University of Cambridge Computer Lab Open Day

The Computer Lab, the spiritual home of the Raspberry Pi, is hosting its annual Open Days on the 5th and 6th July.

This is a great event if you are thinking about studying Computer Science at Cambridge (where else would you want to go!). There will be a talk on the admissions process and the chance to quiz students and academics about studying here and explore what they do with some hands-on demos.

Many of those involved in Raspberry Pi will also be on hand to give demonstrations and talk about the project. Everyone is welcome to attend the Computer Lab events, including students of any level, parents, guardians, and teachers. There will also be draws and competitions giving you the chance to go home with a shiny new Raspberry Pi!

We hope to see you there!


AndrewS avatar

Ahh, so *this* is how Eben is planning to get more people to apply to read Computer Science at Cambridge University! :-D

Robert avatar

not able to attend :-( Im in Cambridge 16-18th of July :-/ can i visit then ? :-)

AndrewS avatar

If only you could make it here a couple of days earlier :-(

Martyn Jones avatar

If the spiritual home of the Raspberry Pi is Cambridge and the basic concept is British, couldn’t we have the tag line under the site title changed from ‘An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25. Take a byte!’ to An ARM GNU/Linux box for £30. Take a byte!’ It makes the project look American.

AndrewS avatar

See the FAQ
“Why is the price in US Dollars? You’re a UK company!”

Kev avatar

Slightly off topic, but I felt the need to say this to people who’d understand rather than anyone at work.
My Pi is being delivered today at work.
As it seems appropriate I’ve decided to delay un-boxing and setting up until tomorrow.
It feels like a birthday present so what better day to open it on?

Jamie avatar

Dam that’s one ugly building, don’t like modern buildings. I got my pi yesterday YAY.

liz avatar

I think it’s actually a rather lovely building; and it works very well indeed for its purpose. I recommend coming and having a look at it in person.

alex avatar

You’re right, it sure is ugly :))

Andrew Wiate avatar

I like the building – if you want to see ugly visit the Cavendish building around the corner.

The irony though is that the building is named for Acorn nemesis and Microsoft founder Bill Gates. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provided 50% of the money for the building’s construction.

Neil avatar

Actually, it is named after his dad, William Gates II.

IsaacC avatar

I attended as a sixth former last year, and enjoyed the demos and quite liked the building. Just a shame Raspberry Pi wasn’t around then :(
(I ended up applying for maths…)

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