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heck, who would not want a pi? but, still, some of the reasons that people want it are because or things unique to it; Minecraft Pi Edition, for example. and penguinspuzzle. then there is the pi store. who wants to say that we, as raspberry pi users, can DOMINATE the app store market. we could have more apps than iOS and Android put together!

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Or maybe the fact that it is a very inexpensive development platform that runs debian.

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Actually, what about an angry birds made especially for the pi! angry birds pi edition! well, mojang have payed attention to the pi, now what about rovio? admins, get to it!

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Forget Angry Birds, how about Pi powered Thunderbirds! http://blog.voxygen.co.uk/?p=1416

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Haha, that’s *really* cool!

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That would be great!

Should come with a r-pi power up… or even better, allow hardware hacking/programming ability.

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Excellent, how can I code to grow my own island? Or is that a pisland…

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£16 ?

or is that the box its in ? ;)

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16 quid is about 25 US bucks, which is the price of a model A.

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Ex. Tax

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Well, the Model *A* is available for £16 … if you ignore the VAT … and the delivery … and round the price down … and buy a hundred of them.
If I walk into my local computer shop and buy one it’s closer to £41 (although I’m impressed my local shop even has RPis).

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If you’re a school (the intended purchaser), you won’t be paying VAT. And if you’re only finding them at £41, you’re definitely not looking hard enough!

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Walk into your local RS store and buy one over the counter……and you will get a LOT of change for your 41 squid!

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Well done on passing the 1million sales. I missed the announcement!

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It’s more like 1.5m now – that was back in January!

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Even more impressive when you see that the beaglebone sold “only” 100k in years

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: P
Too bad you have to wait
I’m a subscriber to Wired and got the magazine yesterday very interesting read. I was utterly shocked that the government didn’t give you guys a grant never knew that, think what my life would be like; no led matrix’s to play with no gpio no electronics.
Thanks for everything Raspberry Pi Team.
I might get a chance to meet one of you in Cambridge during the Sutton Trust Cambridge Summer School for Computer Science?

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Well, tbh we never *asked* the government for a grant; we looked at asking for loan guarantees and looked at applying to a regional development agency for some matched funding, but that agency was closed down before we got as far as making an application, so we dropped the idea. We were pretty committed to raising the money ourselves; it’s less complicated, means you don’t have to abide by other people’s or organisations’ interests when running your own business, and just felt like a more decent thing to do at a time when a lot of people are struggling; we’d sooner not take tax money if we don’t have to.

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Thanks for clearing that up, I quote “An attempt to win support from the government loan guarantee scheme was no more successful”

I found it kinda vague and hence misunderstood.
There should be more businesses like yours in this day and age.

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My local Tesco have it in stock now! Get it while it’s hot!

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Really ?


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While your there remember to buy the cream to eat with it

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Congratulations! I guess you’ll have to sell a billion in order to get on the U.S. cover of WIRED – time to put one of those McDonalds-style changeable-letters signs out in front of the office with how many Pii have been sold as of the end of business each day :roll:

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Surely that’s too low tech – maybe a pi several 8 segment displays on a breadboard would be fitting.

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You’d need a heck of a lot of i2c GPIO expanders :)

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Actually, I would like to see a “# of Pi’s” counter included in the raspberry pi website every time I go there.

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+1 to that!

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You can buy Wired UK mag worldwide on zinio app for tablets too.

It just magically appeared on my ipad

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For me it was cheaper on Google Play Magazines – £2.99 vs Zinio £3.32

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