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I’m just off the plane, and back in Blighty. (It is about 20° C colder than it was in California, and I am not happy.) This was waiting in my inbox when I opened my email, and I suspect you’ll want to share it. The good folks from RS will be answering your questions in the comments below, so please dive in!

Order Update from RS

This week there’s more good news on availability of Raspberry Pi’s from RS and Allied Electronics.  Our next shipment of 4,000 boards is on route to us, and we’ll be shipping them out direct to customers as soon as they arrive in our warehouse. This means we have been able to invite the next 4,000 people in our queue into the Raspberry Pi online store to place their orders.

We know that still leaves many of you in the queue wanting to know when you can place your order for a Raspberry Pi.  Happily we’re making good progress with volume production quantities, and that will allow us to invite the next 75,000 people in the queue to place their order over the next few weeks so we can deliver your Pi’s during June and into July.

We will be keeping our promise to invite people to order in line with when you first registered with us, so no-one will lose their place in the queue as we move into volume production. We will also continue to invite people to order only when we know we will be receiving deliveries so that we give you a guaranteed delivery date and fulfil your order. There will be more news on this next week, so please bear with us while we finalise these arrangements.

For those not in the first 75,000 we will continue to keep you updated and will invite you to order as soon as we possibly can.

In the meantime keep up-to-date with the latest information regarding Raspberry Pi on http://www.designspark.com/theme/raspberrypi. Find out what happened when some initial Raspberry Pi users met-up to discuss using the board as an open-source tool.  Read the latest blog from one of our DesignSpark members, an ICT tutor who has just received his Raspberry Pi. Or find out about how your board can be used as a media centre.

Thank you for your continued patience and interest in Raspberry Pi

Jo and all the RS Raspberry Pi Team



Kristopher avatar

Fantastic! I can’t wait to get my hands on one. Keep the dream alive!

Jeff avatar

I got mine too… £5 delivery charge though, compared to Farnell’s free next day delivery :(

JamesH avatar

Actually, the Farnell price includes postage, but is higher than the RS price which doesn’t, so the final costs are about the same for both.

Michael Esteves avatar

When trying to order I encountered a server error message and then got kicked out of the store. Who do I contact to get a new one time pin. Thanks

JP avatar

You can email [email protected]

They were having issues earlier when I emailed, but they said they were since resolved and I was able to complete my order. You might want to try again.

Michael Esteves avatar

Thank! Seems to be working now :)

Cheesier avatar

Just got to order mine, so happy :)

Repvik avatar

I registered interest within the first five minutes after the announcement, and got a request to fill in my details on march 16th with the following text:
“Congratulations! We’re contacting you to let you know that we’re shortly going to invite you to place your order for a Raspberry Pi.”
I never got an invite, how come?

Tass avatar

Same here – I received everything apart from the invitation to order. I don’t mind waiting, but I’d like ot know if there’s a problem. Can I take the time I registered my interest as my place in the queue? Should I contact RS directly about this?

bodgyuk avatar

Have you checked your spam box? Just in case….

Tass avatar

Yes, nothing there :)

Repvik avatar

I check my spam atleast once a day, so yes :)
I’ve also whitelisted RS as a sender, and gotten a bunch of updates.

Chris Richards avatar

Same here, on 9th March received email stating:

“Dear Customer

Congratulations! We’re pleased to let you know that you are in the first batch of our registrations for Raspberry Pi. This will mean you will be one of the first to place your order as we are offering Raspberry Pi boards on a first come first served basis and are limiting orders to one per customer. You will shortly receive an invitation to place your order so to help ensure you get your Raspberry Pi as quickly as possible we now require some further information on where you want your Pi delivered.”

Have registered, but have not received an invite to order.

Mike@RS avatar

We were posting at about the same time! As referenced in response to other posters with similar issues, can you email [email protected] and reference Mike@RS (Forum question) in your email title? I’ll pick these up on Tuesday (bank holiday in the UK on Monday) and get back to you with some answers as to what’s happened.

tbar avatar

When can I know how far back in the queue I am? It’s quite frustrating to not know if I should expect my RPi in two weeks or two months… I don’t mind waiting but its nice to know what to expect.

Daniel avatar


I agree, I want to know too If there is a queue, then it shouldn’t be that hard to implement a web page where you can retrieve your position in the queue by using your email address?

James Boswell avatar


I too want to know my queue position. Have I just missed it, or is it wait until notified, or some other black magic?

wolfilein avatar

Registeres at 6am get Confirmation that i’m in first batch but no invation :/

zedin avatar

I am on the same boat.. Got email awhile back saying in first batch before their initial messup saying that to 2k folks but only have 700 Pis.. Now I see others getting emails to buy but nothing from RS. The frustrating part is since there is no feedback or way to check you don’t know if your time just has not come or if you got lost in the mess this has been.

RobB777 avatar

agree and farnell have been shipping and updating constantly. wish i’d ordered with them, Jennie has been providing constant updates on the forum and NOTHING from RS. How do i find if i will ever get one?????. farnell new orders are July so why did i bother pre-ordering in march from RS????????.when are you getting deliveries – can you give us quantities and when they are due for delivery like farnell are giving people? ??????

Sander avatar

Same for me, I got the e-mail confirming I would be in the first batch (or, at least one of the first) and was asked to give my address details. Never heard from RS about it again…

Nikolay Nagorskiy avatar

Same here. I’ve registered at 6:03, got confirmation about “first batch”, filled details when requested, but still no invitation from RS.

Montala avatar

Welcome back Liz… hope you had a good time over there!
I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I will be in the next 75,000 batch (I think that notification for most of the 4,000 shipment ones have already been sent out).
Hopefully it will be June, rather than July when it is finally delivered though.
I will therefore await next weeks ‘news update’ with great interest!

stefano avatar

hi all. it’s my first post here at rs pi. we are in the internet age, rs pi is meant to bring computing to every home where a child is growing up (even to every home where a 40 yo is still nerding/geeking ;-) ) ok, well. it would be nice showing the power of computing, internet, data storing, data sharing in just few moves: rs should make available to public the mails queue. they say: we cannot for privacy reason. I say: hey it’s 2012 on planet hearth. with a little bash script you can partially scramble the mail addresses so everyone could recognize himself with no risk for privacy/spam/stalking/heads. i.e. [email protected] –> li–st–v–d@-in–.com. not difficult to do, very helpful for people. thanks.

Markus avatar

I registered my interest on the 4th of March – do you think I’m in the next 75k Pis?

Semtex avatar

Last week RS provided very useful information that the first 700 orders were sent to people who expressed an interest by 6:01am.

Could RS please give an indication approximately what timestamp will be reached with these next 4000 orders?

For example I expressed my interest at 6:10am. It would help to know if I might be part of the next 4000, or will need to continue to wait for the next 75000.

Thanks in advance.

Joel avatar

Why do I get the impression that RS have no idea what order people registered in. I see many comments in the forums that echo my own experience; registered within 5 minutes, numerous thanks for my registration (worrying), but still no idea when I might actually be able to order, let alone get my hands on an R-Pi!

RS customer service score: 0

bodgyuk avatar

I would guess that the order placement algorithm is complicated by having to be divvied up between countries, so I suspect the logic sequence might go something along the lines of –

How many countries in that time band or exact time stamp (to the second)
Take number of people in country at that time and modulo by some magic number.

ak avatar

I am one of the lucky 4000 who got the much awaited (and checked for several times a day for the last month!) ‘Time to Order’ email this morning. (Registered at 06:08)

However, I also added a usb power supply to my order and when I went back to the RS site (Note: not the pi ordering site) to check the spec (726-3069) it says “Temporarily out of stock – back order for despatch 01/06/2012” =:-o

Please tell me that you’ve got a special stash of power supplies for pis and I won’t have to wait until June?!?!? My nerves won’t take much more!

If not, can I remove the power supply from my order to speed things along?


Phil avatar

06:08? You’re lucky.

I registered at 06:04 and have heard nothing along those lines.

Didn’t get anything for weeks… Now every month or so I get an email suggesting I should be patient… Customer service from RS has been completely non-existent – they don’t even answer the phone, just point you back to the website which tells you nothing.

I’ve given up expecting anything to materialize from RS. I’ll wait until the rush has died down and buy from Farnell.

Mario avatar

I got their email today =D

Blars avatar

I’m currently in California, and had to pull of the road this morning because of the snow buildup on my windsheild that the wipers and defroster couldn’t deal with. So not all California is that hot. (It’s a big state.)

mactalla avatar

Can anyone (RS or someone who received one of the first 750) tell me what delivery service is used for Canadian orders? Tell me any name besides UPS and I’ll be happy.

pauldow avatar

Only 75,000?
I’m going to need millions of them for my plan to take over the world!
My minions are almost done building the launch facility inside the volcano. All I need are the Pis.

Michael Hawksworth avatar

You have to love the product; 75K units are coming… and they aren’t enough!

wombat avatar

Only 20degrees colder? Its a British bank holiday weekend so cold weather rain and possibily snow is the norm.

Mike@RS avatar

Hi – a general response to some questions asked:

@Repvik, @Tass, @wolfilein, @zedin and @Sander – can you email [email protected] and reference Mike@RS (Forum question) in your email title? I’ll pick these up on Tuesday (bank holiday in the UK on Monday) and get back to you individually with some answers as to what’s happened.

@Semtex – latest batch of 4,000 takes us to registrations recorded up to approximately 6.05am GMT on 29th Feb (which illustrates just how phenomenal the demand was that morning).

@ak – we do have a separate stock of power supplies for Raspberry Pi which are available when you order from the Raspberry Pi store. We’re currently increasing stock for the main RS site as well to be able to manage increased demand.

@mactalla – we’re using DHL for all non-UK deliveries

wolfilein avatar

thanks for your help ^^

Burngate avatar

4000 upto 06:05
Since I ordered at… that means I’ll get mine … let’s see …
24th August 2047 :)

Sander avatar

You’ve got mail :) Thanks for the help!

ak avatar

Thanks Mike, good to know :)

I guess I must have got my request in earlier than I thought. To be honest that morning was a bit of a blur…!

Mike@RS avatar

Thanks for the responses. We’ll be in touch with you all individually next week with some answers.

@Burngate – i really hope it’s a bit sooner than that! :-)

Burngate avatar

It was just a jest – I’m sure things slowed down after the first day or so – and since I left it for a couple of weeks before registering, I’d guess realisticaly to be in the second 75K, so July? August? When it comes you’ll hear the shrieks all the way from Sunningdale to Corby!

Alex avatar

I’m one of the people that got the first batch email in March, before RS forgot about me and never let me order.

Mike@RS avatar

Hi – Can you email us at [email protected] and reference Mike@RS (Forum Question) in the the email title. I’ll get the team to look into what’s happened and come back to you next week with an answer

Lalle avatar

is there any possibility to view my place in line? I registered my interest just before the servers slowed down (less than 30 seconds after opening). But this was on the english page. I also registered my interest on the german RS page when the servers where running “smoothly” again a (few hours after the opening). I only got an german confirmation on 4. March. Did the second registration override my first one? Did I loose the place I gathered before? All I’m getting is Update Mails from RS over and over :-(

ulix avatar

Same problem to me … only german mails, but at first I registered on the uk-rsonline site!

M avatar

@Lalle, @ulix: did you get any response from Mike@RS? What did he tell you?

Mike@RS avatar

Hi – if you can send us an email to [email protected] and reference Mike@RS (Forum Question) in the title, i’ll pick this up and have a look at the database. We have one queue formed from registrations from across all our websites which are timestamped, though we do try to de-duplicate email addresses for update communications. Send us an email and i’ll try and get you an answer next week!

Bill C avatar

I finally got around to ordering mine on yesterday morning (Friday)
I used the code that was re-sent to me by R.S. (I accidentally deleted the original email with the code!) Luckily I got a reminder email asking why i hadn’t used my code and would I like it to be re-sent ^_^

Just waiting for the delivery details now…. When ever that will be
(site still had the “Dispatch within 7 days” on the invoice so not sure if that’s standard or actual estimation)

tzj avatar

mmm… did I cause a problem with my last post?

pbeccard avatar

It would be nice to know how far they have moved in time.

I registered 10 minutes after the registration was open.

Mike@RS avatar

We’re currently up to approximately 6.05am on the first day of registration. I’ll come back next week with some further information on how the timings span out against the number of registrations.

Matt Sendorek avatar

You also need to come back, please, with some further information on how you hope your subsequent production volumes will span out against time. I would like to know whether a letter to Father Christmas might ultimately be a better option.

Ray_GTI-R avatar

Thanks Mike@RS for helping resolve some of the questions hereabouts and most importantly of all the committment to ” … come back next week with some further information on how the timings span out against the number of registrations”. This is a crucial promise as it should give everyone who has been waiting for news since launch with a reasonable expectation of where they are in the queue.

Tass avatar

Seond this! I think most people here *don’t mind* waiting, as long as they can get some visibility of where in the queue they are. It gives us all the false sense of feeling we somehow have more control on our orders :) Thanks for your feedback Mike – I eagerly await your response!

freekeys avatar

That’s great! Will look forward to it :)

Dwight Randall avatar

I would like a USB device that I can plug into an older desktop or laptop which uses the older hardware, but substitutes in its new CPU, motherboard and RAM. Will the new Raspberry Pi, Cotton Candy or Intel NUC do this? Is there any other USB device that will? It could help salvage a lot of old computer equipment. Thank you in advance for your answer. Dwight Randall

Doep100 avatar

Hi all!
I would like to know something. I’m sure most people registered with both distribution companies for a better chance. Is there some sort of communication between the 2 distributors to enforce the ‘one per customer’ limit or will these people be getting a Pi from both?

Michelem avatar

For Mike@RS:
could be possible for RS to send private mail to each customer, in the queue, to let know which is the personal rank?
It would be a more transparent confirmation of the interest registration.
I’d like to know if I am in the first 75,000!

Arnold Groot avatar

I have chosen to order with RS. But why does RS not tell me what number in the queue I have ? Until now I only received vague mails from RS, without any specific information about my own status….

Rene avatar

Feb, 29 – early in the morning
Register here to express an interest in Raspberry Pi
Thank you, your registration has been successful.

But since nothing has been done.
no email
no spam
no delivery

for 10 weeks. unbelievable

birger avatar

I had the same experience with rs. On the third attempt the web site accepted my registration for interest, but since I didn’t get any other response I can only assume the servers were so overloaded they actually lost it.

Luckily I got through to the farnell/element14 servers for norway after 3 hours. I now have my pi running fedora 17 alpha.

Jell0zz avatar

How strange is it that I only got this email an hour ago :D
It seems the UK subscribers get their info a bit earlier.

Kerry avatar

I managed to pay for my order but there wasn’t an opportunity to change the delivery address to my work one (as the billing address really isn’t suitable for delivery when no one is in). Tried calling RS but was told it wasn’t possible – not for any technical reason just they’re being shipped out by a third party! Anyone else been able to change delivery address?

Norman avatar

This feels like chasing a mirage. RS keeps on “making good progress” without providing an idea what that means in terms of time. Mid of February I was expecting to, well…subscribing by February the 29th and getting the thing three to four weeks later. Now it’s May, already. How much more patient will be needed, actually? Will it be a great activity for the Winter? Or for my old ages?
Sorry to say but I can’t help loosing interest. Let’s see what moves faster.

Philip Machanick avatar

Nice to see some signs of progress. I’m sure this has been answered elsewhere but I can’t find the answer. Is there any reason, in the face of the rather sound logic of pricing in US$, that RS is pricing in pounds even for non-UK customers (like in South Africa)? The amount on the web site looks like a fair translation of $35 but it seems odd to me.

zvi peshkess avatar

I have registered with RS services the night (here in California) it was offered.
as of today I only can say that I had a lot of grief …
I know my registration went through .. I have been getting the news letters since that night. I can not get a straight answer from RS as to what is my place in the queue..
or how to go on with ordering.
I also saw some mail that indicate issues with payment via Paypal …
and adding to this … the only possible contact with RS is recommended through a phone call !!

from the current news … it looks like I may get my R.P. in …75,000/4000 months
( assuming I am still in the queue …)…

Any help or advise will be appreciated.


zvi peshkess

Antoine Rozo avatar

Delivery from RS is very fast, I’ve ordered my RaspberryPi the 5th and received it today. (From UK to France)

Chris Richards avatar

Has anyone had a response from Mike@RS? As requested I sent an email referencing ‘Mike@RS (Forum question)’ on Saturday 5/12 but have heard nothing since.

Nikolay Nagorskiy avatar

I have received response yesterday evening. Mike told that they will check my email over their database to find out what is going on.

M avatar

High chance that they will forget about you once again ;).

Chris Hatt avatar

I too received an acknowledgement email from Mike on Wednesday (2012/05/09) saying they had found my email address and that they were checking what had happened.

There was an invitation to order email awaiting me when I got home today!

Thanks Mike!

David avatar

I have no idea whether I’m even *ON* the RS list – the whole thing has been a fiasco from start to finish. I registered interest in ordering a Raspberry Pi on the morning of the 26th Feb, received no acknowledgement, and while I thought this was a bit unprofessional, the product launch was so chaotic on the day I didn’t give it much thought. I then saw in the RS FAQ you suggest that this means my registration was “unsuccessful”, and that I should register again. I did this back in March, and still had no acknowledgement …

When I queried the situation yet again last week, I received the update above by return – not sure if this was coincidence or an attempt at communication from Planet RS, maybe time will tell … it’s a bit of a joke really.

Adsa avatar

I noticed a few people with registration dates 9th march getting their invite. I registered on the 10th but no invite yet :(

Surely I must be close?

Hebe avatar

I ordered mine in march sometime before the 15th march, when will it arrive?

Kevin avatar

Confirmation of delivery email received yesterday
My colleague has just received his one…
I have to go to my Mothers’ to pick it up as there was no option to change delivery address (very poor ordering system)
So the wait looks like it might be over….

Tony Stephens avatar

Glad to read it is all going well with RS. I made what would appear to be a mistake ordering from Farnell. As friends now begin to receive theirs now from RS, I wondered where mine was. They rapidly replied to my query and stated they couldn’t supply as the product was obsolete and wouldn’t be stocked. Perhaps I should just dig out my old BBC micro!

Mark G. avatar

I placed my interest within hours of the site being public, so do my friends.

To be honest, R-Pi can stuff itself in a thin crust party because I am fed up of this.

Something is seriously wrong with the system for me to be waiting months without even an acknowledgement that I am on the list. Like someone else, I signed up for this from the start and nothing.

Had this been properly thought out, people registering interest should have been issued with a ticket number & code and a section of the R-Pi website used to show how far up or down the queue you are and it shows how long you need to wait.

As for the company making the boards, if you have 100,000 orders, to a manufacturer thats peanuts, so something is wrong with production side of things. If a mobile phone company can churn out boards populated to the tune of 10,000 units a day, it goes without saying that you have a serious distribution and production problem.

Suggest you source a new board maker, assembly plant and distribution network.

JamesH avatar

And I suggest trying to do this yourself to get some idea of the difficulties involved, rather than commenting on something without understanding.

Mylord avatar

That’s cool! I ordered on July 9th! The estimated arrival time is November! Yep!!

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