Awesome Raspberry Pi cases to 3D print at home

Unless you’re planning to fit your Raspberry Pi inside a build, you may find yourself in need of a case to protect it from dust, damage and/or the occasional pet attack. Here are some of our favourite 3D-printed cases, for which files are available online so you can recreate them at home.


Since I am an avid Whovian, it’s not surprising that this case made its way onto the list. Its outside is aesthetically pleasing to the aspiring Time Lord, and it snugly fits your treasured Pi.

Pop this case on your desk and chuckle with glee every time someone asks what’s inside it:

Person: What’s that?
You: My Raspberry Pi.
Person: What’s a Raspberry Pi?
You: It’s a computer!
Person: There’s a whole computer in that tiny case?

I’ll get my coat.

Pi crust

Yes, we all wish we’d thought of it first. What better case for a Raspberry Pi than a pie crust?

3D-printed Raspberry Pi cases

While the case is designed to fit the Raspberry Pi Model B, you will be able to upgrade the build to accommodate newer models with a few tweaks.

Just make sure that if you do, you credit Marco Valenzuela, its original baker.


Since many people use the Raspberry Pi to run RetroPie, there is a growing trend of 3D-printed console-style Pi cases.

3D-printed Raspberry Pi cases

So why not pop your Raspberry Pi into a case made to look like your favourite vintage console, such as the Nintendo NES or N64?

You could also use an adapter to fit a Raspberry Pi Zero within an actual Atari cartridge, or go modern and print a PlayStation 4 case!


Maybe you’re looking to use your Raspberry Pi as a component of a larger project, such as a home automation system, learning suite, or makerspace. In that case you may need to attach it to a wall, under a desk, or behind a monitor.

3D-printed Raspberry Pi cases

Coo! Coo!

The Pidgeon, shown above, allows you to turn your Zero W into a surveillance camera, while the piPad lets you keep a breadboard attached for easy access to your Pi’s GPIO pins.

Functional cases with added brackets are great for incorporating your Pi on the sly. The VESA mount case will allow you to attach your Pi to any VESA-compatible monitor, and the Fallout 4 Terminal is just really cool.


You might want your case to just look cute, especially if it’s going to sit in full view on your desk or shelf.

3D-printed Raspberry Pi cases

The tired cube above is the only one of our featured 3D prints for which you have to buy the files ($1.30), but its adorable face begged to be shared anyway.

If you’d rather save your money for another day, you may want to check out this adorable monster from Adafruit. Be aware that this case will also need some altering to fit newer versions of the Pi.

Our cases

Finally, there are great options for you if you don’t have access to a 3D printer, or if you would like to help the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s mission. You can buy one of the official Raspberry Pi cases for the Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi Zero (and Zero W)!

3D-printed Raspberry Pi cases

As with all official Raspberry Pi accessories (and with the Pi itself), your money goes toward helping the Foundation to put the power of digital making into the hands of people all over the world.

3D-printed Raspberry Pi cases

You could also print a replica of the official Astro Pi cases, in which two Pis are currently orbiting the earth on the International Space Station.

Design your own Raspberry Pi case!

If you’ve built a case for your Raspberry Pi, be it with a 3D printer, laser-cutter, or your bare hands, make sure to share it with us in the comments below, or via our social media channels.

And if you’d like to give 3D printing a go, there are plenty of free online learning resources, and sites that offer tutorials and software to get you started, such as TinkerCAD, Instructables, and Adafruit.


Dougie Lawson avatar

The PiCrust is a generation out of date. Needs re-working for B+/2B/3B form factor.

Alex Bate avatar

That’s what I said, Dougie. Go back and read again…go on. ?

Dougie Lawson avatar

Cheeky. I’ll get your URL taken away.

Alex Bate avatar

I fear for the future of that URL and what Pete has in store for it.

Elfen avatar

The Model A & B still has its uses, and though the GPIO is not as large as the Model A+ & B+ series, it is still great to use on many projects. I like this case very much! Make that I LOVE THIS CASE VERY MUCH!

Tom Archer avatar

Here’s my 3D printable AIY project case:

Alex Bate avatar

That’s great! I like the white and green together too.

Tom Archer avatar

Sadly I only have access to white filament at work, there have been some really colourful makes by other people!

Alex Bate avatar

I like the white – it makes the button more obvious.

Harry Hardjono avatar

These cases are really cute! Although maybe hoping for a bear holding it was too much. ;)

For Pi Zero can case, I’d just sooner attach Velcro to it.

Official Pi 3 case has a nub in the back that I ended up drilling for the cam. Apply tape to attach it.

I’d be interested in variation for cases that holds official touch screen, preferably with internal battery. :)

James Wilcox avatar

I don’t… NEED a new case, but some of these are too adorable and\or wonderful for me to resist.

My official case is great! Though it doesn’t QUITE fit with the Sense HAT on, unfortunately…

Rob avatar

I always loved the carbonite one on Thingiverse (also a generation out of date):

MOB avatar

I printed the joystick cap of the Astro Pi case, but it didn’t fit my SenseHat. There was a tip about reducing the layer height to 0.1 mm and I will try that.

Julie avatar

This case is been so thoughtfully designed,everything exactly how it should be, I love the transparent black glass in the front that allows you to see the status lights. Even better, is the idea that the whole case can be use as a heat sink. I did test and the max temperature came out to about 44 degrees which is incredible. This case is very hard not to fall in love with, if not it was a bit cheaper.

AndrewS avatar
Shabnum Bhat avatar

These 3D printed cases are so cute and hard to resist. I work in a 3D printing service Shop, so i am taking this opportunity and surely going to print one cute case for myself! thank you.

Payam avatar

Shabnum Bhat;

I am interested to print a case for my Raspberry PI3 with a 2.5″ HDD in it. Do you have idea about cost and how can I get it?


Payam avatar

I am looking for a case that I can fit my Raspberry PI3 with attached 2.5″ HDD, Is there any idea. Or how can I get the design for 3d Printer?

Andi avatar

You can find lots of cases on for 3D-Printing. Also you find other tutorials for non 3d-printed cases on

Christian J. avatar

The pie crust and the little monster face from Adafruit are my favorites here. :) I also like the DIY Raspberry Pi Gameboy:

In the past, I somewhere saw a case made of Legos. That was cool too.

coolcow avatar

I released this Nintendo NES case today =>

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