Adafruit’s Raspberry Pi Photography Award

Our good friends across the pond at Adafruit are running their first ever Raspberry Pi Photography Award – and I’ve been roped into helping judge this year’s entries.

Robot photographer

Lady Ada and PT say:

Anyone, worldwide, with a Raspberry Pi and camera can enter. All photos must be taken with Raspberry Pi + Raspberry Pi camera and/or webcam/camera connected to the Pi. The photos cannot be altered “post” in an image editing program (GIMP, Photoshop, etc) but you can use the built-in filters that the Pi Camera has such as “Sketch”, “Oil Painting”, etc! Be creative and take a photo using a Raspberry Pi of something interesting, like this cat (Carmen) and clock, taken with a Raspberry Pi.

carmen and clock

It’s a charming sample picture, but, cute as Carmen is, you’ll need to do something more exciting if you want to win.

We do not want photos taken of Raspberry Pi units, please take photos using the Raspberry Pi. Grand prize is $314 in the Adafruit store, and we have 14 $30 winners too!

You can find full instructions on how to enter at Adafruit’s site. I am looking forward to finding out what you end up sending us, and I am instructed to inform you I am incorruptible in these matters: bribery will not work if you’re looking to affect the judging process. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the posts here tagged “photography“. Good luck!


Aaron avatar

Darn! Too slow.

I was going to do this very thing and giveaways some Bright Pi boards as prizes.

Might do it anyway…

daniel avatar

if you do, I’ll be entering thats for sure. I missed this one :(

CaptainofSpray avatar

Is Mooncake available for a photo shoot? This is my way to guarantee winning…

ARaspberryPiPerson avatar

I just got my Pi today!

kentells avatar

Does the pi noir count?

Jonathan Chetwynd avatar

imitation as they say….

Carfin33 avatar

Is the $314 dollar prize got something to do with the mathematical pi (3.14)? I think it is…

adi avatar

Yes. And wouldn’t you rather have had 10 consolaton-prizes of $42 each?

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