Watch Adventure Time (constantly) on BMO TV

We love Adventure Time. You love Adventure Time. So whenever we see a themed project, we are compelled to share it in the hopes of bringing you happiness. Meet BMO TV.

We’ve seen some beautiful handcrafted BMO projects in our time, but David has no shame in the pre-made game and went to Etsy for this BMO switch dock. He did, however, request that the buttons not be glued on, so he could use them in his build.

David slid a seven-inch screen into the front of the ready-made BMO shell. Then he tucked a Raspberry Pi and a speaker into the empty space inside BMO’s box-shaped body. The Raspberry Pi plays Adventure Time on the little screen for as long as you want. You can leave it running constantly as a tiny background distraction on your desk if the mood takes you.

The genius Etsy seller DesignsByELLTI also made a special part for David to cover up the slot that they left open for the screen to slide into.

David made holes where the faux buttons would usually have arrived already glued on, so he could wire up connections to power the device on and off, and also to control the volume. Then he attached the buttons on top for aesthetic loveliness. The light blue triangular button turns the device on and off, and the green circular button twists to turn the volume up and down.

bmo tv

Power is an issue and, as an upgrade, the maker wants to get away from needing two mains plugs to feed the devices inside BMO’s shell. He is looking at a buck converter, which should be able to handle the higher power required for the screen, as well as powering the Raspberry Pi which requires a lower voltage.

Inspiration for BMO TV

u/buba447‘s mini Simpsons TV is pretty cool

David shouts out to u/buba447 and u/Remoheadder for inspiring him with their Simpsons TV and What-If Machine.

Don’t even get us started on u/Remoheadder‘s What-If Machine


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That’s Awesome

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This is awesome! My wife and I let Adventure Time run on a loop in our bedroom (I highly recommend it if you haven’t tried it). Usually we just replay one disc for a few weeks. This sounds way better since you can let it play continuously without having to switch DVD’s.

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