The Raspberry Pi Store pops up for the last time this year in London

TL;DR, our final pop-up store of the year takes place on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 October at 58 Oxford Street, London, UK. We have a ton of lovely new merch.

The Raspberry Pi Store is an attention-seeking creature, so celebrated its third birthday all year. We indulged it by booking a three-stop tour around the UK to let it show off its fancy wares to new fans in Gateshead and Edinburgh, before returning to London, where we hosted our first ever pop-up store last year.

london store pop up
You can tell this 📸 was taken in London on account of the big red bus

Free gifts!

If you like free Raspberry Pi-themed merchandise, your queuing experience could be a lot more fun this time around.

And because I can’t keep secrets at all, the enigmatic-sounding “free Raspberry Pi-themed merchandise” is special-edition pin badges. We’ll be handing them to store visitors until we run out!

We had these specially made for events, so you can’t buy them anywhere!

Where is it happening?

We are back in the heart of London’s famous shopping district on Oxford Street in exactly the same spot as last year.

You can find us at: 58 Oxford Street, London W1D 1BH.

The pop-up store is inside Sook, opposite Zara and next door to Clarks Footwear.

When is it happening?

Friday 28 October

10:00 – 18:00

Saturday 29 October

10:00 – 18:00

What can I buy?

As well as an exquisite selection of T-shirts, stickers, and some of the best books from the Raspberry Pi Press store, we will have some brand new official merchandise on sale for the first time. Six new items, to be exact. So if you’d like to be one of the first people ever to own one of our brand new mugs, water bottles, pin badges, pens, notebooks, or travel mugs, come and see us in London.

Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB, 4GB, and 8GB) will be in stock at the pop-up. Please be aware that we’re limiting Raspberry Pi 4 to one of these computers per person. Note that the limit is one of any, not one of each, so you won’t be able to purchase one 2GB model and one 8GB model — you can only buy one of any of these computers. We’ve decided to do this to try to ensure that everyone who has made the trip to Oxford Street can pick up one of these harder-to-come-by boards.

Raspberry Pi 400 and Raspberry Pi Pico have no restrictions on the quantity you can purchase, so you can get every single person on your Christmas list the same thing. Streamlining the gift-buying process is really what the holiday season is about, after all.

We’ll also be stocking some of the most popular products from one of our Approved Resellers, Pimoroni. If you’re looking to step up your Raspberry Pi game, you can get your hands on an Inky Impression e-ink HAT, enviro HATs that monitor your surroundings, and glitzy HyperPixel displays.

Why should I pop by?

The flagship Raspberry Pi Store in Cambridge gives people of all ages and abilities the chance to get hands-on with technology, and we’re recreating that experience as closely as we can in London.

Whether you’re a parent whose children have started coding at school or you’re looking to do something cool with sensors and LEDs, come down and meet the team from Raspberry Pi. They will be able to tell you exactly what you need, and direct you to free resources to help you get started with whatever project you have in mind.

Where are you popping up next?

Yes, we do already have plans for pop-up store locations next year. No, that is not a secret I’m allowed to tell you yet. In reality, they haven’t even told me yet, on account of my telling secrets so liberally. I’ll tell you as soon as I can. Promise.


Steve avatar

I was fortunate enough to be on holiday in Edinburgh when your pop-up was open and managed to bag a bag and Pico W. However I was told that I could only buy one Pico, despite the pop-up notice on the blog suggesting otherwise… For those who can make this next one, can you clarify if the whole of the Pico range is unrestricted and can you ensure the team in the shop are aware.

Ashley Whittaker avatar

Hi, I’ve just checked with the store manager on Pico W was indeed limited during the pop-up as stock went so quickly. BUT we have learnt lessons and will be bringing lots more of each variant of Pico to London so people can scoop them into their shopping bags 👍🏼

UKScone avatar

Please tell me you are going to put the pico’s in those old sweet shop sweetie jars with the scoop & scales so people can buy pico’s by the half pound

Ashley Whittaker avatar

I’ve JUST had our maker in residence build me a branded tray like they used to sell ice creams from at old fashioned theatres. Going to put Pi badges and stickers in it and throw them around like confetti.

Xeon avatar

Hi, I jus wanna ask can we get our hands on one of the Pi Zero 2W? Bcuz it didn’t been mentioned above.

Helen Lynn avatar

No Zeros at this pop-up I’m afraid, but a decent amount of the “big” (well, it’s all relative) Pis.

Gary Healy avatar

Any CM4’s?

Ashley Whittaker avatar

No Compute Modules at this one I’m afraid Gary.

nafanz avatar

New mugs and thermos will be able to buy more online? I’m from Russia, I don’t have the opportunity to visit the store.

Chris Hill avatar

Hoping for more pop ups around the country next year.

Jhalak Rai avatar

What about the CM4? Will it be available too?

Gary Healy avatar

Handy to know on this too 🤞

Spyke Logan avatar

Why oh why did this have to be in London. I’m in Gateshead please tell me your coming back here.

Berto, un huargo avatar

I’m on the other side of the Atlantic — but I must say, I *love* that the pin badges show that you’re all doubling down on the Pi Cow. 😁

Are there perhaps plans for an eventual friend to Babbage?

Ashley Whittaker avatar

Omg we should *definitely* do plushy Picow

UKScone avatar

oh +gazillion on a Pi Cow friend for Babbage

Alasdair Allan avatar

OMG Yes! A plushy PiCow!

Ashley Whittaker avatar

Shotgun YOU’RE asking merchandising for this, not me.

Liz Upton avatar

I’m still holding out for Darlington Bear.

UKScone avatar

you could just have a framed photo darlington (bear)

Liz Upton avatar


Graham avatar

Any chance will you be visiting Leeds or Bradford.

Jim Wraight avatar

How about somewhere more accessible like Leeds or Manchester?

Andy avatar

Bah! I’m coming to London on November 1st for a conference. Gutted that I won’t be there in time to visit the popup!

John Hepner avatar

There has been a serious lack of RPi’s here in the U.S. It would be REALLY nice if you could bring your pop up store over here to Xenia, Ohio at the Dayton Hamvention in May 19. 20, 21 2023. Bring lots of computers, We’ll find space!

Richard Andrew Mullens avatar

When can we have an 8GB Raspberry pi 400 ?

nafanz avatar

Yes, I want it too.

Nathaniel Slawski avatar

What exactly will there be available and at what cost? I’m looking forward to going :)

Oskar avatar

Will it be possible to buy Raspberry Pi 4 8GB? If so, what will be the price?


Ashley Whittaker avatar

Yep. But the limit is one per customer and we do advise getting there early as we’ve a limited amount of stock held for each day of the pop-up. It will be at the proper price – no scalper inflation round here!

Nick Steel avatar

Since the Pi 400 is also sold out everywhere (in the UK), it would be good to limit those to one per person also. Else scumbags will scoop a load up and stick them straight on ebay at 5x the price. Nobody needs that.

Ian avatar

I see you’ve had a busy day today at the pop-up shop.
I just want to confirm that you do have more stock for tomorrow?
I’m hoping to try and get a Pi 4 8Gb but won’t travel if there isn’t any more stock.

Ashley Whittaker avatar

Hi Ian! we have restocked the pop-up store for today. Open 10:00 – 18:00 at 58 Oxford Street.

We have more Raspberry Pi 4 kits (8GB and 4GB).

More Raspberry Pi 400 kits.

More Pico W and more tote bags!

Building the kit boxes as fast as we can!..

Ian avatar

Hi Ashley,
Thanks for getting back to me. I decided to come up anyway so was there by 8:30 so I was in the first batch to get in the shop this morning and secured a Pi 4 8GB kit in black and grey.
Thanks to the Pi Team for organising these shops!

Ashley Whittaker avatar

Yeeeeees Ian! What’re you making with it?

Ian avatar

It’s going to be an upgrade from a Pi Zero W which is collecting environmental data from bluetooth beacon tags (RuuviTag). It has an Influxdb database which stores the data and Grafana for visualisation. The Zero W struggles if I try to bring back a lot of data in Grafana.
However an 8GB Pi 4 would be overkill for this so I am also setting up a Home Assistant implementation with a ZigBee dongle to control existing IoT stuff and running it all from a USB connected NVMe SSD for better performance and resilience over a microSD card. I’m also going to be able to increase the logging from the tags from 5 minute intervals to 1 minute intervals as the Pi 4 will easily be able to cope with it.
Now I just need to find the time to do it!

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