YouTuber Jeff Geerling reviews Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

We love seeing how quickly our community of makers responds when we drop a new product, and one of the fastest off the starting block when we released the new Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 last week was YouTuber Jeff Geerling.

Jeff Geerling

We made him keep it a secret until launch day after we snuck one to him early so we could see what one of YouTube’s chief advocates for our Compute Module line thought of our newest baby.

So how does our newest board compare to its predecessor, Compute Module 3+? In Jeff’s first video (above) he reviews some of Compute Module 4’s new features, and he has gone into tons more detail in this blog post.

Jeff also took to live stream for a Q&A (above) covering some of the most asked questions about Compute Module 4, and sharing some more features he missed in his initial review video.

His next video (above) is pretty cool. Jeff explains:

“Everyone knows you can overclock the Pi 4. But what happens when you overclock a Compute Module 4? The results surprised me!”

Jeff Geerling

And again, there’s tons more detail on temperature measurement, storage performance, and more on Jeff’s blog.

Top job, Jeff. We have our eyes on your channel for more videos on Compute Module 4, coming soon.

If you like what you see on his YouTube channel, you can also sponsor Jeff on GitHub, or support his work via Patreon.


Justin Lantigua avatar

Very informative, def considering buying one just to experiment and toy around with it. Great video as always!

Jeff Geerling avatar

Oh wow! I’m flattered you posted this here, and I’m still in the midst of testing out some new projects on the CM4 you sent me, it’s such a fun little device, and I think at least for my uses, it’s the most exciting Raspberry Pi yet!

I’m happy to keep sharing the things I’m learning, and this past week I’ve been testing out all the PCIe cards I can get my hands on—I keep posting all the details to this website (, and I’m going to see if I can get an external GPU running through the Compute Module IO Board this weekend!

Ray Allen avatar

Nice one Jeff, I follow your channel for a long time and then I saw you on the Pi site and thought… I subscribe to this guy. Just finished watching your graphics card journey on the Pi, great stuff. I almost ordered a card after you said you was going to try, lucky your video went up before I ordered the card. Any how Congrats

James Carroll avatar

I’ve seen a bunch of his videos. He’s got an awesome style and makes the subject very interesting. Watching the one he did recently, where he attempted to get an external GPU working on the unit, was spellbinding really as I watched him work at doing something I’d never imagined possible.

Anders avatar

I hope the gpu video sparks some work on getting NVidia working on the
Pcie slot because enabling CUDA would push the Pi into Jetson territory.

P Stein avatar

Oooooh, have noticed that Canonical posted a comment under the video

Could it be that an Ubuntu Strike Force may be assembled and sent in as support for Jeff on his endeavor to attack this out of band problem. Round two happening soon perhaps?

Edwin Jones avatar

I really enjoyed this video. You put out really good content Jeff and have been for years – your SD card reviews have been a staple for me every time I order a new Pi and need to know what to boot it with.

Geoffrey Maness avatar

Wow that was a dense, well spoken 20 min overview that even my 12 year old could follow! Thank you for these presentations and sharing your knowledge with the community.

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