Top project ideas for Raspberry Pi Zero

We came across this ‘Top 15 Raspberry Pi Zero Projects’ video and realised that it’s been a while since we showed our tiniest computer some love on this blog.

Too many cool projects to blog about here, so give the full compilation video a watch for more ideas

The compilation features full build videos for 15 Raspberry Pi Zero projects. Too many to go into detail about here, so we’ve picked out a few of our favourites to share.

Origami sunrise lamp

Time to wake up!

This Sunrise lamp doubles as a psychedelic night light, and is built with snapology origami. Raspberry Pi Zero W powers an Adafruit NeoPixel ring and does a great job of letting maker Russell Eveleigh sleep in past 5am.

Russell coded different sequences to make the NeoPixel lights turn to a calming blue at bedtime, and then brighten up to sunshine yellow when it’s time for the kids to wake up.

mintyPi retro gaming handheld

How could we not share a retro gaming device hidden in an Altoids tin? Raspberry Pi Zero runs RetroPie software, and gameplay lasts up to five hours!

mintyPi is a nice simple do-it-yourself project, and you can find links for the parts at Good luck finding an Altoids tin in the UK though. If you’ve found a good alternative, let us know in the comments.

Fresh coffee monitor

Brew is ready

We picked this project because Raspberry Pi Towers coffee drinkers have been thinking about making something similar.

Caleb Brewer made his office coffee machine smart by building an alert system that sends notifications when someone brews a fresh pot. A waterproof temperature sensor constantly monitors the coffee pot, and Raspberry Pi Zero W turns on an alert light and sends a Slack notification when a new hot tasty brew is ready.

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Alan avatar

The Pi Zero W is just an amazing bit of kit for under £10 – I love how low the power requirements are and the inclusion of USB OTG was simply inspired! 👍🤓

Guy Sandler avatar

It’s amazing what you can do for pretty cheap, thank you

Anders avatar

Altoids tins in the UK are easy to get. The tin artwork uses grams for weight instead of OZ, and the address on the back is Wrigley Company, Plymouth instead of Callard & Bowser, Chicago. It also carries ROI information and German language.
Also the UK tin lid is printed rather than embossed.

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