10,000 sticker pack giveaway

UPDATE: all 10,000 sticker packs have now been claimed. We honestly didn’t think these would go so quickly. If you’re in a different time zone to us and reading this later during your day, we’re sorry you missed out. We’ll see whether we can run another giveaway in the future at a time that’s better suited for community members in other time zones.

Would you like a Raspberry Pi sticker pack? We’re giving away a whopping 10,000 sticker packs to the first 10,000 people who fill in the form at the bottom of this post.

But before you do that, please read the following guidelines.

Giveaway guidelines


  • Only fill in the form once, to give as many people as possible the chance to get their hands on a sticker pack. We will ignore duplicate entries.
  • Fill in all the boxes, otherwise we may not be able to get your sticker pack to you.
  • Include your email address so we can follow up with you if we encounter issues with postage. We won’t use your email address for any other reason.
  • Include a postal address you will have access to for at least the next two months, since it may take up to two months for the sticker pack to reach you.
  • All entries must be submitted by 1 September 2019.

We’ll only use your details for this giveaway. All data you enter into the form will be permanently deleted after two months.

It may take until 15 October for your sticker pack to reach you. Please do not contact us before that date to enquire about your stickers.


Mickaël GREGORI avatar

Thanks for you all :)

Riki Bando avatar

Thank you for creating such an amazing product! I`ve been longing for the time Raspberry Pi 4 will be available in Japan!

Michael Allenq avatar

Looking forward to have a Raspberry on my laptop!

Alex avatar

:) Thanks

Pereira avatar


Nico avatar

Thanks , i love rasberry pi

Le Fur Cedric avatar

Thanks for stickers !

Mimich avatar

Thanks , for the stickers , i like that :)

David avatar

thanks :)

helene avatar


Félix Eraña Garcia avatar

I love raspberry!

bivox avatar


Pogichinoy avatar

Rapsberry Pi is the best!

ghouil avatar

Super occasion de faire connaissance avec votre fondadtion, force et courage

fze avatar


Massimo avatar

Thanks a lot for this idea!

Tom avatar


C. COCO avatar

Nice device.

Peng avatar

Many thanks, I love Raspberry Pi.

Paula Eddy avatar

Thanks so much, also recently had a great day in Cambridge visiting the Pi Store.

rick james avatar

I just want some free stickers please not even going to lie

Nadeem Ahmed avatar

For Foxlab Makerspace..! <3

Erjo avatar

Raspberry pi is just amazing!

Amando Manning avatar


Chpi avatar

Thx RaspBerry Pi Foundation ;)

Homer Simpson avatar

Alright Pie, I’m just going to do this *chomp* *chomp* *chomp*
and if you get eaten, it’s your own fault!

tranphuquy19 avatar

I love raspbian, and i love Raspi.Thanks for you all :v

John Richardson avatar

ta :-D

Corentin avatar


45gfg9 avatar

OHHHHHHHHHH can I actually get this
I’m so excited
I ❤️ RPi

Antonio avatar

Great! Thanks!!

Robert Postill avatar

Like the other commenters, thanks for organising this giveaway :)

Tom avatar


Michaël avatar

Great idea for Raspies users and lovers :-) many thanks

Gaurav Mahna avatar

Loved the product you guys have built ! Kudos !!!

Matthew W Amacker avatar

Love the product. It’s amazing what you have done for this generation of kids.

Compute is now everywhere.

Kym Farnik avatar

Very nice – thanks!

Marc Company Ricci avatar

Done :)

Turtle avatar


Damian avatar


Ionel avatar

Thank you for creating such good and cheap products.

Antonio avatar

Thank you for expanding my knowledge of Programming. If it wasn’t for the pi I wouldn’t been able to work in Linux.

Karol Wrona avatar

Done ;) Love RPi :)

Barry O'Neil avatar

Loving it. Cheers.

Lurp avatar


AndyC avatar

Stickers to spread the Raspberry Pi word. Will make good talking point.

Simos avatar

Very nice, thank you!

Tinouz avatar

thanks, merci! Nice job guys

Rav avatar


TheBigWorld avatar

Very nice – I appreciate!


Floflo avatar

Tanks a lot !

Dusyant Goolab avatar

Done :)

Jalal avatar

I love Pie

Isaac avatar

I have yet your first RPi working fine, and second version too. Happy both of them. Thanks!!

Sebastien avatar

Thanks , cordialy

Johl avatar

oh no :O missed it ….. :`(

jay avatar

PLease delete my data after being used….
*concerned citizens*

Amine Barhoum avatar

This Giveaway is awesome I’m hoping to win

Denbid avatar

Sad face,I mssed it

christian ramirez avatar

Thanks a lot from Spain!

Aingeru avatar

I missed it too…

Keyner W. Tupac Yupanqui Caballero avatar

Thank you. I’m hopping to win

Altbat avatar

I would like to get some stickers – Thanks)

Shivang patel avatar

I missed :-(
Anyway… Cheers for pi4 ?

Lê Tuấn Việt avatar


Will E. avatar

DAMMIT, too slow. :7(

Brad avatar

Sad to have missed out. Love the products, please keep us in the comments up to speed if the status changes… Thank you!!

Pat Senn avatar

Sad part for me was that the website listed the stickers “ALL GONE” over an hour prior to me receiving the tweet that they were giving stickers away.

Bob avatar

Thank You.

Tom Furniss avatar

Pi 4 Life

Loup avatar

Thanks for lot! From France!!

Eduardo GONCALVES avatar

I’m waiting september to buy a Raspberry Pi 4 B+ to replace my Personal Computer (Raspberry Pi 3 B)

Loup avatar

Thanks a lot RPi!!!

Rajat Chhabra avatar

Fingers crossed… if I can still get a chance for being the last one… lol

Cristopher Vargas avatar

No veo el link para las pegatinas

Martin Bonner avatar

Raspberry Pi foundation underestimating demand – it’s not like *that* has ever happened before.

Botros Bishai avatar

I made a great retropie with Pi 3. Kids love it

Imi avatar

I am missed it but i realy hope to win

meorBu avatar

Very nice. Ship to oversea too?

DEVISMES chr avatar


Chris Cross avatar

I like stickers thanks

Luigi Morelli avatar

Too late :-(

RobocraftPC avatar

Cool ?

Antony Liu avatar

Raspberry!!! Great Job Raspberry Pi team!!!

TartoPomme avatar

Bonne chance a tous et merci pour ce merveilleux Giveaway !

perassolo jennifer avatar

je participe

Wil Santiago avatar

I love you the Raspberry Pi. I’ve had some much fun working with it. Thank you for an awesome product!!

Thierry MAIRERICHARD avatar

Raspberry Pi est juste incroyable!

c avatar

I want a sticket pack

ARUN V NAIR avatar

Thankyou Raspberry Pi!!!
You made my entrepreneurial life come true and forced me to dream high.

Jack Frost M avatar

I love Raspberry Pi more than anything else. But Raspberry Pi 4 4gb ram is out of stock in Indian’s online stores.

Daniel avatar

Gotta fill my sticker collection

Malc avatar

Time zones suck.

Xavier avatar

I got my Raspberry Pi today

Dennis avatar


Rifaz Rifky avatar

Sticker pack FTW!!!

reuben chagas fernandes avatar

well stick those stickers everywhere except on people !

JOSE avatar

free stickers , plz gotta love new pi 4 B

Alberto avatar

Pegatinas pegatinas pegatinas pegatinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas

Kev avatar

How can I know if Im a lucky one?

Venkat Prasanna avatar

I Want The StickerPack

Matheus Gonçalves Silva avatar

Raspberry!!! Great Job Raspberry Pi team!!!

Raphaela Fasching avatar

Like it!!

Chastain avatar

Hello. Great !!!
I want stickers please.

chirag shroff avatar

ThankYou i just got my sticker pack.

Inanc Yigit avatar

Received, in the Netherlands. Thanks!

peepeepoopoo riceball avatar

I just got it! in Mongolia right now. Thankss

Matthew W. Amacker avatar

Thank you for the stickers! Proud to display them. Especially the “My other computer is $35”. That I’ve is great. :)

Toto avatar

Why stickers is gay ? Do you officially support gay movement ?

Liz Upton avatar

We support removing obstacles to entry into computing and engineering for everybody. Don’t you?

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