Two things you thought you weren’t going to get: a manufacturing date and an SoC datasheet

I’ve got some bad and good news about manufacturing. The bad news is that it’s taking a little longer than we’d hoped, because the factory had some trouble sourcing a specific component. The quartz crystal package we had chosen when we thought we were manufacturing in the UK is readily available over here in Europe, and was the cheapest we could find; but it turns out that in China, that crystal package has been overtaken in price and size by a smaller, cheaper one, so the one we’d designed for has been a bit hard to find. The factory has sourced crystals now, so we’re all go. The good news is that this finally means we have a date for the first batch: the boards will be finished on February 20. Eben and I may be going to China to make sure that the boards can be brought up properly for that date if necessary. We’ll be airfreighting them to the UK immediately, so you should be able to buy them before the end of the month.

There’s another big piece of news today. We’ve been leaning (gently and charmingly) on Broadcom, who make BCM2835, the SoC at the heart of the Raspberry Pi, to produce an abbreviated datasheet describing the ARM peripherals in the chip. If you’re a casual user, this won’t be of much interest to you, but if you’re wanting to port your own operating system or just want to understand our Linux kernel sources, this is the document for you. You can download a PDF here. Huge thanks to Gert, JamesH, Gray and Dom for, once again, going above and beyond for us. We really appreciate it.


Helgi W avatar

ANY news is good news :D

piglet avatar

+1 definitely. I much prefer to know what’s happening.

Andre_P avatar

Bloody Fantastic !
Stuff happens but hey there will be boards, it’s good to have patience :).

Sean King avatar

Bloody Fantastic Indeed!!!

Lee avatar

Can’t wait for the release (although probably of the fourth or fifth batch if demand matches anything near interest shown here). Enjoy China!

Jan-Erik avatar

Good news. Glad that I’m busy with exams this month and I hope I can play with a Raspberry Pi after that :D

Kris Chaplin avatar

Congratulations, that’s excellent news, and very impressive that we can get hold of some information about the SoC. Interesting about the oscillator, perhaps a bit of further cost cutting can be done in the future!

graham avatar

Hooray, that is great news about the datasheet.

James avatar

A datasheet for a Broadcom chip? Did I accidentally load up the onion?? Is this the first time this has EVER happened? (Without an NDA.)

JamesH avatar

Quite possibly.

spamel avatar

Nice one Liz, if this month goes as fast as last month then we’ll be laughing.

Suwandi Teow avatar

are you kidding ? the past 2 weeks has been the longest weeks ever .. i kept refreshing every hour or so worrying that i might missed out. well at least now i can rest from refreshing page until the 20th …

Dingo Hunter avatar

+1 :)

DeliciousRaspberryCake avatar

Great news from the bakery! I hope many of us will be able to acquire a board from the first 10-thousand batch!

Also, it sounds like the “smaller, cheaper one” crystal from China was not implemented in your device, instead the cheapest European-available crystal was used, is that true? Was there any difference between the two or is it just different timing?

liz avatar

The size difference, unfortunately. We’ll probably incorporate the smaller, cheaper one in revisions later on.

GR-Thunderstorm avatar

What is that crystal problem about exactly? I don’t really get what that thing is supposed to do on the board…
Maybe someone can explain to me? ^^

shirro avatar

Quartz crystals provide a clock signal that regulates all the other components. They utilise the mechanical resonance of the crystal to produce a stable electrical oscillator.

Digital circuits such as microprocessors have delays in processing and moving data about and a clock is required to regulate the system so that data is not read before it is available. Different parts move at different speeds and the master clock is divided down to appropriate rates for each component of the system.

Roger Wolff avatar

Divided down, or scaled up in modern systems.
I’m guessing there is a 25 MHz crystal on the raspberry pi, and it is scaled up by a factor of 20 or 28 to get the main
system clock.

nhasan avatar

The second part of your explanation is not entirely correct in that clock is not just used for timing the data access. It is the heartbeat of the whole system that makes things move. The CPU executes instructions based on the clock cycles.

zechs avatar

So based on your text, was the system planned to be manufactured in Britain along with the original crystal, or China?

JamesH avatar

British manufacture was an original aim. There are various blog and forum posts about it.

Marc avatar

Good! Hope to get one of them in 2 weeks!

tbar avatar

Two weeks is too early. The boards will be finished on February 20. And then shipped to UK. And then you can order. And then wait for shipment. 3-4 weeks is more probable…

Karel avatar

Woohoo, time to set a calendar reminder for the release date :)
Congratulations on getting these things going, I am sooo looking forward to the final release :)

mkopack avatar

Hey, I’ll take it! I can wait a couple more weeks. But yes I’d hope you guys are going to China to check the boards out before they get 10,000 of them built…

Robert_M avatar

One day later and I could call that a proper birthday present!
…but, don’t delay it on my account, okay? :-D

Ray avatar

14 Days and counting

Matt Hawkins avatar

Thank you for the update. Now we’ve got a clearer time frame I can stop checking the site every few hours!

ukscone avatar

“Eben and I may be going to China to make sure that the boards can be brought up properly for that date if necessary.”

there are much simpler ways to get a decent chinese’s takeaway

Phil Whitmore avatar

will the first batch be a mix of A and B models ?

liz avatar

The first batch is only model Bs.

amar avatar

o yes!

nelson avatar

“There are 54 general-purpose I/O”, “All GPIO pins have at
least two alternative functions within BCM” -> IMPRESSIVE, if in a future revision you can manage to bring out half of those pins to headers i can see a lot of “armduinos” based on .net becoming completely obsolete and for the same (or approximate) price, we can get not only the amazing io but also a huge amount of ram, disk, USB and network.
PS: I mentioned huge ram and disk and I am not talking of upgrades to theses items, by micro-controller standards even the 128MB ram and 128MB storage are absolutely huge, can’t wait to see what new devices will be built based on this, heck the famous arduino that has been making wonders with the community has “only” 32 KB + 1KB storage, 2 KB ram and 16MHz

Kyle avatar

With a micro controller sometimes you end up using it to control a piece of kit thats more powerful than the arduino. From what I’ve seen a raspberry pi with ethernet (model b) is a lot cheaper than an arduino with ethernet.

plugwash avatar

Plus unlike the ardunio the Pi runs a full version of linux so you can write your web interface using APACHE/PHP rather than being forced to do it in whatever variant of C the microcontroller uses.

If I watend a board to networkize something and I didn’t need much GPIO i’d probablly go with a Pi. If I did need lots of GPIO it would probablly be a tossup between Pi+PIC or beaglebone.

Peter Bindels avatar

“whatever variant of C” they actually support regular C99 and C++03 as they just use GCC.

adrian.oconnor avatar

Part of the brilliance of the Arduino is its simplicity. It’s a different piece of kit to the Raspberry Pi, and will co-exist happily. If you’re trying to get children to build their own burglar alarms or digital alarm clocks or whatever, you don’t really want the complexity something like linux getting in the way.

Also, once your programme is on the MegaAT you just connect power and it runs. It’s like a glimpse behind the curtain of modern electronic hardware.

Paul Johnson avatar

I’ve had such a thing happen to me in the past, interestingly with crystals as well. There’s always some other problem to deal with…..

Congratulations on getting as far as you have.

I’ve decided I’m not going to try and pile in and get one of the first batch. I can’t claim to know anything about Linux (I’m hoping the RPi will teach me!) so think it makes sense to wait for the community to get hold of them first and come up with ideas and guidance.

Jongoleur avatar

Given the (very) broad timescale outline that Eben mentioned in the mid-Jan interview, I imagined that the lack of Pi around now was because of an unforseen manufacturing hiccup. I’m glad to hear that its been sorted and that the production lines are rolling!

Its wonderful news and thanks for sharing it with us.

Andrew avatar

The fact that we have a date is great news :)

Thanks for keeping us informed, can’t wait to place my order!!!!!!

Robert avatar

Awesome news. Does this mean it will be available in the store for this site around then?

D. de Zeeuw avatar

This is great news, i need to pre-order one right now!
Can’t wait t’ill march, when it’s shining next to my TV.

Tim Skillman avatar

This is fantastic info! Well Done!!

Out of interest I was searching for GPU info in the datasheet which, as expected, is limited. I was intrigued by the statement in the overview which says “There are a number of peripherals which are intended to be controlled by the GPU. These are omitted from this datasheet.” … hmm, does that mean another datasheet regarding GPU control might also be available in the future?

liz avatar

Probably not. It’s controlled through closed-source binary objects, so you wouldn’t be able to use a datasheet. (This is also the case with all other mobile SoC platforms – OMAP, Tegra etc. etc.)

rickyjames avatar

I have been reading about efforts to reverse engineer a GPU family called Mali that are embedded in the ARM. Is the Rpi GPU a so-called “Mali” unit? Would the Lima Project efforts to reverse engineer it be relevant to the Rpi user base?

rickyjames avatar

An even more recent article on the Lima Project to reverse engineer ARM GPUs :

Tomo2k avatar

Nope, it’s Broadcom’s own VideoCore IV.

By most people’s reckoning it is by far the most powerful GPU currently available for embedded ARM.

shiftyphil avatar

Typo on page 38 (harware instead of hardware).

But more importantly, can we get a quick list of exactly which pins are brought out to the PI’s GPIO header?

liz avatar

I’ll see if I can get Eben to do you a list tomorrow. (Afraid I can’t fix typos in the PDF – I can’t imagine that anyone’s going to be confused about what “harware” means, though!)

shiftyphil avatar

Yeah, typo isn’t really important; just something I noticed and had to be OCD about. :)

Can guess some of the pins from the known GPIO pin-out, but it’s easier with a definitive list.

shiftyphil avatar

Another minor error in case it momentarily confuses anyone else:
On page 104, in the legend for Table 6-31 the UART 1 pins are labelled TXD0, RXD0, CTS0, RTS0 instead of TXD1, RXD1 etc.

mobeyduck avatar

if you look closely to the table 6-31 the first part shows both txd0 etc. and TXD1 etc

btw, computers start counting at 0

shiftyphil avatar

TXD0 etc is for UART 0
TXD1 etc should be for UART 1

Mistake is only in the legend.

Robert_M avatar

Perhaps a few people could collect the typos they find and put them all together in one place & make a sticky post on the forum, for future reference.

Roger Wolff avatar

I’ve started a wiki page:

If you see one, please contribute there.

dom avatar

Looks like general gpio header P1 contains:

Roger Wolff avatar

I suspect that Pins GPIO22-27 have ALT3 to be the SD interface. Wouldn’t those be connected to the SD card?

Spoon avatar

GPIO22-27 is SD1_x which to me sort of implies a second SD interface (where’s SD0_x).

shiftyphil avatar

SD0_x is probably a dedicated SD card interface (not multiplexed with GPIO) – so not shown in that table.

cyclesax avatar

Thank you, good to hear the latest news on the harware.

liz avatar


monkeyslayer56 avatar

Woot!!! my bday is on the 21st :D hopfully ill be able to get one out of the first batch.

mobeyduck avatar

Mine is on the 22nd :D i think ill have more chance of getting one on my bday ;)

Symon Davis avatar

I’m also on the 22nd of Feb and want this to be winging it’s sweet way to my door.

Bart avatar

Tremendous work :-) The Raspberry Pi project is going to be epic!

pauldow avatar

205 pages is an “abbreviated” data sheet. I’ve must have been away from that level of stuff for too long. The Z-80 processor, which is the first one I worked with has a data sheet 10 pages.

shirro avatar

This is a lot more than a processor, it is a complete system. And the processor is a bit more sophisticated than an 8 bit Z80. It scares me that I still remember the hex for some z80 instructions from writing assembly on paper, translating to machine code and putting them into data statements to poke into memory as a high school student nearly 30 years ago.

piglet avatar

I was doing that 25 years ago – loading Z80 assembler into memory using a basic bootstrap on a CP/M machine.

I sure wished I knew how modern operating systems worked now as well as I knew those things then :(

aperiodic avatar

I know the feeling: just finished a Beagleboard project. 3500+ pages for the OMAP reference manual. Then you need the ARM manuals for peripherals like the MMU…

cnxsoft avatar

Datasheets (or specifications) with over 500 pages and even more than 1000 pages are relatively common.

Wooloomooloo avatar

Yup, a typical Microchip MCU’s datasheet is over 600 pages nowadays; heck, the Bluetooth 4.0 specification alone is over 2000 pages long. That’s what I was talking about when I said specs of hundreds or thousands of pages are nothing special and should not be quoted as a horrible thing to read; they are just business-as-usual.

Anyway, in most chip specs the bulk is taken by the description of peripherals, and in that light the “200 pages abbreviated” datasheet is nothing surprising (and most welcome, thanks guys!), nor is the fact that the Z80’s spec was rather lighter, considering it had exactly zero peripherals on-board (and yeah, well, architectures had a lot less bells and whistles back then).

Oh, and one more thing – NEVER confuse a “brief” with an actual specification / datasheet. Those are the ones that tend to be 2-10 pages long, even if there seems to be a tendency these days to call them a “spec”, and the actual spec / datasheet a “user’s manual”.

Simon avatar

You’re not just teasing us are you??? Is the 20th Feb the date that the boards actually leave the facility in China fully QA’d and en-route to the airport???

With only 9 days before the end of the Month, will you *really* get them through importatin and into the distribution channel before February ebbs away…

I think you’re holding out for the 14th of March. ;-)

Seriously, although we’d have loved to have had our hands on an RP weeks ago at least we now know the wait is nearly over! KUTGW!

Andy Bisby avatar

To be honest, I think having it release on 14th March would be a really nice touch. I know I’m as eager as the rest of you got get my hands on one, but 14th March is an awesome release date.

Albert avatar

How will you ship the boards? Will Standard Royal Mail be the only shipment method available? Will be UPS or something quicker to ship it? (more expensive, of course)

shirro avatar

You can’t drop ship the boards direct from China can you? Seems a crazy waste to send them to customers in the Asia/Pacific via the UK.

liz avatar

There’s actually a little more to the logistics than I’m able to tell you about at the moment, because we’re still in negotiations. You’re right, we’re not being quite as blunt-instrument about it as you think.

Grumpyoldgit avatar

You need to employ Father Christmas and his elves. They must be at a loose end at the moment.

shirro avatar

The Easter Bunny would be a better fit to my expectations for delivery date than Father Christmas. I might be able to convince/help a child to lose a tooth if the Tooth Fairy can be roped in to the logistics.

piglet avatar

Actually, Father Christmas works the rest of the year at my work. I could ask him if he’d help.

You think I’m joking….but I’m really not.

Looks to be 65 years old, but he’s looked that way for as long as anyone’s known him. Long white beard. Big belly. Happy smily face. ALWAYS takes two weeks holiday in the lead up to Christmas. Always comes back “from Germany” tired….and does not confirm or deny anyone’s comments…

liz avatar

There is a Santa-lookalike who works in tech in Cambridge (I’ve seen him at a few business open evenings). He always wears red from head to toe. I am not sure whether he’s just a monochrome gnome, or the actual Father Christmas.

Simon Taylor avatar

The head of the workshop at the engineering department in Cambridge is a kindly grey-haired gent called Mr Christmas. The workshop lights always seem to be on long after everyone has gone home, but then the windows are probably above elf height…

João Reis avatar

Fantastic to have a date, I have been reloading the news page multiple times a day for some time now :) Hope I can get one :)

Fahad Alduraibi avatar

Will the board be available for local shipping abroad like in the US? or it will be shipped from UK? and how much the shipping fees will be?

fred avatar

And will this available to Russia at the sales start?

psergiu avatar

I’m 140% sure that it will be available to Russia too :-)

Visp avatar

Two weeks! two weeksssss!!! :P

S0litaire avatar

Woo wee!!!!
hopefully i’ll get one for Feb 27th (My birthday!!!) ^_^
(Starts scrimping and saving for bits to make an uber-pi setup )

Austin avatar

So, when the manufacturing is complete on the 20th, then we can buy them?
I guess you have to make sure that the shipping is negotiated. When you do start selling them, can you post the time and day the day before? These things will sell out in 30 minutes, provided the server doesn’t go down.
Hopefully, could you sell at about 12:15 London Time?
That, being 6:15 in Central US, is a time those not at work already here can get up for. And 12:15 is lunchtime,so can’t you have your pi then? :D Or maybe at 3 or 4 London. (9-10pm)

S0litaire avatar

I’m assuming they arrive on China on the 19th,
Recover from the flight and get to the Factory on the 20th
See everything is OK for shipping
it gets to the airfreight terminal late on the 21st
gets loaded on a pane and departs mid 22nd
Arrives UK late 23rd.
Customs drags their feet till the afternoon of the 24th (they need their tea breaks!!)
Gets put on delivery vehicle very late 24th
Arrives at R-Pi HQ on the 25th
Shop goes live 00:01am on the 26th
Then crashes 00:03am on the 26th (DDOS due to numbers of people trying to get one.) ^_~
Site gets back on it’s feet on the 27th when I will be able to but one…

Grumpyoldgit avatar

You forgot the sightseeing trip to The Great Wall, The Terracotta Warriors, etc. If you going to China you might as well get a bit of fun out of it.

S0litaire avatar

well they have got between the 21st and the 24th for sightseeing ^_^ lol

william avatar

You forgot, customs hold the package on suspicion of explosives, lol.

S0litaire avatar

hope it won’t come to that >_<

psergiu avatar

Or they get seized and destroyed by the H.M. customs office as they will misread the shipping label: “Raspberry Pies” – a.k.a. food – from China.

Austin avatar

Hope that doesn’t happen.

Austin avatar

I hope the site doesn’t crash… I still would love a 12 or 24 hour approx notice and then a countdown to release on the header would be nice when they’re ready to be bought. (6pm on sat 25 for USA). I know that if i have no notice I won’t be able to get one, even with 10000. just how many are going to be ordered right away, do you think?

Bendito999 avatar

What time on the 20th will the Pi be released for ordering in the US?

liz avatar

Please read the post again. The 20th is NOT the date sales will start, but the date the first Raspberry Pis are finished at the factory. Before we sell them we have to test and freight them.

Jeremiah McConnell avatar

Be sure and thank whoever made the decision at Broadcom to allow the limited release. This document will be very useful for me, and I’m sure for innumerable others.

Thank you.

Alien/ST-CNX avatar

Very nice, thanks for the PDF. Still hoping Eben will be able to make the 24 GFlops of GPU performance available for computation as he said he hoped he would be able to do!

Tim Coyne avatar

Me too! I not going to need 1080p, 3D acceleration or even a direct display out. But I would love to have a bit more math power to play with!

JamesH avatar

I’ve been looking at this on and off – not easy I’m afraid.

art san avatar

Thanks for the update Liz…it’s all good news.
U’ve made a lot of folks quite happy.
Thanks for all your hard work, yourself and the Raspi Team.

Adam Keck avatar

Every day I refresh the store page with credit card in hand… I can’t wait to play. Thanks for the update, Liz!

Stuart Lea avatar

Every day…..amateur. Let your OCD kick in and it’ll rocket to every 30 minutes.

Eduard avatar

for me on March, 18 birthday – will I be able to get Raspberry Pi on the birthday ?

Ocar Campos avatar

my birthday too that day, I hope I can get one from the first batch… I’m a bit worried about the shipping though… :S

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Kelly avatar

Looking forward to seeing what these can do when they hit, my local LUG is keen to have a play with one I know too :) one as a replacement HTPC device could be viable for me too.

C avatar

Thanks for the datasheet!

Jonathan avatar

Fantastic stuff, really impressive. You guys should all be super proud, and I suspect you’ll be getting more orders than you have reckoned for.

I’m really looking forward to plunking my money down for one of these boards.

Thanks for pushing the envelope!

Kyle avatar

I don’t have a real need for the datasheet, but still enjoyable to see and flip through.

[…] low-cost Linux computer will likely be available for purchase later this month. The organization announced today that manufacturing on the first batch is set to complete on February […]

Stuart Lea avatar

This is far from bad news…….This is the excellent news we have all been waiting for (will just mean that I’ll be bouncing off the walls for a bit longer).

skaboot420 avatar

So, you will email us when they are ready to buy? I want one while it’s hot! :D

[…] low-cost Linux computer will likely be available for purchase later this month. The organization announced today that manufacturing on the first batch is set to complete on February […]

[…] low-cost Linux computer will likely be available for purchase later this month. The organization announced today that manufacturing on the first batch is set to complete on February […]

liam avatar

Good news about the delivery date and thanks for all of the hard work that everyone has point in – especially with the datasheet.

Looking forward to late February !

liam avatar

“point” ?? – too early and not enough coffee! – sorry, I meant ‘put’…

Sam avatar

Are you guys shipping internationally? As a Brit living in China I really would like to get my hands on one of your boards!

S0litaire avatar

Camp out in front of the factory on the 20th? you might get lucky! lol ^_^

Wietz Joubert avatar

Excellent News!

[…] low-cost Linux computer will likely be available for purchase later this month. The organization announced today that manufacturing on the first batch is set to complete on February […]

Vindicator avatar

Congrats on the next step hope to get one in the near future, looking forward to it.

Jock in a Frock avatar

My birthday is 29th February (which will make me 11 years old – your target demographic!). Does that put me further up the secret pre-order list?

What? Didn’t you guys know about the secret pre-order list?

Great news Liz, look forward to the boards hitting the street.

David Hardingham avatar

Fantastic news! Keep up the good work.

James avatar

Super news, and its not that bad news at all. It means we now have a real date for the first batch. This does give me 1 problem though. Only 13 days of tinkering and planning before the manufacturing of the boards is done. I’d best get a wriggle on.

Emrah URHAN avatar

All are good news , no bad news :)

[…] low-cost Linux computer will likely be available for purchase later this month. The organization announced today that manufacturing on the first batch is set to complete on February […]

Adrian avatar

Will it be available in Romania?

Cracknel avatar

RO: De ce nu?
EN: Why not?


psergiu avatar

They will be available to anyone able to pay for them (PayPal account with enough funds) and in a country where the UK Post Office ships small parcels (everywhere).
Go & buy some Stickers from the RPi store for a test. I did, and the arrived in Bucharest faster than a letter sent from a small town in another part of Romania.

Michael avatar

These will be avalible in the United States ?

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Simon Taylor avatar

Thanks a lot for the datasheet. That gives plenty of opportunity for playing with bare metal, even without the GPU interface being specified.

thewimreaper avatar

what about payment options is it just going to be creditcard payments or can i use paypall or even better pay the mailman.(for the rpi ofcourse)

the reason im asking is because i live in the netherlands and i dont own an creditcard

Gert avatar

Yes you can use paypall

Fluckysan avatar

So great ! I really can’t wait the end of the month :D
Thx again for your good work !

Rob avatar

This is great news.
I’m already digesting the datasheet so I could do with some Pie and flapjacks in a few weeks.
Put me on for two Pi/flapjack combos please :-)

Puppa avatar


Björn avatar

I hope so too, i think it will be about 10.000 of us ;-)
Anyway, excited by finally getting something of an ETA!

Björn avatar

Yeah it was supposed to be a reply to DeliciousRaspberryCake…

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Clive Cooper avatar

It is good to see things moving forward and great to at least have some sort of date.
Keep up the good work, I wait patiently.

[…] Pi, von dem ich bereits zwei Mal berichtet habe, soll ab Ende Februar auf dem Markt zu haben sein. Laut Blog soll die erste Charge am 20. Februar fertig gestellt sein und in den Versand […]

David avatar

Can you tell us how many unique visitors are coming to this site daily? More than a 10 000?

[…] The good news is that this finally means we have a date for the first batch: the boards will be finished on February 20. Eben and I may be going to China to make sure that the boards can be brought up properly for that date if necessary. We’ll be airfreighting them to the UK immediately, so you should be able to buy them before the end of the month. Source […]

[…] looking forward to getting my hands on a Raspberry Pi!  According to the latest update, it will be available for purchase at the end of February […]

summers avatar

[quote]but if you’re wanting to port your own operating system or just want to understand our Linux kernel sources, this is the document for you[/quote]

Usually much of this stuff would be set up by the BIOS, but it sounds like you are saying the GPU blob which gets the kernel into memory doesn’t set up any of this, so the kernel needs to do a fair bit? Doesn’t that mean a lot of hacking of the kernel, which takes it away from mainstream? Hmm – if so wonder if there is a scope for a second stage bootloader to set up the hardware, before passing across to a plain vanilla kernel?

Thomas DeWeese avatar

I think the binary GPU binary will get the HW to a fairly stable configuration (i.e play the role of BIOS). They mention the kernel so you can figure out exactly why they are reading or writing to address 0x7EXXXXXX (in the kernel srcs there will likely be some nemonic for the address but still having all the bits documented is _really_ great and Broadcom deserves a lot of credit for making the info public).

summers avatar

Yes, some more thought, probably just do kernel bits for the IO stuff that needs to be timely (e.g. won’t be RTOS, but you want more timely response than a user space ap).

If so suggest just coding things up as modules, and making the kernel bit as thin as possible (e.g. just get data on/off, do some buffering, and set up registers), then have use space do any processing of input that needs to be done.

Do try to get the kernel modules accepted in the linux mainstream.

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Dr.Alun avatar

Porting my own operating system… Now there’s an idea.
I was just wondering this morning what a port of a simple unix would look like,
and how it would fit into undergraduate teaching.
:-) Time to dig out Lion’s Commentary, Kernighan & Ritchie, Kernighan & Pike… :-)
New Operating systems course on the way….. evil cackle of mad lecturer….

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[…] Source Raspberry PI […]

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Rob Beard avatar

That is great news. I guess we’ve got to take our chances when they’re finally available and keep our fingers crossed that we’re able to get one.

Do you have any idea how long a second, and even third batch will take to be manufactured? I wouldn’t be surprised if all 10,000 sell out in a couple of hours :-)

I did wonder too if you had any idea how many you will be manufacturing in future batches, or is this based on how well the first batch sell?

Great news anyway, I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait. :-)


jmr avatar

Finally a very very very good news ! Do you know the date for order ?

Mamadou Diallo Iam avatar

Hope I am on the list for a RPi B as soon as it is available!

Take care Diallo Iam.

Augusto Carvalho avatar

Great News! If you do manage to get these out by the end of February it will be fantastic (although with shipping and all it’s likely to be early March)!!

[…] that awesome £23ish flash-drive sized computer before the end of the month. After facing a few manufacturing issues over in China, the first batch of Raspberry Pis will hop off the production line on the 20th of […]

ilya avatar

Very inreresting – How much time will need to sell all 10k pcs RPi’s? 1 day or just a few hours???

Roger Wolff avatar

My guess is: More than 24 hours, about 1 hour of uptime of the shop server.

tbar avatar

I don’t think they’ll suffer downtime during launch. Just look at how the shop is hosted:

Dieter Wissel avatar

Sounds very great indead ! But will i can buy it in germany ?

Roger Wolff avatar


Mark - ISP Review UK avatar

Excellent news. I hope you have enough Pi’s to fill demand because I’m sure that a lot of hobbyists, such as myself, will be looking to nab one for our own projects :) .

Josh Cote avatar

Are the orders still being limited to one per household?
I have a roommate that is hopeing to order one, and i want one too, is it one per address or one per person?

Thank you.

Also its unbelievable the entire raspberry pi project. the dedication, the community support, the perseverance, just the entirety. i dont know how to express my admiration.

[…] is the next development board that I am very excited about. In theory the card has been announced here to be on sale by the end of the month. With the cost of only 25$ and current reviews indicating its […]

[…] der ersten Geräte ist laut Blog der 20. Februar. Also überlegt euch schon mal, wie ihr das Geld […]

[…] The latest update from Raspberry Pi is that they will be receiving manufatured devices from the Chinese manufacturer on 20th February. This is great news for the everyone interested in these groundbreaking devices. In my School of Computer Science we are looking forward to using them in many ways with undergraduate students, and also with local schools. Their novelty aside, the sheer affordability of the devices and their relevance to the ongoing computer science education debate is a compelling story which is unfolding. I hope we see a new generation of young computer enthusiasts start to emerge and follow in the footsteps of those who went before them in the 1970′s and 80′s. Their achievements paved the way for the modern day computer games industry, the social media revolution and pervasive mobile device proliferation we see today. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged le mans, lmp, nissan, programming, raspberry pi by Mark Doughty. Bookmark the permalink. […]

[…] Board Computer) Raspberry Pi Ende Februar lieferbar sein. Liz Upton veröffentlichte gerade die gute Nachricht und erklärte auch, warum es zuletzt doch noch zu Verzögerungen […]

[…] Стала известна дата готовности первой партии устройств Raspberry Pi «B». Первые 10 тысяч плат будут готовы 20 февраля, после чего устройства самолётом будет переправлены в Великобританию, где до конца месяца начнётся рассылка заказов. Одновременно для разработчиков и энтузиастов, заинтересованных внутренней структурой устройства, представлен документ (PDF, 1.4 Мб) c детальным описанием всех периферийных компонентов, задействованных в SoC BCM2835, используемом в Raspberry Pi. […]

Alfredo Agudo avatar

Thank you for the datasheet (and for the date). But we need the board schematics in order to get a complete technical information.

It is near impossible to begin same hardware projects without it.

Do you know when will you release it? Before shipping?

Les Stroud avatar

Damn, putting that pesky business thing in front of beautiful symmetry. You guys should be shipping on March 14th (3/14). :)

davidmam avatar

31st April and I don’t want to wait that long.. ;)

Nick Young avatar

Fantastic news. Does that mean that the boards can be made cheaper in the future with the new crystal? In any case, can’t wait to get my hands on one. Already have plans for it!

Well done guys.

Gert avatar

It means more free boards can be shipped to those who cannot afford $35

chase avatar

Absolutely Fantastic!!! I wanna order now!

psergiu avatar

Go to the end of the line, mister. We were here first. :-)

[…] low-cost Linux computer will likely be available for purchase later this month. The organization announced today that manufacturing on the first batch is set to complete on February […]

Stefan Stefanov avatar

Am I have any chance to get one board?
Is there any priority ?

psergiu avatar

Yes, anyone has a chance to get the board if they’re lucky engough to load the store page during that hour when they will be available :)
You can try subscribing to the mailing list, but if the mails are sent in the order of subscription, you will most probably get the announcement after all 10000 are sold.

Bimbambom avatar

Great news!
Maybe you’ve thought about it already, but why not ship world wide from China directly instead of going through the UK first?
Most items I order from ebay and are shipped via China Post office are ‘free shipping’ so I assume the shipping cost is quite cheap compared to China->UK->World.

mawa85 avatar

Still 10.000 units for the first batch ?

Paddy avatar

Just got back from China yesterday and let me tell you that it’s bloody cold there at the moment. -27 celcius in Harbin and not that much warmer in Beijing and Shanghai. Remember to pack your down jack, beanie and gloves.

ked avatar

Update appreciated, especially the pdf :-)

rasz avatar

No DSI/CSI information in the pdf :((((((

JamesH avatar

They are ports on the GPU, not the Arm.

SorenF avatar

Why don’t you guys just give in and take a few pre-orders, let’s say 2-3000, and then keep the factory going for another 5-10k with the money? By the time the second batch is done you will have sold the full 10k and will know more about demand and can put in another possibly larger order. Caution to the wind, now! ;-)

[…] Mai multe detalii aflati pe pagina fundatiei. […]

DataSpree avatar

Thank you so much for the BCM2835 ARM Peripherals datasheet. Please thank Broadcom for creating this and allowing you to release it.

Matt Brunton avatar

It strikes me that with this amount of interest, it would make some sense to allow “registration of interest” – you can’t order a Pi unless you have pre-registered. (note I don’t say pre-order here). Doing this might reduce the load on the release day. Pre-registees (is there such a word?) could be invited to buy, perhaps as some sort of lottery.

liz avatar

You’re not the first person to suggest that. I’ve explained elsewhere why we’re not doing it. In short, there’s absolutely no upside for the Foundation in doing that; on the contrary, it’d create a ton of administrative work which we really don’t need at the moment! I know everybody here would like to be assured of getting one from the first batch, but I’m afraid we’re not going to make a load of extra work for ourselves at a time when we’re already stretched.

ricky roberson avatar

Here’s a possible head-start sop to the faithful that wouldn’t require any additional administrative overhead. Set up a new, seperate Official Rpi For Sale twitter account and let people register for it, then guarantee that the initial announcement of the sales site going live will be made solely via this twitter feed at the instant the sales site goes live. Even better, state a particular Zulu time of day that the sales site will go live / twitter notice will go out. Then if that time of day passes and no tweet, everybody gets to relax for another 24 soild hours.

Matt Brunton avatar

I completely understand the reasons for trying to lessen the Foundation’s overhead – and I’m also sensible enough to realise that there is very little chance of obtaining one of the first batch of Bs. It just annoys me that a large percentage of the first batch will go to speculators who’ll immediately stick their shiny new Pis up on Ebay.

monkeysweat avatar

If manufacturing is finished on the 20th,, will it be packaged and ready to go same day? You may want your forwarder to start booking space with the airline for the 23rd or so (give some buffer room) and get the export licensing in place – if you don’t start the process soon, you could lose out on some days if you really do want these delivered in the UK by end of month.

The actual moving of the freight isn’t the hard part, its all the preparation which alot of people forget about.

[…] plus petit et moins cher, et celui que nous avions choisi a été difficile à trouver » explique le site officiel du Raspberry Pi. Une conditions qui a entraîné un retard de production, et décalé la disponibilité de cet […]

[…] Pi Foundation poderá chegar ainda no final deste mês por US$35. A organização anunciou hoje que o primeiro lote de computadores estarão prontos até dia 20 de Fevereiro. O computador que […]

[…] du moins ce qu’évoque un billet daté du 6 Février, faisant encore plus monter l’impatience des programmeurs et bidouilleurs de tous poils et de […]

[…] the final release schedule occurred. However, you can rest assured of the end of February deadline. According to the company, the first batch of board is expected to be ready by February 20.Once the boards are complete, they […]

reallynotnick avatar

I attempted to skim through the PDF, of course couldn’t understand 99% of it.

The one thing I did get from it is the minimum amount of RAM the GPU will use is 32MB and that is not enough memory to buffer a 1080p30 video. Doesn’t say how much would be needed though.
Just thought that would be of interest to some people.

JonB avatar

I like the way the “User Notes” page of the SoC PDF is blank. Kinda like my mind after skimming it. I’ll be strictly an “API” type of guy on this one, I think..

[…] O Raspberry Pi, computador minúsculo projetado para uso na educação, está cada vez mais próximo de se tornar realidade palpável para o primeiro conjunto de seus usuários: o lote inicial deve deixar a fábrica (na China) em 2 semanas. Os primeiros Raspberry Pis comercialmente disponíveis serão enviados por via aérea à Inglaterra assim que saírem da linha de produção, e aí poderemos ver mais aspectos práticos deste produto cujo potencial tem entusiasmado a muitos usuários interessados. (via – “Two things you thought you weren’t going to get: a manufacturing da…) […]

Simon Heath avatar

Excellent! I was just investigating yesterday whether there were any system developer docs for the RPi and was vaguely disappointed that it seemed there weren’t… But that now appears (largely) fixed!

Marco avatar

Uff, only 10.000, i hope to get one. The 20th i will check the store every ten minutes!

liz avatar

They won’t be going on sale on the 20th – if you read the post again, you’ll see that’s when the manufacturer is finishing them, not when we hand them off to the logistics team. So you don’t have to spend the 20th pumping away at F5.

Azandrias avatar

Edging ever so closer to release, so excited! Can’t wait to play around with it and use it to complement my computer science course at university.

[…] Raspberry Pi Foundation team announced yesterday that since production began last month, manufacturing teams faced a short setback when they ran […]

Alvaro Ampudia avatar

ok, so, i know it’s gonna be quite difficult for everyone to get a RPi from the first batch because everyone and all their friends want one, but, would you guys recommend getting one?? i mean, how different will they be from the next revision?? if it’s only the crystal size (not the frequency or anything else) i dont see a problem, but if you’re going to keep changing some other things, it might affect some compatibility between revisions… right?? i mean, im a geek, but not thaaat much to make my own OS port
how long would it take to have the 2nd batch ready for shipping??

also, would it be ok with you guys if i use the RPi for an “industrial solution”, i mean, not a mass production thing, but install maybe 100 within a 2 years lapse, or so… (if everything goes better than expected), of course not from the 1st batch… i want only one from the 1st batch for myself, to play and learn!!

liz avatar

There won’t be any electronic difference at all. Anything called a Model B will exhibit exactly the same behaviour as anything else called a Model B – if we do end up using the smaller crystal, it’s just like making the same cake recipe again, only using a differently branded pack of butter.

Alvaro Ampudia avatar

nice gastronomic comparison!! i guess you miss blogging about food and recipes, right?? hehe

that’s ok then, as long as you dont change many things!! thanks!!

and what about using it as an “industrial solution”?? using RPi to work along with a PLC, would that be ok with you, guys?? i’m thinking on about 100 in 2 years… tops!

liz avatar

Absolutely fine. We actually talk about this a fair bit in the forums – if you’d like to learn more about our philosophy on entrepreneurship, I think you’ll find the forums very interesting.

robby avatar

Is the cpu frequency of the raspberry = multiplier x baseclock like a regular computer. And can i change baseclock and multiplier?

Thanks in advance

Gert avatar

Search for ‘overclocking’

root@ avatar

SUPER!!! A huge “Thank You” to the Rasπ team for their hard work and to the kind folks at Broadcom for sharing!

Roger Wolff avatar

One other thing. I’ve read somewhere that for instance the SPI driver won’t be p
orted / provided by the foundation. They are “hoping the community will take car
e of that”. Well, with this datasheet, that’s a whole lot more likely to be easy
to do….

This belongs as a reply to a posting on page two. However, when I hit reply there, I get the “password incorrect” response (hit back and enter the password, which if executed would zap the comment I typed).

My normal “workflow” (workaround) that seems to work is to hit “reload” and then immediately hit the reply and copy-paste my old comment that I’ve had to save in an editor window back into the comment box.

However this workaround doesn’t work on page two. I don’t get zapped back to the place where I was commenting. Is everybody using Internet Explorer or something like that? I seem to be the only one who finds this commenting system so annoying.

Trevor O avatar

These are going to change the world. Thank you!

[…] Technica  |  Raspberry Pi  | Email this | Comments Engadget Related Posts:KDE 4.8 released, wants to […]

[…] dry up supplies of the component in China. The team reports the problem is now taken […]

Mat avatar

Maybe a silly question but – can’t you ship the boards to the customers directly from china?
When i buy something from ebay, shipping costs are usually a lot cheaper if i buy from china or honkong, than if i buy from UK. I can buy china stuff for 1$, including shipping costs. So to me it would make more sense to sell at least a part of them directly from china. Shipping might be slower, but also cheaper.

liz avatar

See my response to a similar comment above.

OregonJim avatar

How about us Yanks?I am really excited about this, especially for amateur radio.

maci avatar

So, im currently located in china. Can I get one before they get shipped to UK ? :p

99guspuppet avatar

I can’t find a way to run a search… so maybe I missed this info….. I did not find any pinouts for the SOC…. yes there are descriptions for the SOC …. where do they come out on the SOC pins ? At last the RBPI is moving from hype to reality…. I hear the first batch ( 10K ) will sell out in 5 nano-seconds. 99guspuppet

liz avatar

Good spot – the boys appear to have left pinouts out (by accident, not design). I’ve asked them to provide them, but Gert’s away this week, so it may be a few days.

[…] to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Powered by WP Greet Box WordPress PluginRaspberry Pi has announced that its first batch of computers will be finished manufacturing as of February 20th, and they will […]

svr avatar

Thanks for the datasheet! Excellent stuff.

Wangateur avatar

My 48th birthday is on the 25 and my 10 yr old son is saving up to by 2 RasperryPi so we can have a Pi birthday party for me.

[…] Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Liz Upton over at the Raspberry Pi site discloses that after some delays, […]

Morely the IT Guy avatar

Will there be any problem exporting to the USA? I have a number of ideas for the Raspberry Pi but I can’t even begin fiddling code until I have a victim, er, test subject.

liz avatar


[…] Leer – Raspberry Pi confirma el lanzamiento del Model B Leer – Especificaciones SoC BCM2835 (PDF) […]

[…] $35 Raspberry Pi computer to launch later this month Posted by ashton on February 7th, 2012 The low-cost Raspberry Pi Linux computer is set to become available for purchase later this month for $ 35. The firm behind the budget computer announced on Monday that the first batch of boards will enter manufacturing on February 20th and will be available at the end of the month. The single-board computer is equipped with a 700MHz processor, 256MB of RAM, SD card support and both HDMI and RCA outputs. Despite the low cost and small size — which is roughly equal to a credit card — the Raspberry Pi computer is powerful enough to run games such as Quake III Arena and power 1080p video, however the company intends for the device to be used in schools to teach the basics of computer science. A second Raspberry Pi model with 128MB of RAM will be released for $ 25 at a later date. Read […]

[…] 2012 14:26:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.Permalink Ars Technica  |  Raspberry Pi  | Email this | Comments « DARPA Investing In Electric Brain […]

sylvan avatar

Appreciate all news, and WOW, THANKS for the datasheet. downloading it now. :)

[…] Technica  |  Raspberry Pi  | Email […]

tom mitchell avatar

i keep holding my breath to make things happen safely, kind of like lifting myself slightly off the seat when i’m almost out of petrol (as though that would make a difference – “rational Man”? hmmm).

[…] Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Liz Upton over at the Raspberry Pi site discloses that after some delays, the first production run will be finished in China on February 20 […]

[…] Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Liz Upton over at the Raspberry Pi site discloses that after some delays, the first production run will be finished in China on February 20 […]

[…] than two weeks from finishing production.The Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Liz Upton over at the Raspberry Pi site discloses that after some delays, the first production run will be finished in China on February 20 […]

[…] Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Liz Upton over at the Raspberry Pi site discloses that after some delays, the first production run will be finished in China on February 20 […]

Matthew Sherborne avatar

What if you talked to the manufacturer and set up a system where they could ship orders out directly for you. I bet a lot of customers are not in UK .. so might save some money along the way there. It might be less tax and less shipping time if they could be shipped straight out of china.

SorenF avatar

Every (other) time I get something sent from China I need to go to the post office to pay 25p duty a few pounds VAT and a nice £10 fee for the trouble (in Sweden). So for a lot of people it will be very inefficient to have it shipped directly from China and you wouldn’t know the total cost until you know if you are lucky in customs.

pai avatar

can’t wait until end of the month, it can be special gift for valentine :)

[…] Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Liz Upton over at the Raspberry Pi site discloses that after some delays, the first production run will be finished in China on February 20 […]

[…] molto negli ultimi mesi. Atteso per i primi di febbraio, il primo lotto di board arriverà il 20 di questo mese. Il motivo è la scarsa reperibilità sul mercato cinese di un componente ma, assicurano gli […]

[…] Technica  |  Raspberry Pi  | Email […]

[…] Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Liz Upton over at the Raspberry Pi site discloses that after some delays, the first production run will be finished in China on February 20 […]

[…] Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Liz Upton over at the Raspberry Pi site discloses that after some delays, the first production run will be finished in China on February 20 […]

[…] folks behind the $25 Raspberry Pi have announced that they could start taking orders by the end of February.   They were supposed to be ready to go in December, but that didn’t happen. But not it looks […]

Scott avatar

Looking forward to the launch. Cheers!

[…] mini Linux machines are powered by a Broadcom BCM2835 which claims to have GPU performance of the original Xbox whilst the CPU is roughly equivalent to a […]

Chris avatar

I am still waiting on the release for RaspberryPi and I wasn’t too happy about the E-Bay thing after all I was notified by E-Mail… Pre-Orders??? Keyboard Sticker? That doesn’t help much here… I am asking to reserve the Model B.

JamesH avatar

There are no reservations or preorders.

Chris avatar

How many people asked for E-Mail notifications??? Is it over the 10,000 run? I would ask for a weeks notice for those most likely interested. I hope that you will include PayPal in the payment method as that will allow me to easily add my shipping address.

Chris avatar

FYI: People think that the 20th IS the Shipping Date!

Do we have a number yet for E-Mail notifications?

JamesH avatar

91k people on the mailing list last time I checked.

[…] ersten Modelle sollen bis zum 20. Februar fertiggestellt werden und Ende des Monats verschickt werden. Man sollte also aufmerksam sein und schnell […]

Nicolas avatar

Can wait to get a hold of one of those raspberry-pi, good thing I got friends in the UK because being from south america it’s going to be an ordeal!!!

Richard Lourette avatar

Thanks Broadcom! Thank you Raspberry Pi. I am Looking forward to the new designs.

ricky roberson avatar

Schematics are already dancing in my head as I pour over these notes. Could you clarify what has to be a typo? For the GPLEVn registers on page 96, you say in two places “0=GPIO pin n is high”. Shouldn’t these 0s be 1s?

Gert avatar

I have no idea. I did not design the GPIO pins. Nobody has complained about that yet. Still I will check. For that I will have to delve into the Verilog code and see what the correct answer is.

[…] ratio is looks better if we use single board computer. Decision was made and I subscribed to RaspberryPi email notification list. $25 for computer which is run linux and capable to decode 1080p  is […]

[…] Stromverbrauch wird bei Modell A ~2,5W, bei Modell B ~3,5W betragen. Quelle: Raspberry Pi Seite hier. – Ubuntu Zitieren + Antworten Gehe zu: User-News Nach […]

Jay Bhagat avatar

And now, we all wait until 2/20, when the Raspberry Pi servers will essentially be DDOS’ed by thousands of potential buyers.

Bill Moffitt avatar

I hope you’ll limit the number of pieces one person can buy in the initial run so as many people as possible can at least get one…

liz avatar

Have a look at the FAQ – link at the top of the page.

Brandon avatar

I have been waiting so long for this I can hardly contain my excitement. I am making one of those tear off paper chains to count down the days and hanging it in the office like I am 5 years old again!
T-12 Days

[…] Have $25? Grab yourself a new computer. – The Raspberri Pi, a $25 ARM GNU/Linux machine, has been getting a lot of attention, and now it’s gotten itself a manufacturing date. – via HackerNews […]

[…] team announced Monday that the boards will be available for purchase by February 20th. They are producing 10,000 units in […]

phillip avatar

too little too late.

I don’t want one anymore.

cyclesax avatar

I’ll have it instead :)

JamesH avatar

And you felt the need to tell us, why? Also perhaps you would enlighten us to what alternative device you are getting instead?

phillip avatar

I posted this because the “expected date” has been set back 3 times now.

I will wait for the allwinner a10, it will probably be released before the pi andway and if not, I have waited this long already, a little longer won’t hurt. plus it is half the price of the pi and well over double the speed.

DataSpree avatar

I was under the impression that the a10 CPU based system you refer to has:
1) Not been built yet there’s only a $2,000 dev kit
2) Has no expected date
3) Its quoted price is based on a 100,000 qty purchase as opposed to the Raspberry Pi’s 10,000 qty.
4) There is no publicly released datasheet
5) Uses closed source libraries for its GPU
6) Proposed form factor would be larger than the raspberry pi
7) Uses more electricity than the raspberry pi

JamesH avatar

I’m afraid Philip is going to be somewhat disappointed with the a10 device. I doubt we will see any of those for at least 6 months, and when they come out I expect them to be not as good as the advertising, and more expensive. Still, he’ll be able to watch all the Raspberry People playing with theirs, so at least will have something to watch.

Gary avatar

Thank you very much! I’m delighted to see the release of this datasheet… it is critical for any educational device not only that one may use it, but that one is permitted to learn HOW to use it! My appreciation goes out to everybody who contributed to its publication.

[…] να αρχίσει να διατίθεται στα τέλη του μήνα, σύμφωνα με πρόσφατη ανάρτηση. Θεωρώ ότι είναι μια τρομερή εξέλιξη η οποία ίσως να […]

mahjongg avatar

I concur that the Raspberry PI will not come with an SD-Card, so without any software at all?

Is there a place where one can download some “demo image”, (software image) so the Raspberry π will boot to something, if even if it will just display a logo, so we can see if our setup works.

Obviously we will need information on what and where to place on our SD-Cards too, and how to format it, (probably some kind of FAT formatting).

It would be very frustrating and disheartening for many people who receive their Raspberry π to discover there is nothing they can do with it at the time they receive it.

Also, what will exactly be included with the board, for example does it come with a power supply? From what I have seen the Raspberry π uses a non standard power connector.

liz avatar

Please read the FAQ.

Andy B avatar

“In addition to announcing the expected ate of completion for the first batch” Spot the typo – think they have Pie on their minds ;)

Lex Chou avatar

Can I buy this in China not froum UK?

SuperEngine avatar

I live in china ,Can i buy a Raspberry Pi?

[…] iz Raspberryja odbija dati točne dimenzije pločice s računalom, ali prema slici možete otprilike zaključiti […]

Ray Depew avatar

A 205-page datasheet? Dayyum! That’s nice! I hope I can get it all read before Model B comes out of vaporspace.

[…] eran mucho más caras y cerraban el paso a la experimentación sobre ellas. El ordenador Raspberry Pi básico alberga una memoria RAM de 128 Mb y un procesador ARM. El sistema operativo debe añadirse […]

[…] ordenador Raspberry Pi básico alberga una memoria RAM de 128 Mb y un procesador ARM. El sistema operativo debe añadirse […]

[…] ordenador Raspberry Pi básico alberga una memoria RAM de 128 Mb y un procesador ARM. El sistema operativo debe añadirse […]

Joe Daddy avatar

Not that anyone will get to the point of reading this comment, but…

The reason for only putting out 10,000 units to start: shake out the bugs in the system design/MFR processes. If after 10,000 units produced, >~99% work properly (per MFR price projected), the go-ahead is given (otherwise a revision made).

The savings on the oscillation crystal is probably too small to reach the consumer. Typical pricing for 1000 SMT components (resistors/caps) is under $40-$50 US (from my memory, probably faulty). A discount in that range would be negligible for pricing purposes (at a penny each per $10 drop over QTY). You most likely will see savings at a production cost of two-thirds to half (at which point, there is no reason to own any Intel/AMD CPU).

Anywho, can anyone say “Cheap Beowulf Cluster”? Now to wait for TbE…

Disclaimer: This post is CC/SSA. Quote me if I’m right or wrong!


I like to order one $35 one
I’m Waiting for this ….

[…] ordenador Raspberry Pi básico alberga una memoria RAM de 128 Mb y un procesador ARM. El sistema operativo debe añadirse […]

[…] sobre ellas.El sistema operativo debe añadirse a través de una tarjeta SDEl ordenador Raspberry Pi básico alberga una memoria RAM de 128 Mb y un procesador ARM. El sistema operativo debe añadirse […]

[…] « Nous avons enfin une date pour le premier lot : les cartes seront terminées le 20 février » annonce Raspberry Pi sur son site. […]

rbn avatar

Very good news. Looking forward to being able to buy one. As a retired teacher of IT and computing, I am glad to have a bit more time to play with the RPi. It’s also great to see the Govnerment waking up to the need for pupils to learn about computing in schools. Maybe we’ll get back to the fun we had programming the BBC Micro in 6502 assembler. With a former pupil I helped to develop a Network Filing System which we called ENFS and which Acorn allowed us to market as an add on to their version. Basically it read their ROM code and patched to add a data buffering sysetm, which dramatically increased the throughput when file handling over the network. You really felt you were at the forefront in those days. Who know what avenues the RPi will open up to the pupils of today.

[…] Raspberry Pi Foundation ha annunciato che il primo modello del micro PC sarà in vendita entro fine mese. Il Raspberry Pi è un computer […]

[…] ordenador Raspberry Pi básico alberga una memoria RAM de 128 Mb y un procesador ARM. El sistema operativo debe añadirse […]

Jeff avatar

lol, didn’t you say on the FAQ that there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that a datasheet would be released, unless you signed all kinds of NDAs?

liz avatar

That remains the case for the GPU, I’m afraid.

[…] para sair brevemente, (Ubislate7). Agora a aventura parte do Reino Unido. A fundação britânica Raspberry PI teve a ideia, em 2006, ao descobrir que as competências em computação dos estudantes da […]

[…] na oficjalnej stronie projektu pojawiła się bardzo dobra wiadomość. Pomimo pewnych problemów z podzespołami pierwsza partia […]

[…] El País anuncia hoy el lanzamiento por fin del Rapsberry Pi, el ordenador de 25 dólares que estará disponible por fin el 20 de febrero. […]

[…] Raspberry Pi Foundation team announced yesterday that since production began last month, manufacturing teams faced a short setback when they ran […]

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I really wish this was my computing teacher, but I’m pritty sure he doesn’t actually own a computer :'(

[…] ja, wer es noch nicht mitbekommen hat: Der Raspberry Pi erscheint am 20. Februar 2012 in einer begrenzten Stückzahl! Sag es weiter!FacebookTwitterDrucken KategorienUSB-Gadgets Kommentare (0) Trackbacks (0) […]

[…] sobre ellas.El sistema operativo debe añadirse a través de una tarjeta SDEl ordenador Raspberry Pi básico alberga una memoria RAM de 128 Mb y un procesador ARM. El sistema operativo debe añadirse […]

[…] ordenador Raspberry Pi básico alberga una memoria RAM de 128 Mb y un procesador ARM. El sistema operativo debe añadirse […]

[…] And, Raspberry Pi, the $25-$35 ARM-booting-Linux board project has announced that boards will be done soon: …the boards will be finished on February […]

[…] "CRITEO-300×250", 300, 250); 1 meneos Primera tanda de Raspberry Pi disponible para el 20 de Febrero [ENG]; por albgarse hace […]

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I would like to know if This news proceed? Cause everybody is expecting rasp for february… Can you Liz, explain to us? Thanks in advance.
It says that rasp will only be available in Q3-2012!,14671.html

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You will be able to buy the board at the end of this month. Tom’s Hardware really have got hold of the wrong end of the stick. The full educational release will be Q3 – this needs case leads etc to sell in to schools. In the meantime, we expect to sell quick a few batches of the caseless board.

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I haven’t had mail from them yet, but I’m chasing it. No, the article is wrong; the prices are absolutely set in stone, and I think they’ve mistaken “commercial” for “educational”; we’re definitely releasing at the end of the month!

[…] ordenador Raspberry Pi básico alberga una memoria RAM de 128 Mb y un procesador ARM. El sistema operativo debe añadirse […]

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Given the detail provided by the SoC datasheet, I am officially starting PCB layout of my add-on board project as of today. (See what you’ve started?) I understand from the FAQ that the Rpi is exactly 85.60 by 53.98 mm. What is the exact X,Y displacement of the center of the GPIO hole closest to the corner of the board, relative to the corner of the board? Ditto for any mounting holes drilled into the board, along with their official diameters? This is going to be a basic set of numbers for anybody embarking on an expansion board project, perhaps the answers are worthy of being an addition to your FAQ?

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In addition to my queries above, I would also appreciate some clarification on some confusing and contradictory board size information scattered around the site. In the FAQ it is stated that the Rpi board is 85.60 by 53.98 millimeters in size, which is the official standard ISO / IEC dimensions for an ID-1 card like a credit card. Yet in the forum post “Beta Boards Mechanical Data”, Gert says he took calipers to the beta board and measured its size as 85.00 by 56.00 millimeters, and he has published his direct measurements at scribd that case builders are apparently using. So is the Rpi officially the ISO size stated in the FAQ or some other size (85 x 56 mm)?

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I went back to the Nov 14 posting where you first showed the Rpi Gerber plot, embiggened it, and threw it into Windows Paint as a BMP. That Gerber BMP file is 827 by 544 pixels (aspect ratio of 1.52022) and so is a lot closer to 85 x 56 mm (aspect ratio of 1.51786) than 85.6 x 53.98 (aspect ratio of 1.58577). There is some distortion in the BMP with 26 pixels horizontal and 25 pixels vertical between the 0.1 inch centers of the GPIO bus used for scale so neither version is probably true but the 25 is probably closer than the 26 because it comes out much closer to Gert’s observed 85 x 56 and neither comes anywhere near the ISO/IEC 7810 standard that was your initial target.
Bottom line your board is apparently 0.6 mm less in one direction and a tad over 2 mm longer in another than you had planned, for a final size of 103% of your target. THAT IS AMAZING FOR A PROJECT LIKE THIS. I work on a team getting ready for maiden flight of a military airship and we would have been THRILLED to hit only 3% weight growth. TOTAL CONGRATS!!!

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On the datasheet, Thank you. Now I can start porting my simple OS. :) I have already ported it to the Risc PC (using RPCEmu), and the Commodore 64, now for its intended destination, Thank you.

[…] wird der Raspberry Pi ausgeliefert werden können, da laut Blogbeitrag auf der Projektseite am 20. Februar die Produktion abgeschlossen ist und somit ab Ende Februar ausgeliefert werden […]

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0) THANK YOU so much for the datasheet, it’s exactly what so many trolls wanted (myself included), so it’s a real treat to have access to such important information. If the worst of the complaints now are spelling/grammar issues, that’s definitely a win!
1) as someone who’s been onboard for a while (though still a johnny-come-lately!), I’d like to add my formal concern about speculators or “investors” (none of whom are actually either) obtaining “Batch zero” boards, while many folks who’ve been extremely dedicated and helpful in the forums may (nay, will) miss out.

No, it’s not the end of the world as we know it, but it WILL generate ill-will, believe me. Without adding to your headache/workload, perhaps a formal request to those induhviduals not to behave unfairly or antithetically may help to minimise this kind of unwanted behaviour? Tied in with serialised boards, that would be an effective deterrent to all but the most bloody-minded creeps; failing serialisation (and the attendant overheads), a wall of shame/banning IP addresses or email addresses of users positively identified as slimy, money-grubbing, little baby kitten-hating speculators might be the go!

I’m sure I won’t be quick enough for a batch zero board, but in all seriousness I would hate to see genuine RPi buffs shafted by greedy manipulators, even if it’s only a few! Perhaps a barter or second-hand system might help ensure those who really want to use the RPi’s get a chance at them? I’m not sure how (or even if!) that would work, but my Tullamore Dew is telling me this could be an option… (yes, it’s beer o’clock at last!) :)
2) I hope your trip to the Mysterious Orient is a bit more fun than your honeymoon!
3) thanks again for the unexpected dock, and the unflagging support & patience. The pain will end soon….!

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Any individual can only buy one anyway, so we hope that will rein back most of the speculators. As will the fact the next batch will be out son after.

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The plan is to sell boards on E-bay for the standard price at irregular, unexpected times. This should put the brakes on anybody who gets one from the first batch and want to sell theirs on E-bay.

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This is great news! A friend just sent me the link and I’m definitely going to buy one! Sooner rather than later! How do we get to know the order page?

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Sign up to the mailing list on the front page.

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Great job!!!!

[…] Стала известна дата готовности первой партии устройств Raspberry Pi ”B”. Первые 10 тысяч плат будут готовы 20 февраля, после чего устройства самолётом будет переправлены в Великобританию, где до конца месяца начнётся рассылка заказов. Одновременно для разработчиков и энтузиастов, заинтересованных внутренней структурой устройства, представлен документ (PDF, 1.4 Мб) c детальным описанием всех периферийных компонентов, задействованных в SoC BCM2835, используемом в Raspberry Pi. […]

[…] la propose. Dernière news en date, après la promesse d’une sortie pour Décembre 2011, une sortie d’ici la fin du mois. On attend. ← Jetway propose une carte mère Fanless à base de Cedar Trail pour […]

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Good news! It’s an interesting project and I look forward to test one of these.

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I fear that it could not produce enough product to provide sufficient quantity in the market

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We fully expect the frist batch to sell out pretty fast. Then we make a second batch, then a third. Time between batches should be pretty short.

[…] have announced a date as well (here). With a bit of luck the boards will be available at their shop at the end of this month — […]

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I’m looking to write an OS from scratch, do the base in C, bootloader, memory handler etc.. A proper unix-from-scratch with no ties, what would I need to become a developer? I’m well versed in current PIC usage, memory stuctures etc, GDI type libraries etc, have 30 years of to-the-hardware coding learning a lot fromt the ZX81/spectrums etc, Electron/BBCb, and the Atari ST… Now I just use windows and feel really abstracted, so would like to just start from scratch….

Is there a devkit package I’d use best?
Also, there is somewhere in the UK that can program up to 1200 cores an hour, is this of interest?

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Your way of explaining everything in this article is genuinely good, every one be able to effortlessly know it, Thanks a lot.

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What?!?!?! Never seen a broadcom sheet available to public, damn i love broadcom for doing this.

Broadcom, thank you very much for doing this.

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That sheet is a step forwards. That will sheet will at least give a starting block for freertos and other different open source kernels to stand a chance of working.

Yes its very simple to forget FLOSS OS’s exist that are not Linux. When wanting people to learn about OS’s seeing more than one is a good thing.

I guess there is no hope of getting the binary graphics libraries ported if any of the other FLOSS OS’s get enough interest?

[…] imminent release of the Raspberry Pi Model B computer, I thought a follow-up article to “How do I become a computer programmer?” […]

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So today is 20/02/2012
Finished manufacture? Yes please yes …

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Thank you very much for the Doc!

Can´t wait to put my hands on the Raspberry! Congrats for the efforts guys

[…] For those that want some details of the inner workings of the Raspberry Pi, check out the datasheet for the Broadcom BCM2835 SoC that is at the heart of the Raspberry Pi. […]

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I am interested in buying several of these when is the release date?

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