Welcome to the newest member of the Raspberry Pi family!

If you’ve emailed our info@ address in the last year, spoken to us about trademarks or talked to us on Facebook or G+, you’ll have bumped into the indefatigable Lorna. She went on maternity leave a couple of weeks ago, and today she had a little boy. Welcome to the Pi family, Ronan Peter: we’re very pleased to meet you!


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van harte gefeliciteerd!

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Gert says that means “congratulations”!

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Congratulations Lorna!

Ronan Peter, welcome to a big world of little computers. I’m sure you will be interacting with one soon…

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How many ports does it have? Is the ram preinstalled? HDMI output? There’s very few specs here.

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This model comes with two major ports – one input and one output. Both are subject to buffer overflow conditions.

The model’s audio input sensitivity threshold is set too low initially but can be improved by increasing the background noise level.

The audio output level is unstable but excessive volume is often attenuated by restarting the flow to the input port. If this fails, check the output port.

The model is high maintenance with frequent out-of hours calls expected.

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It looks like it is a version with two pins, although they become truly functional in around a years time. One major input port and a couple of outputs. The input sometimes becomes an output and generally output can be unpredictable.
It usually comes with quite a powerfully loud speaker, although it can take several years of configuration before its output becomes modulated.
The processor and memory is astounding, well beyond other devices on the current market.

Importantly it has limitless capacity (for love and happiness).

OK..I’ll grab ma coat now.

Congrats to your new addition, enjoy every second!

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What no raspberry pi logo on his onesie? ;)

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Anyone else notice the initials are R P?

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I was about to mention that myself :)

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Congrats to the (undoubtedly and deservedly) proud parents!

Prediction: once the ladies in the RPi office have had a chance to hold this little fella, the Foundation will diversify into RPi-branded baby clothing ;)

hat, coat -> door :P

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To be honest, I think some of the men here are more likely to be made broody by babystuffs than we ladies are. (Clive in particular. He is a giant softie.)

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Maybe he’s breeding on the illustrious Model C? :D

(right, now I really have to go make myself scarce ;) )

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He only has 7 months to get ready for Movember ;-)

Congratulations Lorna.

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The HDMI (High Dependency Milk Interface) port will be handy.

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Cute kid !!!

He has Eben’s hair.

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Well Eben certainly doesn’t, so somebody must have.

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That comment wins the internet Liz.

Congratulations by the way!

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Fantastic news guys :)
All the best

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Congratulations :)

I’m guessing Lorna wasn’t keen on a licensing agreement for the name Piotr instead of Peter then?

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Congratulations, Lorna and family, including the extended one in the Foundation!

I agree with the observation about the missing Pi logo on the onesie, although I’m pretty sure he won’t go wanting in that department for very long if I know the Foundation and this amazing community as well as I think I do … someone had better notify the mail “room” about the impending tsunami of gifts! :lol:

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