The Raspberry Pi Store comes to Leeds for the festive season

Surprise! Just in time for the festive shopping season, we’ve opened a new temporary Raspberry Pi store in Leeds, UK. Following the success of our pop-up store tours over the last couple of years, we’ve decided to trial an extended pop-up which will last until the New Year. We also listened to feedback on our choices of previous pop-up locations, and it was loud and clear that the north of England was crying out for more Raspberry Pi action. We chose Leeds for its geography and excellent transport links to other northern powerhouse cities, and we’re hoping to give as many people as possible the opportunity for a real-life bricks-and-mortar Raspberry Pi shopping experience.

raspberry pi store leeds frontage

We’re also giving away a free gift to the first 75 shoppers through the door, starting tomorrow (Saturday 4 November).

Where is it?

Victoria Gate, Unit 25, Ground floor, Harewood Street, Leeds, LS2 7AU, UK. Here it is on Google Maps.

There is also a handy little map of the shopping centre layout. While our pop-up doesn’t appear on it, it’s still a great way to locate us because we live between Eden Suits (Unit 15) and Weetons (Unit 17), which ARE both shown on the map of the ground floor.

What can I buy?

We have every single Raspberry Pi computer and microcontroller in stock. Yes, including the newly released Raspberry Pi 5. We also have stock of Compute Module 4, which is usually only available from a limited number of Approved Resellers. All the peripherals you might need — including keyboards, power supplies, LEDs, and breadboards — are for sale too.

On top of this, we have so much merch. All the merch. Raspberry Pi T-shirts, plush Babbage Bears, mouse mats, notebooks, thermal cups, stickers, pens, you name it. If you can stick a Raspberry Pi logo on it, we’ve probably got it for sale.

You’ll also be able to buy hard copies of the books and magazines we have for sale in the Raspberry Pi Press online store.

When is it open?

Our doors are open right now! We’ll be there until the New Year, so you’ll be able to shop with us for Christmas and beyond.

Our opening hours are:

Monday: 10:00 – 18:00
Tuesday: 10:00 – 18:00
Wednesday: 10:00 – 18:00
Thursday: 10:00 – 18:00
Friday: 10:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 18:00
Sunday: 11:00 – 17:00

Come and visit!

raspberry pi store leeds view out the front windows from inside

Tell everyone you know this joyous news. But don’t forget about our permanent store in Cambridge, UK. That will be there forever and ever, and is much more accessible if you’re coming from London or the south of England. You can find us in the Grand Arcade shopping centre.

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R Okeson avatar

Congrats on new “sticks & bricks” location, even if it is only temporary! We in the USA would love to also see one! (As would RPi enthusiasts in every other country :) )

Reply to R Okeson

Jason Alexander avatar

Here’s to hoping that this is such a huge success that Raspberry Pi decides to fill the Maplin-sized hole that we have had since 2018 😭

Reply to Jason Alexander

Sam avatar

please make this happen people!!

Reply to Sam

mafiPi avatar

see you tomorrow!

Reply to mafiPi

Neil Cunningham avatar

Any chance of a pop-up store in the real north? You know, Scotland…

Reply to Neil Cunningham

Ash avatar

Visited yesterday. It was weirdly satisfying being able to pickup a Pi 5 off the shelf. I’m sure I’ll be back a few times over the next few weeks and fingers crossed more all being well

Reply to Ash

nafanz avatar

Please make a new video with a tour of the store for those who are far from you.

Reply to nafanz

Chris Stagg avatar

Trip to the store went well yesterday, got a few things. Can’t say is was crammed to the rafters with stuff, but does have the essentials to get started. Found out the DAC pro can indeed fit over the heatsink (but not really), works fine though.

Reply to Chris Stagg

Chris avatar

Got pi5 8gb last week in Leeds. Staff were superb. Be nice if more stores around. Maybe one day

Reply to Chris

Ashley Whittaker avatar

Nice! Will let them know.

Reply to Ashley Whittaker

Richard avatar

Epic to visit the Leeds store yesterday. Would love it if you run some workshops to learn/ play/ and of course buy.

Reply to Richard

James avatar

Is the Leeds store still open?

Reply to James

Ashley Whittaker avatar

YESSSSSSS! Go and say hi! Everything is in stock.

Reply to Ashley Whittaker

Gary Bibby avatar

Popped in to Leeds store this week. Great resource to have in a bustling tech rich city like Leeds. I hope you can keep it around for longer. Helpful staff and handy location. It needs a window display full of robotics and LED matrices etc!

Reply to Gary Bibby

Ashley Whittaker avatar

Glad you liked it Gary! Will feed back on the lack of shiny things and robots

Reply to Ashley Whittaker

David Brayshaw avatar

Hi, is the Leeds store still open?

Reply to David Brayshaw

Ashley Whittaker avatar

Yes! Everyone liked it so much over Christmas we decided to extend our stay a little longer. Hope to see you there soon.

Reply to Ashley Whittaker

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