What can you do with a Raspberry Pi?

Last month we released an animation called What is a Raspberry Pi? which explains why the Pi exists, what it’s all about and touches on some application we’ve seen – and we recently discovered a video which points out some great ideas for what you can do with yours!

Everyone takes different kinds of inspiration before they start a Pi project – whether it’s following a guide in a book or online, seeing somebody else make something at a Jam or maker faire, or solving a real life problem and getting straight to it. Plenty of people like the idea of the Pi before they have a use for it – sometimes it’s nice just to be presented with some example applications and let one pique your interest. We hope that’s what this great video will do for some of you.

We’d love to hear about your sources of inspiration – as usual – in the comments below.

Our education team (Clive, Carrie Anne, Dave and I) will be at the Jamboree in Manchester this week. There’s an excellent line-up including talks, workshops, panels, ask an expert – and more! The conference part, focusing on Pi in education, on Thursday and Friday, will be held at the Manchester Central Conference Centre, followed by a Jam Hack Day at Edge Hill in Ormskirk. There are still tickets available, including evening sessions for those unavailable during the day – and the party on Friday night – organised by the wonderful Lisa Mather, where there are to be special badges (below) and plenty of swag up for grabs. The conference takes place adjacent to the Education Innovation Conference & Exhibition. We hope to see plenty of you at the event!

The Raspberry Pi Guy’s own name badge


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I can’t wait to wear that badge…

The Raspberry Pi Guy

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I like the app flipboard as there are plenty of sources there and they are all unified in one place

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Theres an acrylic badge, in the style of a pi, with my name on… that on its own’s worth the entry fee!
(I shouldn’t say that in case you decide to make custom badges for the swag store later in the year.)

Inspiration for me comes from everyone else and attempt to put my own input along the way.

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Here is something you can do with one that I have not seen posted.


What a great dad!

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If you haven’t seen the open source PlotClock then I encourage you to do a Web search. It’s run off an arduino but I note that Phenoptix have been playing around with it.

I don’t have a 3d printer to make the small number of parts, but how interested I would be to buy the parts with some RPi code? Very!

Please vendor community: I implore you!

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Any news on the poster competition ???

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The … best … badges … EVER!!! I hope these, or at least the vector files, can be made available to all Jam organizers world-wide so we can all look so cool. And the stickers, OMG!!! Lisa seems to have been on Twitter non-stop for days posting photos of all of the swag being delivered to her … #PiJealous! :lol:

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So, not nearly as crafty and handy as this, but I’ve been working the RPi and the camera module into my home network and using it as an away from home security system. Same thing I could pay thousands for someone else to install, and its cost me only a couple hundred.

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