Raspbmc announced: an XBMC for Raspberry Pi

We’ve just seen an announcement via Sam Nazarko, who blogs as Stm Labs saying that www.raspbmc.com will be going live (I’ll add a link when the site is up) very soon  is live now. Head over there to read about some of the features that’ll be incorporated; it looks like Sam answering questions in the post comments there too, so drop in on him before he’s worn out!

(I should point out that we’re not going to be able to answer any other than the most general of questions about Raspbmc here – the Raspberry Pi team isn’t involved in developing Raspbmc, but we’re just as excited about it as you are.)

Update: there was a bit of confusion on our part about exactly who was behind this distro; turns out that Stm labs are not working with the official XBMC team, but this is still great news, and we’re looking forward to seeing the results. Here’s an email from XBMC:

Thanks for the enthusiasm regarding XBMC on the pi! Though, please be aware the XBMC team is not involved with Raspbmc (it came as news to most of us). Obviously we appreciate the help and wish them the best, but we don’t want anyone to be confused about who’s doing what. The XBMC team works on the application, then projects like OpenElec, CrystalBuntu, Raspbmc package them up into various distributions. It’s all one big happy ecosystem, but different groups of devs can obviously only support certain things.

Would appreciate if you could change the first sentence and title to clarify that XBMC team will be working to improve the experience on the rPi, and that various distros like raspbmc will give you choices for how to deploy it, but we’re not the same organizations.


Visp avatar

WoW! Excellent!! Can’t wait for Raspberry Pi! :P

macemoneta avatar

I may need to get an extra Raspberry Pi just for this. Oh, and a TV would probably be useful.

Volder avatar

I hope someday there will be a new version of raspberry pi with sata ports :)

Jessie avatar

Neither of the two (more expensive) other ARM computers (Beagleboard, Pandaboard) offer SATA.

none avatar

You need to look outside of Texas Instrument’s waters.
You can try Marvell. They sometimes include Gigabit lan as well.
few examples of the lot

none avatar

You need to look outside of Texas Instrument’s waters.
There are more ARM chips manufacturers than one.
You can try Marvell. They sometimes even include Gigabit LAN.

rhombus-tech.net ‘s to-be EOMA-68 thing
——->said to be for 15$ at 100k pieces bulk rate
——–>Offers quite a variety of ready devices\
http://www.solid-run.com Also offers sata-equipped arm computer called “cubox”
——–>That one is scheduled for shipping in late february.. If it’s not a scam, of course.

cnxsoft avatar

FYI. Freescale i.MX53 QSD board supports SATA (149 USD).

Tozzi avatar

Hawkboard offer one sata-port.


Around $139 (USD).

I also found this board (No VGA/HDMI out) http://microcontrollershop.com/product_info.php?cPath=154_170_280&products_id=4495&osCsid=e0567a7eabf1c90a3119ebaee358c93e

$120 (USD).

Link to Freescale board “cnxsoft” was talking about: http://www.freescale.com/webapp/sps/site/prod_summary.jsp?code=IMX53QSB

I think he meant QSB, and not QSD, as far as I know there isn’t one named QSD. :)

obarthelemy avatar

There are ARM nettops with sata. There wre posts in the forum about a cube something something, a few guruplugs have it, as does the slimfit PC. A lot more expensive though, start at $100.

adam williams avatar

this is cool but doesn’t it then move it away from getting poorer children access to computers and move into the very cheaper media centre?

uQEJPUVjgQHt avatar

I’m going to release a stage4 for gentoo with xbmc. Stay tuned guys!!!

gidoca avatar

Nice! I’ll definitely give it a try. What CHOST and CFLAGS are you using? I’m always a bit confused about the different versions of ARM.

As3s3g7z4RWu avatar

chost: armv6zk-hardfloat-linux-gnueabi
cflags: -O2 -march=armv6zk -mfpu=vfp -mfloat-abi=hard -mcpu=arm1176jzf-s
cxxflags: -O2 -march=armv6zk -mfpu=vfp -mfloat-abi=hard -mcpu=arm1176jzf-s

liz avatar

Not at all (and this isn’t just for “poorer children”; it’s for children, full stop). We are great believers in being educated by stealth – if something like this is provided for free for the device, it makes it desirable to kids like the games we used to play on our BBC micros did for us. Some of those kids – not all of them, but more than we’d have got to otherwise – will find themselves coding. That’s a win.

TehTux avatar

I’m 32, but my wife claims I act like a child, so I can still order one right? ;)

liz avatar

There are no limits on who can and can’t buy one. :)

Paul Johnson avatar

+1 to that. Back in the day, all my friends had a ZX Spectrum and they all played games on them. I was the only one who did any programming, and ended up an engineer as a result.

In my opinion, the R-Pi will be a huge success if it gets 10% of kids that buy one actually programming.

Chris kirby avatar

This is how I started, programming at school on the BBC masters.

I’ve now been writing games professionally for the last 20 years.. (Im 37!!)

I now have two identical twin boys (1 year old) I’m gonna show them how to code when they are old enough.. Plus I lecture sometimes in the local college.

Ans I’m sure I will do the same at the boys school.

Gary Patterson avatar

I learnt to programme on a ZX-Spectrum, when I was ten. It wasn’t pretty, but I got things to move about on the TV and that’s a big deal at that age.

I’m now 41 and have a son turning two in a few months. I’ll be picking up a few RasPis and putting one aside to teach him programming when he’s older. There are some great learning kits for kids these days, so much better than when I was young.

Mr Meyer avatar

Hi Gary
My son is 7, I started on a Amstrad/CPC464. Now after studying Physics and being now a Patent Attorney… What kind of way do you propose to introduce this to my kid?


Christopher Wilder avatar

When will the RasPi be available to buy???

shirro avatar

Volume is good. More eyes. More developers. My wife has a 46″ full hd plasma in her classroom. I think she wouldn’t rather leave a $35 board in the room to show media and presentations than lug a laptop around. I might even give her a couple of “loaners” to keep in her desk drawer incase any of the kids are curious.

PotatoHandle avatar

Sorry, I’m not hugely familiar with XBMC; will this be a full distro, or just an application to use in an existing install?

I really like the look of XBMC, but it might be a little too focused for what I want the Pi for.

SergeantFTC avatar

If you look at the announcement at STM labs, it is clear that this is a full linux distribution.

JamesH avatar

Remember, this isn’t the ‘official’ distro – it’s just one someone has put together that will run on the Raspi giving it media centre capabilities.

Other distro exists which mean the device is just a linux machine.

Tom avatar

STMLabs is the site that produces a great distribution of XBMC for the gen1 Apple TV. This is, by far THE BEST distribution of xbmc for appleTV that I have come across –the auto updating feature alone is worth the price of admission (free!) — Sam does as spectacular job updating the distro – and helping those using it in the forums. If he manages to get a package together for the RPi you can bet i’ll be downloading it!

TheRobster avatar

Did anyone else reach for their credit card and start maniacally clicking refresh when the site started showing Database connection errors?

PotatoHandle avatar

I’m not going to lie, I went and made sure my wallet was in arm’s reach, haha.

Benten avatar

my only reason on getting a Rpi was xbmc. cant wait

Dirk Steenbergen avatar

will it be possible to exchange the sdcard to run xbmc en then put your regular card in to use debian??

liz avatar

Absolutely. It’s something we expect people to be doing.

Jason Sidebottom avatar

Or you could just launch XBMC from your regular install of debian. It’s just a program!

Daan Kortenbach - WordPress Expert avatar

Ah, the good old cartridge days ;)

(btw: comment password thing doesn’t work with Chrome)

Sander avatar

Ah, is it a Chrome problem?!

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Doug avatar

They should have called it “RPMC” (short for Raspberry Pi Media Center) rather than RaspBMC which would be Raspberry Box Media Center

Docteh avatar

I figured it was RaspBerry Media Center, thats what im going to call it if talkin to people

austincurr avatar

..Oh! You’re right! I didn’t notice til i looked at your comment.

cnxsoft avatar

I would have liked πBMC.

tagno25 avatar

better would have been rπMC

akc42 avatar

RPMC was the first name we called our new SCADA system which I developed on a PDP 11 in 1975. It was later called Master Control, then Master Control 16 (to distinguish it from the 32 bit version running on VAXen) and finally upgraded to Master Control 2000 in the early 1990’s. Those were the days, programming in Assembler Language.

Armen avatar


Stephen downward avatar

Do you know how many raspberry pis have been made?

austincurr avatar

however many the first run was? Plus any others made.

reallynotnick avatar

There will be 10,000 in the first batch, which is close to being fully assembled.

Stephen downward avatar

Thanks :) But I mean’t how many have been done so far. But thanks anyway :D

reallynotnick avatar

I’m kind of confused, is this the same XBMC we have seen running on the RPi or is this another developer doing their own port? Because the the title “Raspbmc announced” is kind of confusing, I mean I guess the name and site were never announced before.

psergiu avatar

Most probably it will be a downloadable SD card image containing a tuned-up Linux install booting directly into XBMC, ready to stream from the network or play media from a USB stick or HDD.

Maimon Mons avatar

Sounds like it.

I have an Acer Aspire Revo 3700. Spent months trying to get the Ubuntu XBMC package to work perfectly (it had stuttering video, problems waking from sleep, and couldn’t support Dolby Digital via HDMI).

I then switched to openelec (XBMC tuned for my computer). 10 minutes later all my problems were solved. Haven’t touched the keyboard since. :-)

Giles avatar

I hate it when admins post news items that can only be understood by total linux geeks. I read this news announcement several times but there is no clue what the new software is for.

Things like this make me feel despondent about the whole project; it’s increasingly looking as though the required prior knowledge barrier will be too high for mere mortals and the Pi will be a plaything of the geeks.

*sigh* and i had such high hopes…

JamesH avatar

Can I suggest you check this link for more information…


Antario avatar

Exactly. It really doesn’t make any person any worse if they Google up some of the unknown expressions, does it? ;)

Armen avatar

“it’s increasingly looking as though the required prior knowledge barrier will be too high for mere mortals and the Pi will be a plaything of the geeks.

*sigh* and i had such high hopes…”

Don’t worry I’m exactly in your situation :) haven’t touched a linux computer before. But I’m relatively sure as soon as you (we) get your hands on one of the Pies, pop an SD card in it and watch some videos on screen all these abbreviation nightmares, XBMC, BMCV etc will go away and you’ll enjoy your video :)

“knowledge barrier will be too high for mere mortals and the Pi will be a plaything of the geeks.”

Pi will *certainly* *be* a play thing for geeks *as well*, there’s no doubt about it and in fact it’s a very good thing, because the geeks are the ones who give us mere mortals a good user experience. And I’m sure as time goes by and software side gets richer, it will be easier and easier for us mere mortals to play and enjoy the device.

Armen avatar

And by the way I just made BMCV up :D so it shouldn’t (but I’m sure will) stand for something!

juxtaposer avatar

Since the RaspberryPi is to be used to introduce computing, your perspectives might be useful to people who would write tutorials. :)

Armen avatar

:D … things like “Never scare people away with intimidating abbreviations” …

MareDoWell avatar

so its a fork from the regular xbmc branch i’d think with proper integration of rasbpi’s nonfree libs and arm6 specifics

[…] mit Linux & Co anschließen lassen, auch AirPlay und Co sind möglich. Gestern wurde dann noch bekannt, dass sich ein paar Tüftler daran machen, auf Basis des XMBC (XBOX Media Center) ein für das […]

Jaseman avatar

It’s great to see so many people pulling together to make this a success. I’m really excited about seeing how far you can push a RasPi.

Rob avatar

Looking forward to this. I currently run xbmc4xbox on three boxes, and it’s by far the best media centre out there, albeit only capable of playing SD stuff. I tried “upgrading” to a little HD capable Medion player, but the interface is so poor that it’s barely ever been used. Having an HD capable XBMC will almost certainly get spouse-approval, and thus as well as replacing “all those ugly boxes”, and given the price, I’ll be able to get one or two more for me and the kids to play with too.. A win all round!

Robin avatar

Currently it looks like the Pi can’t decode anything else as hopefully most SD (standard-definition) and any MPEG4 (H.264) including HD movies, nothing besides MPEG4 is garanteed…

I really hope MPEG2 on SD will work, as using the RPI as a PVR system is very tempting!

I will still try to get a Raspberry Pi, as I have many other plans with it, but a replacement for my current XBMC setup is mostlikely not possible (yet!). So don’t throw away your XBoxes yet!

JamesH avatar

Unlikely that you can decode MPEG2 even SD on the Arm, but I am sure someone will try and see if it’s possible! Cannot be done on the GPU without a licence.

boarsblood avatar

Not wishing to disagree with you but about 4/5 years ago software decoding of MPEG-2 was just shy of running at full frame rate (29fps ntsc) on an ARM1176JZF-S core with running at 532MHz using a hand optimised libmpeg2 rather than the standard compiled code, and an improved decoding algorithm.

As the chip in the R-Pi is clocked at 700MHz I’d say it’ll work at full frame rate.

Now, where did I leave that printout???

boarsblood avatar

Sorry, copypasta problem above. Should have read “ARM1136JF-S”.

logar0 avatar

I am guessing that someone will find a “solution” to this. Something similar to the tv set firmware that enables it to play various formats that isn’t officially capable off.

Tom Mann avatar

DVDs were being decoded on 400MHz Pentium IIs, why shouldn’t MPEG2 work?

Source: http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/cineplayer/decoder/requirements.html

Kevin Smits avatar

Hopefully there will be TV functionality (live TV, PVR) in the XBMC version that will be ported to the Raspberry Pi. Like the version of Lars op den Kamp for instance: http://xbmc.opdenkamp.eu/ . With TV funcionality it would be possible to run a central server with a DVB card and software like TV Headend, and use a Raspberry Pi with XBMC on any screen in the house you want to watch live TV on, as well as your previous recordings. And the rest of your media of course.

sh4d0w0lf avatar

Damn you’ve cottoned onto my plans..

wantPiNow avatar

this is exactly what I am planning on doing. What will you be running tvheadend on? What service provider will you be using?

Lee Privett avatar

Is it just me that saw Raspbmc as Raspi MC followed by ‘are in the house’ ?

wocis avatar

hope, that raspbmc will be build like openelec is.
so minimalistic optimised linux distro (build from scratch) to support raspberrypi and xbmc – nothing else.
I’m happy with openelec in my home entertainment schema. (ion builds with pvr support)

psergiu avatar

Read at http://www.raspbmc.com/2012/02/everything-about-raspbmc-and-its-developer/
raspbmc will have a minimal Linux install + xbmc BUT being a debian-based distro you will be able to extend-it and customize-it – you can install any package you wish for.

James Arnold avatar

Oh wow – maybe one day it might even be for sale… ;)

limulus avatar

Hi, nice to see things around RPi are gaining moment. The question that bothers me is does RPi support booting from other media, such as USB or over Ethernet. E.g. not just SD card. What type of bootloader is used, redboot or something else, what are the bootloader features, will the source code be available.

RainbowDash avatar

i’d think it would be trivial to chainload or pivot root

psergiu avatar

The Broadcom chip is only able to load the boot image from the SD card. But you can use a very small SD/MMC card (the 16-32 Mb ones that come with the digital cameras) and boot directly into GRUB or other bootloader. Then you can load the OS from anything else (supported by the bootloader).

Anonymous avatar

I used xbmc for the xbox and its not that great, most of the plugins dont work, the only notable plugin that works is bbc iplayer.

scott avatar

I also used XBMC for the original xbox and it was pretty good back then, only problem being the lack of HD. I currently use XBMC for 3 HTPC’s running windows 7 and I have to say that the new builds are truly superb. XBMC is by far the best media center software although it does take a little tweaking to get the best out of it. I’m looking forward to trying it out on the Raspi.

Alexander avatar

Well then you should try it again now! It works great!
I use “xbmc live”, it’s a small linux OS with XBMC that boots from a USB stick, the MCE remote works out-of-the-box, the plugins i have tried all work.

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robby avatar

Will the raspberry pi be able to play all my dvd .ISO rips (sd , not hd)

psergiu avatar

If XBMC is able to do this, and if a fast-enough software MPEG2 decoder will be made for RPi, then yes.

Armen avatar

psergiu gave you the complete answer. As far as yours are .iso files I think it’s also safe to assume there are software out there to convert your dvd, mpeg-2 encoded files to h.264 (mpeg4) ones which not only will give you better performance (because it’s hardware accelerated on rPi) but also it *might* even result in smaller files and save you some space on the SD card :)

@psergiu: I had a question to ask you but I don’t remember it now :) can you guess what it was? any hints? :D … but I’ll ask as soon as I remember it :D

JamesH avatar

In my experience, H264 is about half the size of the equivalent quality MPEG2. YMMV.

Armen avatar

That’s a lot of space saved!

akc42 avatar

I have a question that has been puzzling me. Reading the previous new article, it appears that the Raspberry Pi will support MPEG4, but not MPEG2. UK Freeview services, as I think I understand them transmit normal programs with MPEG2 encoding and HD services with MPEG4 encoding.

I currently use MythTV Backend as a central server for collecting Freeview TV and then watching it back on my PC Monitor.

I quite like the idea of building A Raspberry Pi to connect into my main TV, and having the ability to use it it supplement live TV, with replay of recorded programs from the MythTV server. XMMC can, if I read it correctly, play media from a MythTV Backend

So if I want to do this, do I have to find a way for MythTV to transcode everything to MPEG4 format, or could I just upgrade my TV Tuner Card (Currently the Haugpage 500) to achieve the same.

Or can the Pi play the video directly?

psergiu avatar

1) The digital video stream coming from the air is MPEG2. The TV tuner just reads the data from the airwavers and dumps-it to your computer.
2) Even if you get a newer TV Tuner, you will get the same data – if the stations boradcasts MPEG2, then that’s what you get.
3) Due to licence issues, RPi won’t be able to do hardware accelerated decoding for MPEG2 – but a software sollution might appear.

Charlie Pearce avatar

It’s been a long time since I looked at MythTV (and in the end never got it setup) but I do remember looking at the following to transcode for another device, might help you to:


reallynotnick avatar

Yep, if you have your computer transcode it into H.264 it will play fine on the Pi, also you will save hard drive space as H.264 is about 2x as efficient as Mpeg-2. Only downside is that it takes a lot more processing power to transcode it than to just record it, and there might be a slight picture quality drop because at best when you transcode something it will look just as good as the source.

Doktor-X avatar

i have one quastion, i have lg tv and if i try to play 1080p mkv from usb audio is no go soo will xbmc on pi be able to decode and then downmix dts to stereo so that my tv can play audio

psergiu avatar

I guess you’re asking for “downmix DTS to stereo” – if you install a player that knows how to do this, it is possible.
Next time please try to read what you wrote before pushing the “Post Comment” button.

Doktor-X avatar

this is not answer to my question, it is like you all ho have bords skipping to give direct answer to questions about audio support. We all know that pi can decode hd video on hardware and not using software on arm but i dont know if pi’s arm cpu will have power to decode dts if it cant do this over hardware like with video

Erdal avatar

It has been previously answered that all audio is decoded in CPU. Then the question boils down to, is the ARM CPU (700MHz) fast enough for audio? Most likely it is.

JamesH avatar

Yes, Audio is very easy to decode.

Doktor-X avatar

then i will probably buy a few pieces, thanks for the information

psergiu avatar

Happy Birthday, Sam Nazarko !

(read http://www.raspbmc.com if you’re confused)

Armen avatar

Seriously! Happy Birthday Sam Nazanko! :) The guy is quite a smart and capable kid, he turned 17 or 18? It’s really interesting to know how he got introduced to computers, who showed him the first steps, what were the first steps and so on … [smart kids just need a little guidance, they find their own way and self-develop, it’s the nature of a smart person] … he also can serve a good example for the potentially talented kids around the world. Once I came across this sentence “A brain is a terrible thing to waste”, I should add, “specially a young one”, I don’t know whose quote it is or where it is from, but it’s damn right.

Talking about potentials around the world all of a sudden the internet came to my mind, this is not related to Sam’s birthday, sorry, but hope the guys at RasPi are already thinking about the next generation hardware with Wifi … [I know it’s possible to do it with through USB right now] but considering that the user most probably is going to need to connect to the internet and should pay at least $7 extra to buy it separately that would be a huge favor for the next gen Pi owner.

Mick avatar

The pi needs to be kept as cheap as possible. It also needs to be simple, but today’s consumer does expect some WOW factor , mostly in the area of entertainment (great success already with xbmc it seems).
Some of the suggestions, i.e SATA ports, are just going to up the price and turn it into just another computer though.
I really want to see the pi become a huge success and create the types of following and development like in the old Sinclair, C64, Amiga days. Great to see it already has an enthusiastic following, without even shipping yet.

Gaming is going to be very very important, as it was with the scenes mentioned above. As gaming enthusiasts also helped drive the IBM compatible industry into what today is a massive entertainment business and huge sales of custom graphics cards. People also go to great efforts to emulate their favourite games from the past. So I hope consideration is given to gamers in the future designs. Also remember that Microsoft developed a tablet PC many years ago but aimed it at the wrong market, mostly ignoring the entertainment side and look what Apple have done with their tablet.

[…] Rasbperry Pi This entry was posted in Uncategorized by . Bookmark the […]

Jacob avatar

Where can I preorder one?

JamesH avatar

No preorders.

ChrisR avatar

The comments here are showing a significant demand for hardware MPEG2 decoding, I know I’d be willing to buy a key so I could download a HW accelerated codec if Broadcom are willing to go down that route.

If not, then we’ll just have to get cracking hand optimising the decoders – I’m fairly sure we ought to be able to get a proper frame rate at 700MHz. If it can be plumbed in, we can also use shader code for a couple of the bits of the MPEG2 pipeline which might help, although it kind of depends what you have to do to get that onto the screen in the frameworks used.

Zim avatar

“is live now”
Live yes informative no
Looking froward to it thanks guys :-)

Rune Kyndal avatar

oh… just sell me one already.
i cant handle this much longer….
suffering from medium to severe ARPS

Acute Raspberry-Pi-inSomnia)

Long-term ARPS has caused death in lab animals.


John avatar

I used to laugh at those geeks who stood in line waiting for the new release of a video game. Now, I am one of them. You have built it. We are here. Go the distance. Ease our pain.

John Smith avatar

Wait it! I’ve been using it all time I am in Internet:))

Peter Moore avatar

Awaiting availability news of the Raspberry Pi

mnorthfield avatar

I just want to put this in my car, along with my xCarLink system to fire up xbmc. Would be great if plugins come along to enable GPS, Webbrowsing and Telephone(pairing)!

Lex Chou avatar

I’m a developer, I would like to have a Raspberry Pi as my HTPC and have my modified XBMC running on it, will it be available in China?

JamesH avatar

Yes. Worldwide.

Vedran avatar

is there any ETA for Raspi, where we could buy it internationally? And to put us on the list or something?
I’d really like to buy it, at least 2 of them… PLZ, let us know! :)

JamesH avatar

RTFM. Please use the search – this has been covers probably thousands of time in the comments and forum. Even in the FAQ I think.

Daniel Fairbairn avatar

Thank goodness for RPi! This is music to my ears. One of these, and this distro, and a NAS unit, and i can kiss goodbye to Windows, Intel, and no end of fussing, tweaking, and not to mention heavy power draw and noise and overspecced nonsense. I’d have one of these for the TV, and one for my son, and one in the Kitchen and one for taking away to work with me, for playing films. I can’t wait to give this gift of discovery to my Son (he’s 5), i grew up with ZX81’s and Spectrum 16k and BBCs, typing game programs into the speccy from magazines, and feeling a sense of wonder that is utterly bereft with PC’s. Can’t wait to take 5 of these into my home, and i applaud the work you guys are doing to open this technology up to everryone.

The wallet is ready ;)

Jeff avatar

You’ll just have to make do with one, at least initially.

cptmarginal avatar

And thus do I decide to phase out my original Xbox running XBMC and permanently migrate to Raspbmc

If only people all over the world could be informed of what the Raspberry Pi’s existence actually entailed, I think that it could significantly change culture. It deserves front page on some newspaper

cptmarginal avatar

“this is cool but doesn’t it then move it away from getting poorer children access to computers and move into the very cheaper media centre?”

How about giving poorer children access to a very cheaper media center? That sounds to me like a revolution

Adamm avatar

Please stop with the ‘poorer children’ rhetoric that I keep reading again and again. This is NOT a computer for the poor. It is an educational tool for all children from all backgrounds.

One of the worst things that could happen is for the Pi to become associated with only the under-privileged, introducing a stigma to ownership.

Armen avatar

“getting poorer children access to computers”

Something that is affordable to poorer children is certainly affordable to better off children. So it means children. Accessible to *more* children [to be more accurate]. Your sentence sounds as if it’s been built exclusively for a certain group. I’m almost sure it’s not the case. Though one of the main advantages is that it is accessible to *more* children.

There is nothing wrong with a fun media player on an educational device, the least is that it will be more appealing to kids and teenagers. Also have in mind that there are wonderful educational videos out there.

Also making it appealing for broader audience will help sell more devices, which will in turn help the project to pick up speed and momentum which in turn will increase the chances of the certain group of children you mentioned owning one of these devices, because if it fails I don’t see any alternative in price range of ($25-$35) right now. So if a media player helps the project why not? More people will be interested and involved and it’s ultimately a good thing. More people interested and involved will hopefully eventually mean more programmers involved and so more educational software available *as well*. Also making it appealing to broader range of kids [with media player, music, cartoons, etc.] is better because obviously it’s appealing to a broader range of kids.

The other day I was searching and I came across this interesting BASIC language interpreter on linux which seemed to suit the purpose. If you genuinely care about the educational software picking up support faster, write an email to them let them know about Raspi and let them know that you would love to see their product tested on (or ported to) Raspi. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of that particular BASIC interpreter right now. But who knows if you search you might come up with a better candidate more suitable for constrained specs of RasPi.I guess BASIC is a good language to introduce kids to programming.

Armen avatar

I guess this was the one which caught my attention: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basic-256 … but looking at the list on wikipedia there are zillion ‘dialects’ :) of BASIC languge so you might be able to come up with a better candidates [one should try these hands on].

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Oops! :( I felt bad about my comment about a better candidate :P

Long story *shorter*, I searched again, came across the wiki article, visited http://www.BASIC256.org headed to the forum which I hadn’t visited for quite a while, and saw a reply to my comment:

Me(26 days ago): Oops! Jim had answered the question I was new to the forum and I didn’t see it. And it was good news, can be undocked and maximize to fullscreen. Really cool. It’s a great choice to go along with Raspberry Pi.

The reply by Jim:
Yes Armen, I am looking forward to the Raspberry PI myself.

I was new to the forum and didn’t know Jim was one of the developers of BASIC256. And I guess it’s a good news. Haven’t tried it hands on myself but basic256 looks cool. And it’s good news that Jim is looking forward to the RaspPi as well.

So instead of complaining and worrying if a media center is a good news or not, you can find programs which you think are suitable for educational purposes [if you really care] and contact them and let them know that you’d like to see their software ported to RasbPi. (for your information I’m just a person who got interested in RasPi on the internet no connection with RasPi guys)

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All right it is February already and I’ve still seen no signs of this thing being sold to the public. Every morning I wake up for work and check this website in hops that this thing is for sell. It is like an addiction, this device when programmed correctly will be able to replace my wife and perform better than she ever will. If only the wife had more RAM then the B version of this device, think of the possibilities!!!!

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I’m 13 and still, I really REALLY can not wait for the Rasberry Pi! :D

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It has been a torture to enter this site every day just to check if the Raspberry Pi is avaible for sale … Great work guys but the waiting is killing me! =)

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im checking this site alot aswell, cant wait to have one of these devices, gonna cost me alot of free time, but the knowledge you get in return would be massive aswell!! so yeah, i hope i manage to get one. I do not want to miss this oppertunity (ps: sorry about my english, is a foreign language for me )

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Wow, I like it. Do keep me informed on your progress.

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Sorry to sound a little stupid or dense as im not equipped with low-level hardware/manufacturing knowledge but what exactly does this crystal do? where is it? what is bad about having a bigger type of it?

Thanks! I cant wait to get my device! (and one for each of my a-level computing students!)

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It provides a reference frequency for the various phase-lock loops on the chip. It needs to be the size we’d specced it for when we designed it because there’s a space for it on the PCB, and unless it’s the right size, it won’t fit.

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Has anyone heard from the young man (missed his name) that was running raspbmc.com? It seems his website is down.

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I have a question, dose anybody know anything about developing a Raspberry Pi version of soft like Centrafuse for carPC ?
I think this is a interesting idea.
Thanks for anwser

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