

liz avatar

Not sure! Blame Rob. (Note we’ve visited you guys once already, and we’re sending Gordon while he’s on hols!)

Mac Rutan avatar


For some reason I’m in a numbered list mood…

1, Warn Rob to watch out for jackalope west of the Mississippi. There are a lot of them crossing the roads this time of year!

2, 1 visit is not enough. You are welcome back anytime!

3, FamiLAB’s data is here:

28° 41′ 5″ N, 81° 21′ 11″ W
1355 Bennett Drive, Longwood FL 32750, in unit 129

4, For anyone in need of hackerspace data:

5, Tell Gordon we’d love to have him stop in if he is able!

Ashley Van Steenacker avatar

When wil you guys do a european tour?

Robin G. avatar

Founders in Fort Wayne is not a hackerspace but TekVenture is.

Andy avatar

Could you swing by Pittsburgh? TechShop Pittsburgh would love to have you!!

Jon avatar

If he is travelling by road from Louisville to Chicago, he will pass through Lafayette, Indiana, the home of Purdue University. I think this would be a great place for a stop on the tour – it is a top level engineering school (more grads of Purdue have walked on the moon than of any other institution, for instance).

Mike N avatar

Man, we’re just starting up our hackerspace in Greensboro, NC and would love for you to swing by!!!

Gabriel avatar

Yes, do stop in Seattle, WA! I know there are quite a few University of Washington students and locals who would enjoy this, like myself, say!

Levi Barnes avatar

You can’t skip both Portland and Silicon Valley. That’s where the geeks live.

liz avatar

We’ve been to Silicon Valley many times before (and will be going back in the future); we’ll also be visting Portland on a separate trip, ‘cos I love Portland.

Andy avatar

When you’re in Colorado, we’d love to have you visit Solid State Depot, the Boulder hackerspace. We’re right down the road from Sparkfun.

Lloyd avatar

Hi Liz
Is the tour map updated? We are building a learning center for urban community to teach online advertising and provide Rpi as a computer. Wanted to make sure dates are correct so we may attend.

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