2nd Raspberry Pi US Roadshow is go!

Here’s Rob’s final route and itinerary for his heroic 2nd Raspberry Pi US Roadshow.

We spent weeks trying arrange the route so that it looked like a caffeine molecule– even making Rob take arbitrary day trips to add on the CH3 groups–to no avail.

Rob will present a talk entitled “Raspberry Pi – One Year On” that will cover both the origin story of the Raspberry Pi as well as outlining recent developments. The talk will present technical information about the Raspberry Pi alongside a discussion of the Foundation’s educational aims. Following the presentation, there will be an opportunity for an in-depth Q&A on both educational and technical matters.

Rob would also like to invite anyone who is working on a Raspberry Pi project to come along and share their work with the rest of the group as part of a “Show & Tell” section. No project is too small and if you need a bit of encouragement Rob will be showering gifts down from the skies like Raspberry flavoured ambrosia–well, stickers and stuff. The best project at each event will be rewarded with an official Raspberry Pi t-shirt and the best project of the whole tour will win a huge and super Grand Prize.

So come along to a venue near you, bring your Pi and say ‘Hi’. Rob — we salute you!

P.S. Giz your Airmiles.


Homer Hazel avatar

I got all excited because it looked like Robb was coming to San Diego. Then I looked through the places and did not find San Diego. The I saw the green pointers and there was not one in San Diego. Darn, Mojave is too far away to make a Mad day in this heat.

Jonathan avatar

I was looking at the map. There are no Pi sites or stops anywhere near me. I live in Maryland.

nelson avatar

so… when will you be at sparkfun?

nelson avatar

oopps 14th August

excollier avatar

Must be great to tour around speaking on a subject you are fired up and enthusiastic about. Beats work any day.

meltwater avatar

Hope Rob is taking a large ball of string so he can find his way back.

Rumours are that he will be taking Babbage’s place on the next balloon flight to help reduce his Carbon footprint.

Doug H avatar

Any chance of streaming the talk or at least record it and post a link? I am unable to make it to any of the planned stops. But would love to hear the talk!

Ben avatar

Where will you be in Indianapolis? It still says TBC.

John avatar

OMG! Mojave! Please warn Rob to prepare himself for the near-overwhelming and stupefying boredom of the place! Maybe the experience of the desert environment and the vision of near countless old (in the non-historical sense) aircraft can distract him temporarily from the nothingness which is the town!

Though I must admit it’s been over a decade since I was last there.

Andrew Bingham avatar

Some of the folks who will be at the Mojave presentation are actual rocket scientists. Interesting things happen every day in Mojave these days, including some of the most prolific testing of small rocket engines in the country.

I’ll be sharing the beginning phases of a yet-untitled project to build a 1/2-scale Sojourner Mars rover “replica” driven by a Pi. Eventually I’d like to be able to leave it in the desert (which is very Mars-like, in fact when I worked at JPL we used to get one of our major Mars simulants from a rock formation over by the mine in Boron) and let students in science classes run it over the Internet as if it were an actual rover.

I’m trying to keep the cost to within something that a class could get a grant to build, as well. Snap-together 3D printed parts for the suspension, a simple project enclosure for the chassis, etc.

John avatar

There’ve always been interesting things going on in Mojave, but if you’re not involved in one or more of them you there’s no attraction to the place. It’s a bit like Smith Island here in the Chesapeake Bay; a nice place to live, but you wouldn’t want to visit there!

Best of luck on the project!


William H. Bell avatar

Will there be a 1st Raspberry Pi European roadshow? How about:

Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Toulouse (Snootlab), Lyon, Geneva, etc. ?

Best regards,


clive avatar

Nice idea Will!

[sticks hand up for motorbike tour of Europe]


Rob Bishop avatar

We’ve been doing a lot of European and UK events throughout the year rather than having a specific tour. For example, Clive was in Barcelona last week and I have visited Lisbon twice in the past 6 months.

Jim Manley avatar

If he posts his flight numbers, we can track him in real time on sites like FlightAware.com and FlightView.com. If I can time it right, I can get up into the airspace as his plane passes East of the Bay area and fly formation briefly on the Boise-Mojave and/or the Mojave-Seattle legs.

Nils avatar

No love for the east coast?

clive avatar
Isaac avatar

You’ll drive the the middle of nowhere to get to Boise why not just make a stop in Salt Lake City?

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