Where have you been, Liz?

Huge apologies for going quiet on you. Eben and I have been on a skiing holiday, but I managed to fall and twist my knee quite badly in the middle of last week. Eben is a sweetheart and curtailed the holiday to take me down the hill to spend a few days in a rented cabin where I could do a bit more than stare forlornly at snow, drinking tequila, while everybody else had fun on skis.

That cabin didn’t have any internet. (Which was great, actually, but clearly has raised some worries among some of you.) I didn’t know about it beforehand so wasn’t able to warn you – have to say, I heartily recommend going offline for a few days. We cooked steaks over a camp fire, did lots of stuff you’d probably find endlessly tedious like birdwatching from the cabin window, and I got to complain about my knee a lot.

Anyway, I’m back in the land of the connected now, and I’ve got a Q&A with Pete to post a little later on when I can hunt down a power cable for my laptop. Houpla! More to come later this afternoon (California time).

It’s my birthday, so please be nice in the comments.


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Happy Birthday too you and your poorly knee! Glad to hear you were still able to enjoy yourself and relax after the arduous months gone by.

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Big happy birthday. even though I have no nails left due to lack of PI based news. Glad you could get some time away from us screaming rabble
Regards Gee

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Happy birthday, Liz! :)

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Wee. Congratz!

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Happy Birthday

Sorry to hear about your knee. Get well soon

All the best


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Sweet, enjoy all free time you may receive and we will surely preserve our questions for another time!

Though perhaps the only thing the community really wishes to hear is what the Chinese are doing with the boards and whether or not the modifications to the ethernet plug have been successful due to the scarcity of the components

For now, enjoy cooking steaks and seeking birds~

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I’ll be doing a call with RS and Farnell, who have people onsite in the factory, early next week, so I’ll be able to update you then.

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When you talk to RS you may want to ask them to sort out the Allied rasPi news page. Looks like a staffer or a hacker got bored or frustrated while you were offline.

Retrode: @Raspberry_Pi http://www.alliedelec.com/images/Products/mkt/lp/1203/resources/news.html Strange headline in distributor’s news, “Raspberry Pi not really real” – someone a bit frustrated there?

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!!!Happy Birthday!!!

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After all the turmoil of the last couple of weeks I’d say a bit of enforced internet blackout was probably the best thing to do anyway! For your birthday, the screaming hordes of the internet will now descend upon you demanding their Pi. No rest for the wicked… Happy birthday!

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Welcome back Liz, Eben!! :) Sorry to hear about your knee. You are way too hard on yourself!! Take it easy for a change. :)

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Happy Birthday! It’s good to have you back!

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happy birthday.

we’d sing the song to you but we’d get sued for copyright infringment so you’ll have to put up with some mumbling about monkey’s or tomatos. hope you got earplugs for your birthday as we aren’t very tumeful

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We could sing

“Hippo Bathday Two Ewes
Hippo Bathday Two Ewes
Hippo Bathday Dear Elizabeth*
Hippo Bathday Two Ewes”

And damn the IP Trolls
You know, thats what irritates me about the first half of “The Wrong Trousers”. Thanks to the Happy Birthday bugger, the soundtrack got edited and Gromits musical card now plays “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow”, and the penguins “Organist Entertains” psychological warfare got bowdlerised too. And the sound quality is crap.

* It always pays to be formal on these occasions…

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Sorry about the knee.
Othervise it sounds like a marvelous time you had, so congratulations :)
What’s the progress on the pain? Will you need some surgery, or will it heal just by itself?
Oh, and of course, Happy Birthday.

liz avatar

It hurts like a b****** (and I didn’t help by trying to ski on it again the day after I did it) – it’s just a soft-tissue injury, though, and the ligament isn’t torn, so it should be OK in a couple of months, all being well. It’s a medial collateral ligament sprain, for those interested – i.e. what your knee does when someone forces it to do an impression of a corkscrew.

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If your knee is really sore, I will swap you a Pi for a box of tramadol and a 10μg/h BuTrans transdermal patch!!

ukscone avatar

i’ll raise your tramadol with a bottle of percacet, a bottle of Flexeril & vial of dilaudid although i think a bottle of single malt might be a better bribe

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LA LA LA LA LA LA LA fingers in ears LA LA LA LA LA LA
Happy Birthday :)

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I wish you a quicky recovery.
Maybe someone could develop a “cloth-bag” that inflate itself when we fall :)

liz avatar

*Logs idea for next startup*

Gert avatar

There is something like that for horse riders. A high pressure cylinder with an inflatable vest and a trigger wire to the saddle. Seems to give an amusing effect if a riders forgets to disconnect the trigger wire when stepping out of the saddle.
Don’t know how to trigger that for a ski fall.

raffy avatar

Simple, strap to the spine an accelerometer borrowed from a tablet, which releases the pressure when position changes >=90 degrees.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Arf arf! (-Puppy sounds for Puppy Linux)

alecthegeek avatar

Managed by an embedded RasPi

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Happy Birthday.

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happy birthday and get well soon!

Abishur avatar

happy birthday and welcome back!

texy avatar

Happy birthday Liz!
Looking forward to renewed updates ;-)

Mark avatar

Happy Birthday to you Liz and hopefully a swift recovery of you twisted knee.

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What day is today?
Is Liz birthday?
What a day for a birthday!
Let’s all have some cake ….. erm, RPi

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Happy Birthday. Enjoy the rest of your break, and best wishes to your knee for a quick recovery..

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I don’t really *know you*, but I would like to wish you a VERY happy birthday Liz. Your guidance, humor, and patience in running this board has really shown through, and I sincerely hope you will stick with the ungrateful job for AT LEAST another year. Many thanks again!

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Ohh!! know that magnets reduce inflammation in wounds and increases blood microcirculation.
Oxyhemoglobin (blood protein that carries oxygen) is diamagnetic, so it is repelled by magnetic fields On the other hand, deoxyhaemoglobin (the same protein when not carrying oxygen)is paramagnetic, therefore weakly is attracted by magnetic fields,
but the magnets used in magnetic therapy should be appropriate to have an appreciable effect on blood flow use neodymium magnet instead of ferrite or ceramic.
good luck

linker3000 avatar

Yep, make sure you get the right magnetics – I understand things don’t work properly if you don’t get the magnetics right. ;-)

Happy Birthday etc.

alecthegeek avatar

Only works if you suspend a crystal above the right sort of magnet I understand, or do you have shove the crystal up your left nostril — I can never get it right

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Happy Birthday and get well for your knee! I hope you had at least some skiing fun before the injury. On our skiing holiday at the very beginning of this year we luckily had no injuries but that might be because most of the time they wouldn’t let us up the hills due to stormy weather. So we had only three days on the glacier and two of them with foggy weather. Ski heil!

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Best wishes to your Birthday, Liz! And get well at the speed of thought!

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Happy Birthday, take it easy x

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Happy birthday! And may the knee recover quickly. Tequila is famously therapeutic, so make sure you keep taking the medicine.

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well then happy birthday and get well soon :-)

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Happy 25th Birthday, Liz!

liz avatar

You are my favourite commenter of the YEAR.

Matthew Risi avatar

:) hope it was a great day!

liz avatar

It was. It involved sushi, cupcakes, and an email from my lovely Mum that made me weep soppy tears.

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what base is that 25 in?

Jordan Reese avatar

base 9?

dobbelD avatar

Happy birthday and get well :)

Zoltan Arvai avatar

Happy Birthday, Liz

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Many happy returns Liz and get well soon! =)

Kevin avatar

Happy Birthday!

Kevin (not the one from earlier)

Stephan Raue avatar

Happy Birthday too, Liz

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Welcome back petal, hope you have a great Birthday!

Remember drink dont blog ;-)

Andreas Eriksson avatar

Thanks for the update. I was worried. Happy b’day!

Guilherme de Sousa avatar

Happy birthday Liz :D

VV avatar

Happy birthday! Hope you get well soon.

tzj avatar

happy birthday Liz :)

hope the pain killers are doing their job! :D

Jonas Vuylsteke avatar

Happy birthday!!! You two deserved some peace after those hectic weeks.

Ian Henderson avatar

Happy Birthday Liz! Hope the knee mends quickly…

Now, no more talk of skiiing and whatnot… there’ll be time for holidays once the knighthoods have arrived!

As an aside, this’ll make you smile… a friend of mine received some RasPi stickers a while back and left them in the opened envelope on the side before going to work. A while later his wife finds them, and promptly misidentifies them as ‘acid tabs’ (not sure that’s the correct term – i.e. drugs) and, in a panic, takes the ‘phone-a-friend-in-the-Cambridgeshire-Constabulary’ option. A brief description to the friend was all they needed to confirm they did indeed sound like ‘acid tabs’. My mate gets home that evening to a very concerned/angry wife and a lot of questions… his reply is best imagined…

liz avatar

Have acid tabs even been a *thing* since the Grateful Dead broke up? Your friend’s wife is not the first person to have jumped to that conclusion, but I think she may be the first to try to involve the police. The stickers do smell delightfully of vinyl and glue, but they’re not likely to cause anything very exciting to happen to your brain chemistry. More’s the pity.

AllyR avatar

I would have thought that the stickers would do quite a bit to the brain chemistry of anyone waiting for their RasPi to be delivered. A state of agitation/excitement, loss of concentration, unintelligible speech patterns (geek speak).

Chris avatar

Happy Birthday and get well soon, Liz! I hope you enjoyed the calm-down after the last stressful weeks (even if it was not that relaxing with your knee).

Dave avatar

Happy Birthday, welcome back, and feel better if your knee is still bothering you. :)

Sean avatar

Happy birthday, Liz. Be sure to tell Eben he is your [censored] ’till it’s mended. ;p

Stuart Lea avatar

Happy Birthday and welcome back….we missed you guys.

Stuart Lea avatar

You deserved a break but some of us (not me guv…honest) got grumpy in your absence and felt unloved.

Lynbarn avatar

All good wishes for a speedy recovery, Liz. At least it was only your leg and not your banhammer arm! :)
Do enjoy the rest of your birthday celebrations. I’m sure that will involve at least a modicum of medicinal alcohol!


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Birdwatching is still beautyfull, tweeter is not the last bird on earth, lol.
Happy birthday to you ! :-)

Gene Chilelli avatar

Happy Birthday Liz!

Clif Blanchard avatar

Happy Birthday!

DAVID avatar

Happy Birthday

vladhed avatar

HB2U! HB2U! HB dear Liz! HB2U!

AllyR avatar

Happy birthday.
Glad to hear you managed to take a complete break.

Alexander Langer avatar

Happy birthday, Liz! I just hope you get well, soon. :)

egp avatar

When Eben said you should get a break, perhaps you misunderstood when you tried to damage your knee. Happy Birthday, and I’m glad it wasn’t worse. I’m one of those waiting patiently in the shadows for the time when RPi’s become *plentiful* so I can get a few. I’ve decided not to compete for them while it remains one per person. Hopeful that we’ll see that day in the not too distant future. Cheers.

Bob avatar

Happy Birthday

Thomas McPhatter avatar


Happy Birthday! Sorry to hear of your injury during your visit here in California. I live in “Silicon Valley” and am assuming you were at one of the many ski resorts we have in Northern California. Mind telling me which one? Just wanted to get your impression of where you went.

liz avatar

We ski most years at a mixture of Squaw, Heavenly, Kirkwood and Northstar. This year it was Heavenly; good in low-snow years for the snowmaking, and they have a great ski patrol for days when you try to twist your leg off. :(

Vindicator avatar

You were only about an hour and a half from were Lob0426 and I live.
Happy birthday

CheechWizard avatar

Happy Anniversary of your birth fiery Aries! Guess you and cold water Snow just didn’t get along ;>) Hope the knee mends soon, just keep up the RICE (rest-ice-compression-elevation).

Simon Walters avatar

Happy Birthday :)

rmistero avatar

Happy Ni! Ni! Birthday! Ni

Soon every cabin around the world shall be Pied ! No escape from the big Pi! Be warn ! The big Pi is watching you !

And the Knights of Pi shall be again ! Houraye for the Pi !

First shalt thou take out the Holy Pi, then shalt thou count to three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached. This message shall be destructed, but before it shall say again haPi birthday !

Andy Cater avatar

Happy birthday – Auguri – Penblwydd hapus i chi

John Robson avatar

And only this morning I nearly posted in the forums to ask if anyone knew how long your holiday would be, and whether hospitalisation was extending it.
Then I realised that I don’t actually know you at all…

Glad to hear you’re back in the connected world – do hope that knee works better. Presume $preferred_beverage is being delivered at appropriate intervals :)

Oh and happy 21st * :D

(*Not trying to outdo 25th above, but I always assume all ladies are 21.)

Jason Ozolins avatar

Aren’t you just assuming the original poster was using octal? :-)

stalker avatar

Happy Birthday! I hope you get better, and it’s great to hear you again!

Edo avatar

Happy Birthday!!!
Have a nice Holiday…. but when you come back home, please give us some good news about Raspberry Pi! I can’t wait!

MarcoA avatar

Happy birthday, and sorry for your knee!

Romeo avatar

The only important question is, was the tequila good?

Haha, kidding. Good to have you back, with or without a good knees.

Be better soon, and happy birthday!

saffronstar avatar

Happy Birthday! Just dull the knee pain with more Tequila :-) Thanks so much for keeping us up to date on every little thing (I lurve detail!)

Jongoleur avatar

I realise you went skiing for a complete break from the hassles of Raspberry Pi, but there was no need to try giving your knee a “complete break” too! Glad to hear its on the mend and you’re being pampered hand and knee.

Happy Birthday!

Oliver avatar

Happy Birthday and hope you knee gets better soon. I can just relate far too much to that. Wish my knees would come right.

Tass avatar

Happy Birthday Liz and welcome back! Looking forward to you restoring order – we all seem to have slightly lost our minds without you. I think you must hold a record somewhere for being the only 20-something year old with 100,000 kids!

Edwin avatar

Happy Birthday Liz !!! One birthday above ground is an awesome birthday !!!

stephen downward avatar

Happy Birthday!

toxibunny avatar

Happy Birthday! :)

Montala avatar

You are obviously a very popular girl Liz, but I would also like to say “Welcome back” (and yes, you have been missed!), and I hope the knee doesn’t cause you too much pain while it is getting better.
Oh, and I nearly forgot “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”!

Mattt avatar

Belated Happy Birthday and get well soon. Hope you managed to enjoy the holiday in spite of the knee

Richard Laniel avatar

Happy Birthday and happy to see you back!

Rek avatar

Happy Birthday!
And I recommend Heradura Anejo for your tequila painkilling pleasure :)

rafareta avatar

Happy birthday, Liz!

kenneth avatar

Happy Birthday!

Jim Manley avatar

Happy Birthday, Liz! A Spring chick-en, eh? :)

See what you get for trying to go skiing without your expert guides here in SillyCon Valley? That Sierra cement some people call “snow” will reach up and bite the unwary every time.

We’re having a KQED (public radio/TV) members weekend at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, and you and Eben are cordially invited to a personal tour of our new exhibit, R|Evolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing. Last weekend you missed being able to play Spacewar! on our 1960 vintage DEC PDP-1 (the only operational one in the world) with its creator, our fellow volunteer Steve Russell (we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of Spacewar! in May). I’m sure you and Eben have seen it before, but, I can also give you a refresher demo of our Babbage Difference Engine Number Two, Serial Number Two (twin of the original in the London Science Museum). Oh, and we have WiFi internally and via Google so you can keep in touch with The Rest of Us.

Just got notification from Newark/Farnell/Element 14 that my R-Pi is shipping on March 30th – next Friday! Happy Birthday, indeed, and thanks to you, Eben, and the rest of the team for this sweet little Easter Egg!

All the Best from just one more ardent admirer from not-so-afar (while you’re still in California :)

jacklang avatar

ahhh, nostalgia. I played Starwars at MIT in 1964 on a PDP, The original was done at Lincoln Labs on a converted bomb aimers console.

Paul avatar

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and get well soon… :)

MarkyMark avatar

Happy Birthday then – hope you got a Raspberry Cake with candles…:)

darkblackcorner avatar

Hapy Birthday Liz!
That sounds like a fantastic holiday!

PhilW avatar

Happy birthday to Liz (for yesterday), you have been doing such terrific work!

ruben avatar

Happy birthday

PauNadal avatar

Happy birthday!! Hope you will get better very soon! :)

Phil Kelly avatar

Birding! Wow, yet another shared interest!–so what was the list of species seen?? Curious minds *NEED* to know :-).

liz avatar

Californian condors (woo hoo!), common but lovely things like Steller’s jay, tricoloured blackbirds and grackles; thrashers, golden orioles, little vireos, turkey vultures, wild turkeys, western scrub jays, snowy egrets, a very friendly American crow, what I think was a red tailed hawk (always hard to tell with birds of prey from the underneath)…and dozens of others. The central California coast is a twitcher’s paradise; I am pretty much surgically attached to some binoculars and an Audubon birding book all the time we’re there.

Also saw elephant seals, sea otters and a coyote, although these are not birds. ;)

Phil Kelly avatar

Central California is nice, but SE Arizona is even Twitchier! :-), and there are more hummingbird choices for those confined to armchair birding! Glad you had a good time.

Rainer Jenning avatar

Happy birthday and get well soon :)

nuttycat avatar

Happy Birthday!!

(ps: Your birthday falls very close to that of the GCC compiler. You both turned 25 this week!) ;)

George Golden avatar

Happy Birthday, Liz.

Markavian avatar

Belated birthday wishes Liz, good to hear you’re up and running again ; )

Bart avatar

Belated HB

Neil Pacala avatar

Belated Happy Birthday Liz!

Sorry if I’ve been one of the many who had been so trying. We just wanted our RasPi that bad.

Lennie avatar

Happy birthday Liz, did you get Raspberry Pie ? ;-)

Antony Crowder avatar

Happy birthday!
Sorry it’s a bit late. Glad you could have some downtime, but sorry it was as a result of injury. GWSoon! There’s nawt tedious about watching wildlife and cooking/eating steak. Did you Have egg, mushrooms, chips etc. or good girl salad?

David Knigfht avatar

Ouch! – Happy belated birthday, I hope the knee is on the mend. I twisted mine a couple of times earlier in february snowboarding in Soll, Austria but managed to continue on the slopes until the last day. I find beer helped to numb the pain :D

liz avatar

I did try going up a couple of days after doing it, but it wouldn’t take my weight on turns, which is emphatically not good. It’s a fair bit better now, although getting in and out of the bath and putting on trousers present a rather irritating amount of difficulty still!

m.u.anthony raj avatar

pls tell where i will get this in austrralia raspberry pi

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