A very happy first birthday to The MagPi!

The MagPi is a free magazine made by Raspberry Pi fans for Raspberry Pi fans. It’s the example of just how remarkable the Raspberry Pi community is that we point to most often: volunteer enthusiasts with no publishing experience have been producing a really tight, entertaining, and educational magazine for twelve months now, and it’s just getting better and better.

The MagPi is a community magazine, which is not produced or otherwise fiddled around with by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. This month’s issue is a little more Foundation-heavy than usual, though, because it’s a celebratory edition: you’ll find an article from me, and (rather more interestingly) a very in-depth interview with Pete Lomas, our Grand Vizier of Hardware.

Most excitingly of all, there’s a birthday competition this month, where you can win £1000 of Pi hardware to play with. You’ll find a really helpful comparison of Raspberry Pi operating systems, a musical tutorial, an exploration of just how the Sweetbox guys went about bringing their case to market, and much more.

I don’t have enough good things to say about the MagPi team, and the crazy amount of work they’ve put in over the last year to help people get to grips with our little computer. All of us at the Foundation are full of admiration for the year’s achievements; running a magazine isn’t trivial, and with a staff of only volunteers it’s near impossible. That the MagPi is now in a position to start offering print copies (we know of many schools which are buying up bound copies of the first few volumes as a teaching resource) is an extraordinary thing, and we couldn’t be prouder to be associated with them.

Thank you so much, all of you: the writers, editors, layout and graphics, production, distribution team, proofreading army and advertising. The Raspberry Pi would not be where it is today, with about 1.3m units sold, without support from people like you showing everybody what can be done with it. We couldn’t be more grateful.


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Reading the MagPi makes me happy :D

Happy birthday and thanks for all the hard work!

ColinD avatar

Thanks Liz, and thanks Clive :)

Aaron avatar

And thanks to you guys for giving all us MagPi peeps something to write about.

Think of all the mischief we would be getting up to with all the free time we would have…


Pete Lomas avatar

Liz I ended up having to look it up –

“Grand Viziers were always scheming megalomaniacs. It was probably in the job description: ‘Are you a devious, plotting, unreliable madman? Ah, good, then you can be my most trusted advisor.'”
— Terry Pratchett, Interesting Times
Hmmm – spot on then ;-)

Seriously, Happy Birthday to Mag Pi (& the team). Without your fantastic efforts the Raspberry Pi community would be a far less vibrant place.

Cheers – Pete

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Great stuff! I’ve been using Linux on and off for years, but I’m not really fluent in it. I find much of interest and plenty of good tips in W.H.Bell’s articles in the MagPi.

Steve avatar

Nice1 – I am looking forward to reading the new issue. Also thanks for reducing the file size, its much easier to manage!

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Great job, guys! Here’s to a successful second year!

Richard Collins avatar

A bit disappointed with their kick starter campaign, Still waiting for my printed copies promised for Jan.
Maybe soon…..

Ian avatar

Not maybe soon but very soon. We know this has unexpectedly taken waaaaayy longer than we thought it would but see page 17 of issue 12.

pegwag avatar

I’m glad you asked about kickstart.
I’ve been wondering. Glad to see “soon”!!

raizor avatar

I only just found out this existed! Loads of back-reading to do, looks great :)

Congratulations on your first year.

Jon Brohauge avatar

One of the best magazine series I’ve ever read! As long as You keep making them, I’ll keep reading them. Reading through an issue I always get an “Aha!”-feeling. Keep rereading back-issues to get snippets of goodies that I remember having read somewhere. Just keep soaring ;-)

ColinD avatar

Thanks Jon :)
This is one of the reasons I mainly do layout / proof reading work at present for The MagPi. It gives me an excuse for an early read of the articles and hence several Ahah! moments each issue.

…really… you can connect a thingamywhatsit to a whatchamacallit..? Ahah!


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Congrats to all the hard working team – looking forward to the first hard printed magazines being sent out soon.

Also hoping that season two or an option to subscribe will appear soon as well.

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It was like a calling. I was surprised that nobody was attempting it – There were websites, but this was different. So I started a 4 page flyer, and just threw as much of the little information that was available at that time into it. You couldn’t even get a Raspberry Pi at that point. I’m truly stunned at how far the MagPi has come since then, and I’m really pleased that so many people got involved. I put a lot of effort into making the first few issues happen, and now I’ve stepped back somewhat, I enjoy reading each issue as much as the next person. I’m very proud to have been involved with it, but the MagPi would not have survived this long without the dedication of the team and the support of the community.

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I would really like to support you by making a donation and purchasing from the store. The only problem is that PayPal lost me several years ago due to shabby treatment on their part, and I refuse to use their “services”.
Have you considered accepting some of the more common credit cards, such as Visa or Mastercard? (You’ve simply got to be paying double fees when someone uses a credit card AND it’s going through PayPal).

I have, just today, discovered your magazine due to my getting ready to jump enthusiastically into the Rπ pond. It looks like such great fun! I’d like to help out, if I can.
Warmest regards,

ps: I live in the States, if that makes a difference regarding my payment-option question.
–A bloody Yank hardware designer and programmer.

Alan Bird avatar

I ordered the back issues & I’m itching to read them, but they haven’t arrived yet. Does anyone know the shipping date?
Alan B.
(Btw, and somewhat off topic – the coursera 9 week course on Python is great – I fully recommend it.

Graspinghand avatar

In this issue we spoke about the flexible arm to hold the camera module. It is ready and available from today :

Alan Bird avatar

Still waiting for my back issues. No response either to my email to the editor (29 Apr) or my request for info above (15 May). It’s now way beyond the planned delivery dates. Could someone please tell me what’s going on? I appreciate you’re all volunteers, and it’s a complicated project, but a brief update now and again would keep us subscribers waiting a bit more patiently.

liz avatar

Hi Alan

I doubt anyone’s monitoring this post (the only reason I saw your comment is that I moderate all new comments) – you might want to try via email again.

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