Welcome to the Swag Shop!

You may have noticed that a little while ago, we quietly withdrew Raspberry Pi branded t-shirts from sale. Since then, we’ve been working on a reboot of the store. Shirts have been totally redesigned, and are now screen-printed rather than transfer-printed, which gives a much higher-quality and tougher finish; we’ve also listened to your requests for more colours and thicker material. [Edit to add: a few of you have asked about the larger sizes. At the moment they’re available in black (up to 3XL), and chocolate (Eben’s favourite), red and sport grey (2XL). We’ll add more if the demand’s there, so please let us know what you want.]

Every purchase you make goes to fund the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s educational activities, so you’re not just making yourself look swanky; you’re directly helping kids.

T-shirts, just calling out for you to buy them so they can escape their cruel imprisonment in plastic crates.

So today we’re relaunching the shop, under a new name, with new management (things are being run by our friends at Pimoroni), and new goodies for you to buy.

Babbage the bear needs a home.

Shirts (for ladies, men and kids) aren’t the only thing we’ve got in stock: you can now buy your very own Babbage the bear, and we also have Raspberry Pi mugs, bags, and travelcard holders for you to sip from, carry things in, and wave at turnstiles proudly.

A holder for your Oyster card (or your library card, bus pass or ID). Thanks to TfL for allowing us to mess with their map, and to Paul Beech for the design.

A tough drawstring bag for your hacking tools, about twelve Babbages or your overnight gear.

It’s a mug. You put coffee in it.

We’ll be introducing more goodies to the store as time goes on, and announcing them here when we do. We hope you like it! Please get buying – every penny of profit we make goes straight back into the Raspberry Pi Foundation, where it’s used directly to help educate kids in computer science.




hedgehog1 avatar

Hey Liz – I think the tee-shirt picture is upside down (or gravity works really funny in your storage room).

liz avatar

You’re absolutely right – for some reason the damn thing keeps inverting itself when I hit publish. Trying for a third time to sort it out; hang on!

Dan avatar

Awesome, I love the drawstring bag and the card holder – very original!*

* not sarcastic, I promise.

Rick avatar

Why is the picture of the t-shirts in their plastic imprisonment upside down?

liz avatar

No idea precisely how this worked, but renaming the file seems to have done the trick. T-shirts no longer dangling from ceiling.

Peter Ryan avatar

Do the t-shirts have to be worn upside down as well?

ukscone avatar

they are the Australian version

AndyD avatar

We are not the ones that are upside down.

Xarces avatar

ɹǝɟɟıp oʇ ƃǝq I

ukscone avatar

pint mugs for beer & shot glasses are the next things to source for the store

liz avatar

Do you know, I don’t think we’ve investigated pint glasses. Consider it added to the list of things to look at.

exartemarte avatar

Does that mean shot glasses may be on the way?

Inky- avatar

I approve of & second this comment.

ColinD avatar

My lovely wife has a shot glass with Bagpuss on it :)

F.Fang avatar

Could you make some stickers so I can stick to my Raspberry Pi case + Pencil case, pretty please?

liz avatar

Hold that thought!

inversesandwich avatar

I’d love some stickers! They would look great next to my Pi Supply and MagPi stickers (when they arrive =D).

HaggisHunter avatar

I’m thinking a lapel pin would go well next to my Tux one.

Jim Manley avatar

So, I was reading about the tote bag and puzzling over how in the world you could fit even some of the smallest parts of a Babbage Difference Engine into a bag, let alone more than one entire engine when I suddenly realized that you were talking about our cute weedew bears-to-be-bought!

That’s what I get for trying to catch up after a full day of keeping a bunch of recalcitrant 13+ year-olds entertained about science while Spring weather is stirring up their hormones (there’s more than one word that can start with an “S” in STEM! ;) ). Actually, the photo of the bear hadn’t loaded yet thanks to my moribund I”S”P (apparently, “Service” isn’t their middle name, and the “P” may not stand for “Provider”, either ):

I don’t suppose you packed a few thousand swag items in your luggage for sale at the Maker Faire this coming weekend, Liz? :D

liz avatar

Nope – we don’t have a stand and I only have a limited carrying capacity, but if anyone there comes and says hi, they can have a free sticker!

Tom West avatar

… and naturally, the only ‘real’ station on the card holder is Mornington Crescent. :-)

David avatar

Unfortunately, if you check your Stovold, you can’t play Northern Lights with Mornington Crescent (except if you have agreed the Enigma Variations for that round).

Ashley Basil avatar

Are but that’s covered in stovold’s 2nd amendment to the standard convention (1972)
This, of course, predates the Jubilee Line extensions in both directions.

liz avatar

That’s only when you’re ignoring traffic lights. I prefer clockwise play anyway.

Ashley Basil avatar
exartemarte avatar

I hadn’t noticed that. That’s inspired!

Ken MacIver avatar

Me neither ;

Well that’s the demographic well and truly nailed.. :-)

Nolan Clark avatar

Would you help a poor American and explain what the heck you’re talking about? ;)

Chris avatar

Thanks for the Swag Liz!! :D

AndyD avatar

It is a pity that XL is the largest size. Some of us are a little larger than the average.

liz avatar

3XL is the largest size – not all the t-shirts are available in that size, but several of them are. Check under the individual descriptions for each colour.

Richard avatar

Heck, I’m disappointed there’s no small size available. :(

Gordon avatar

The medium isn’t too bad, I’m normally mens small and it works out OK… The other option is to buy the ladies medium which comes up similar to mens small

Peter Stevens avatar

The medium fits me okay too and I’m a similar size to Gordon. The mugs also showing strongly in their beta testing. Mrs Miggins emporium highly recommended and delivers very quickly.

liz avatar

What Pete means is that both he and Gordon look like they need a sandwich.

Michael Horne avatar

Loving the retro look of the new shop – great work!

Simon Walters avatar

Will the mug hold tea as well as coffee?

Pimoroni avatar

If you check out the full description you’ll see it is both compatible with tea and coffee (and in beta for hot chocolate)! http://swag.raspberrypi.org/collections/frontpage/products/mug

Richard avatar

Coffee is the foul filth of Satan.
Tea – strong, white, no sugar – is the best thing in the world, ever. Ta.

Gert van Loo avatar

No, only Raspberry-Juice

colin allison avatar

Goodie! Travel card holder – I need a new one for my bus pass B&Q old codgers card, and senior railcard. Order on its way!

liz avatar

Cute, aren’t they? There’s also a nice juicy Pi logo on the front.

Matthew Smith avatar

what about those reusable thermos coffee mugs that all the hip/cool programmers and engineers bring to work these days! (pint glasses would be amazing also)

liz avatar

We’re taking notice of any and all suggestions. Pint glasses would be great, and we’ll look into them; I have been informed that shot glasses “send the wrong message”, but apparently pint glasses are tickety-boo.

Thomas Dahlberg avatar

Why not just call them “Expresso glasses”? (No, not “espresso”.) Perfect for that cold, strong, sort-of-like-coffee left in the pot from yesterday. :-)

CaffieneFuelledHaze avatar

Espresso cups! For when only REAL coffee is good enough…

meltwater avatar

Like the drawstring bag, that is going to be a popular one I think.

minkowski avatar

Is there any information on shipping costs available? I think that is especially interesting for people outside the UK.

liz avatar

Right now that only appears at checkout – I’ll ask the guys to make it more obvious. Standard shipping is £3, and for the US (which is where I am at the moment, so it’s the thing I can see), UPS is upwards of £20, depending on what service you want.

Updated to add: Jon’s just this minute removed UPS, because it’s silly. Standard shipping will be fine for you in the US, and it’s £6.

Mikel-ange Adelson avatar

yea thats a disadvantage to us in the us as i wanted to buy some accesories from you guys 20 dollar for shipping might be worth it but still its 20 dollars for shipping

liz avatar

I’ve asked the guys to look into whether we can bring it down.

liz avatar

Yeah – we’re looking into this RIGHT THIS MINUTE. It’s not right at the moment; we’ll get it fixed asap.

Mikel-ange Adelson avatar

alrighty thanks for looking into it

Pimoroni avatar

Standard shipping to US should be £6 for a t-shirt. The UPS option is only there for people who want a) super fast delivery or b) are ordering a *lot* of stuff at which point the UPS rates make more sense. We’ll try to make this clearer though!

liz avatar

Thanks Jon! Jon and I are emailing and he says that basically, if you’re in the US, don’t use the UPS option. It’s only useful if you’re ordering a whole, heavy heap of stuff (i.e. above 3kg). Otherwise, standard shipping (at £6) should be perfect for you.

Pimoroni avatar

I’ve hidden UPS for now (it wasn’t sensible for normal sized orders anyway) to remove confusion! Shop away our transatlantic friends!

liz avatar

Thanks Jon!

Hove avatar

Oyster card holder and bag for me – don’t know what I’ll do with the bag, but I love it! Oyster is easy, fund RPi rather than Boris!

Hove avatar

Sorry for being such a Beavis (and heading off topic), but how do I add an avatar here? Got a forum one, but just can’t find the spot here. Ta.

Inky- avatar

Did you use your forum name & email associated with your account when you posted your comment here?

exartemarte avatar

What he said…

Ben avatar

Just ordered a couple of oyster card holders and a bag – any idea how long they take to arrive? Would love to have them by the weekend for my trip to #yws13 :)

Pimoroni avatar

Hey Ben! Your order will go out today and arrive in plenty of time :-)

Richard Collins avatar

You should put the phrase ‘It’s a mug. You put coffee in it.’ on the reverse side of the mug. :)

//I’ve mostly found that
Coders == coffee;
catch( TeaException tea )
{//But some don’t fit the norm. ;)
cout << "I drink tea!";

exartemarte avatar

And “USE OTHER END” on the bottom …

Rob Purcell avatar

Looking good :-) What about us smaller people? And I’m still waiting for news of a top-quality stitched-logo polo shirt (pretty please?)

Rob Purcell avatar

To clarify, I’m thinking of a 15-16″ width. They’re there in the kids sizes, but the proportions are wrong (too short).

liz avatar

Gordon is *tiny*, like a dear little pixie, and he seems OK in a M.

clive avatar

Which makes me an ogre and Rob a wood elf. Ummm … I’ll stop there :)

Stewart Watkiss avatar

Great stuff!

I’ve just ordered a mug.
I’m sure my kids will be happy to help with the beta testing of the hot chocolate!.

It doesn’t say if you need to download a “soft-floating” version to be able to use it with Java coffee – but then I drink Percol so doesn’t matter either way for me :-)

For future suggestions how about the polo shirts like the one that Rob Bishop was wearing at the BACON conference (as seen on the blog). That looks good and would give me the incentive to upgrade from my revision 1 (aka “classic”) T-shirt.

I do like the idea of a beer glass for adults, but how about a soft-drink bottle for kids. A watertight one (rather than one with a straw), such as a cycle bottle or kids packed-lunch bottle so that they can take it into school with them.

Nick avatar

+1 for adding polo shirts.

Gareth avatar

Awesome revamp of the tube map :) – but the mug slogan should be ‘It’s a mug, you put tea in it’ because after all a Raspberry Pi is British :)

Pierre avatar

Do you plan to offer a bio/fairtrade version of the t-shirt? (To allow kids from bengladesh to play with a Pi one day?) Even for 10 more Pounds, it’s ok! Thanks again for your work!

Jongoleur avatar

Whats happening with the codecs? They’re not listed in the SwagShop.

The old store is dead and thats where the “Buy Codecs” link takes you…

ukscone avatar

i didn’t go through the whole process just as far as where it asks for your serial number but it looks like it’s still working

liz avatar

The codecs can still be bought by hitting the “Buy Codecs” link.

Gareth avatar

Could you have products that combine the logo and the tube map, as would be really iconic. Perhaps front / back T-Shirts, mugs and even semi-transparent Raspberry Pi case stickers for example the popular cases from ModMyPi.

David Refby avatar

is it just me, or do the bear look female? =)

Jongoleur avatar

I couldn’t possibly comment. Its probably just a trick of the light…..

David Refby avatar

Let’s hope!

Ashley Basil avatar
NickMon68 avatar

Will the Coffee mug also work with Tea ?

RMW5 avatar

The mens’ sport grey T is £13, all the others are £14. Whats the catch.

Also my local train company gives away plastic travel card holders like they were going out of style. Can I take one of theirs and just send you the £3?

Finally, what would be really nice would be a slightly-larger-than-credit-card holder/case into which you could slip an RPi .

Xarces avatar

How about the option to just donate to the foundation? So, a store item that costs, say, £1 (people could buy as many as they wish to donate the amount they want) and there is no item bought, just a donation to the foundation.

psergiu avatar

How about £2 stickers ? Most of the price goes to the foundation and you get something in return to brag about.

liz avatar

The stickers are in the works; we know a lot of you want them.

psergiu avatar

As a owner of one of the original transfer-printed t-shirts i am greatly pleased that they are no longer available and thus became a collector’s item. :-)

rogerramjet avatar

I was hoping to buy the same style as my old one. It is grey with the raspberry on but underneath says Raspbery Pi.
Gutted I can’t buy the same one. Will have to save it for special occasions and buy another for general. As you say psergiu ‘collectors item’

Ravenous avatar

WHAT, NO APRONS? What are us frustrated cooks meant to do in our kitches? How did Liz miss that one :)

ukscone avatar

+1 Aprons would be great plus rolling pins, pie dishes,…

AndrewS avatar

Raspberry-Pi-logo shaped cake tins? :)

nigel avatar

Hi Liz,
Absolutely no disrespect to the models used for the men’s t shirts but, is the child in the red shirt having a baby or did he have the picture taken after his porridge?
Whilst some may say that middle age is the new 30’s he might have looked better in grey don’t you think

mccp avatar

How about Raspberry Pi lapel pins – to add to my Eighties Acorn and Archimedes ones?

Or enamel Raspberry Pi keyring fobs?

liz avatar

You should hold that thought!

RMW5 avatar

How about Raspberry Pies?

reinder avatar

It would be great if there would be t-shirt for babies. I’d like to have one for my son :) (he’s only 6 months old)

GordonFreeman avatar

Will you be doing a black mug?

Robert_M avatar

Far out! The mug is ambidextrous! Being left-handed, I usually end up as a logo model when drinking from a branded mug. Yours will actually lets me see the artwork while I’m using the mug. Thank you! <3

GordonFreeman avatar

I know this is wishful thinking but a ceramic biscuit barrel shaped like the raspberry pi logo with the green leafs as handles for the lid would look awesome in anyone’s kitchen.

Fabien avatar

Would it be possible to propose holders for multiple SD cards with a fancy Raspberry Pi logo ?
(not sure such holders actually exist, btw ^^)

SimonSmall avatar

Love this idea – several to select from here… http://www.ebay.co.uk/bhp/sd-card-holder

Richard Collins avatar

Raspberry pi themed toilet roll?

Just a thought……..

George Dodds avatar

All the best with the new T-shirts.

Mark avatar

I’d buy an izod style/quality shirt with a raspberry instead of a gator. I could wear it at work.

A tee shirt with a 3/4 inch raspberry at the left side of chest with some clever teaser on the back would be fun to wear out and about.

Mark avatar

Meant that as 3 to 4 inch, not 3/4 :S

Grant avatar

Hi Liz.
I love the logo of the new shop… I think it would make a great retro t-shirt on its own…

PJC avatar

Personally I would be embarrassed walking around with a giant raspberry on my shirt. I might have considered getting one if it had a “Pocket T” with a small raspberry on the pocket.

Wouter Rademaker avatar

I am walking around with a giant raspberry on my shirt at work at the moment.

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