Ten awesome 3D-printable Raspberry Pi goodies

3D printing has become far more accessible for hobbyists, with printer prices now in the hundreds instead of thousands of pounds. Last year, we covered some of the best 3D-printable cases for the Pi, and since then, Raspberry Pi enthusiasts have shared even more cool designs on sites such as MyMiniFactory and Thingiverse!

Here are ten of our recent favourites:

World Cup Sputnik

“With the World Cup now underway, I wanted a Russia-themed football sculpture to hang over the desk,” explains creator Ajax Jones. “What better than a football-styled Sputnik!”

Raspberry Pi 3d-printable World Cup Sputnik

The World Cup Sputnik comes complete with a Raspberry Pi that transmits the original Sputnik ‘beeps’ on an FM frequency, allowing co-workers to tune in for some 1960s nostalgia.


We see an abundance of musical Raspberry Pi projects online, and love looking out for the ones housed in interesting, unique cases like these:

The MiniZ is a streaming radio based on the Zenith Cube, created by Thingiverse user thisoldgeek.

This is a case for a small, retro radio powered by Logitech Media Server. It uses a Raspberry Pi Zero W and displays a radio dial (tunes via a knob), a clock, and ‘Now Playing’ album art.

For something a little more simple to use, Lukas2040‘s NFC radio for children comes with illustrated, NFC-tagged cards to allow his two-year-old daughter to pick her own music to play.


Whether it’s console replicas or tabletop arcade cabinets, the internet is awash with gaming-themed Raspberry Pi projects. Here are a few of our favourites!

The Okama Gamesphere is a fictional game console from South Park. Leodym has taken the rather stylish design and converted it into a Raspberry Pi 3 case.

Canino‘s Yet Another Mini Arcade is exactly that. We really like how it reminds us of old, imported gaming consoles from our childhoods.

3d-printable Raspberry Pi arcade case

“I really love the design and look of the HP OMEN Accelerator,” writes designer STIG_. “So I decided to draw up a case for the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.”

We really love it too, STIG_. Well done.

Ironman, Ironman, does whatever an Ironman can…

atlredninja‘s Ironman Mark 7 torso housing for the Google AIY Projects Voice Kit is pretty sweet!

This model is atlredninja‘s second version of an Ironman-themed AIY project: the first fits within a replica helmet. We’re looking forward to a possible third edition with legs. And a fourth that flies.

We can dream, can’t we?

Speaking of Marvel

How often have you looked at Thor’s hammer and thought to yourself “If only it had a Raspberry Pi inside…”

Raspberry Pi Thor case

This case from furnibird is one of several pop culture–themed Raspberry Pi cases that the designer has created. Be sure to check out the others, including a Deathstar and Pac-Man.

3D-printable bird box

chickey‘s 3D-printable Raspberry Pi Bird Box squeezes a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a camera into the lid, turning this simple nesting box into a live-streaming nature cam.

The Raspberry Pi uploads images directly to a webpage, allowing you to check in on the feathered occupants from any computer or mobile device. Nifty.

Print a Raspberry Pi!

Using a 3D-printed Raspberry Pi in place of the real deal while you’re prototyping in the workshop may save you from accidentally damaging your tiny computer.

AlwaysComputing designed this Raspberry Pi Voxel Model using MagicaVoxel, stating “I like to tinker and play with the program MagicaVoxel. I find it therapeutic!”

What else?

What Raspberry Pi–themed 3D prints have you seen lately? Share your favourites with us in the comments, or on Twitter and Facebook.


Dougie Lawson avatar

If the Sputnik is using PiFM for broadcasting, that is illegal in most parts of the World with a regulated radio spectrum.

In its hacked up version PiFM splats a square wave with multiple harmonics outside the requested frequency.

Also broadcasting anything on 88 to 108 MHz unless you’re on a ship in International waters could get you a visit from OFCom.

shannon avatar

Who’s OFCom? As long as power is negligible (receivable over a few feet at most), and no one complains about interference, you shouldn’t have any trouble in the US. FCC’s no gestapo.

crumble avatar

They use the right wording for this sport. So this sculpture will not be located somewhere in the US ;)

ErrolTheTerrible avatar

I had an Griffin iTrip Mini for my iPod Mini, that transmitted on the FM band to send my music to a radio, but it had only a 10m range. That device “transmitted” in the controlled band, and was fully legal. Still for sale in the US on Amazon.

Martijn Wismeijer avatar

I’ve been desperately trying to find a nice looking raspberry pi case for use as a file server with two (not one!) drive bays. Haven’t found anything so far, any suggestions?

@Dougie, who cares if it’s legal or not? It’s the fun that counts. I’d love to build a raspberry pi version of the Russian Woodpecker for that matter. :)

atlredninja avatar

Awesome! Thank you for including my design!

Alex Bate avatar

No worries. It’s awesome!!!

Colin Hickey avatar

Thankyou for posting my bird box make, really appreciate it :-)

Alex Bate avatar

Thank you for making it!

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