The MagPi: issue 3 out today!

The third issue of The MagPi, the Raspberry Pi community’s free-to-download magazine, comes out today, and there’s more content in there than ever. Jaseman (with help from Chris “tjz” Stagg and Antiloquax’s spare Raspberry Pi) has compiled a list of Debian essentials to try on your Raspberry Pi – including more than 150 free games. The beginners’ projects for interfacing using the GPIO ports on your Raspberry Pi continue (if you’re new to The MagPi, it’s worth reading through the issues 1 and 2 first); there’s more on that robot arm, a picture tutorial on making ribbon cable, and some ideas from Meltwater (and Rosie, age 5) on introducing the Raspberry Pi to small kids. There are more C, Scratch and Python tutorials…tell you what. Rather than describe everything that’s in the magazine, I’ll leave it to you to download your own copy.

The MagPi issue 3. Click to go to the download site.

Ash, Jaseman, Meltwater, Chris and the team are looking for people to help with the magazine; as well as looking for contributions to content, they’re in particular need of people to volunteer a couple of hours a week to help with layout, artwork, photography, testing and administration. If you fancy working on a magazine with more than 100,000 downloads a month, please email [email protected].


Wombat avatar

There site states “TheMagP1 The MagPi Issue 3 (Final Edition) is now available at”

is it the final draft…. or is issue 3 the final every issue. If so thats a big shame as its an wonderful mag

liz avatar

Final draft! They’re definitely not stopping any time soon.

Darren avatar

Yes, final means release version, as during the month there is a working draft for people to comment on/contribute to.

Ash Stone avatar

Hi Wombat. Thanks for your comment.

Don’t panic! The MagPi will be back next month as usual with issue 4. We call each issue that is released ‘final’ as throughout the month it is known as a ‘draft’ allowing readers to proof read and suggest comments and improvements. Once it is deemed ‘final’ we make no further changes to it.

Hope this clears it up.

Glad you enjoy the magazine.

Ash Stone

Crenn avatar

Just want to say thanks to everyone who puts this magazine together for the community. I’ve certainly been enjoying reading it, even when it crashes my tablet xD (but then again, my tablet crashes if nothing occurs), keep up the good work!

selsinork avatar

“This article is sponsored by Tandy”. Wow, talk about a blast from the past… but how on earth did it become a trading name for ADSL Nation ?

Tandy avatar

The Tandy brand was aquired by ADSL Nation from RadioShack earlier this year.

plaster avatar

My first computer was a TRS80 model 1 it was the super version which had a whole 16k of memory. The icon for the product i am working on has it icon which is 9k

peter green avatar

Companies buy brand names to buy a repuation, Most people won’t realise that the company they are buying from now has virtually no relationship to the brand name they have fond memories of from their youth.

Darren avatar

it is quite common for companies and brands to change hands. Other Examples include Singer Sewing machines, Stanley Tools, Maplin, Woolworths & Wharfdale . All of those names are no longer owned by the companies that started them they have been sold to other companies or investment firms.

drew avatar

Is there any point in bundling the magpi magazine into an installer package?
I figure it would be useful for teachers to be able to …
sudo apt-get magpi
& end up with the issues on the desktop or in Pi’s home folder.

meltwater avatar

You may be able to use wget perhaps (although it wasn’t keen on my current network).
However, if someone wants to create a suitable package for us then let us know, I see no reason why not.

liz avatar

I think that’s a brilliant idea; please let me know if it happens.

Darren avatar

Sounds good, maybe also in the official distro a bookmark for the MagPi website could be included in the default set of bookmarks in the browser.

SimonFD avatar

Really like the cover for issue 4………………..

liz avatar

Me too. :)

We’re meant to be getting a photo to the MagPi guys to replace it – I’m quite tempted to get them to leave it as it is, though!

Lo5t avatar

You seen the cover for issue 4. Seems they managed to get a picture of you. lol

Lo5t avatar

Please ignore above comment lol.

selsinork avatar

Yep leave it. At least until August 29th when all those RPi become self aware. :)

Peter Stevens avatar

I hate the cover. I like Liz a great deal and have done for nearly two decades, she’s witty, muscially gifted, an astonishingly good cook, an excellent writer, a funny speaker whilst being spectacularly and entertainingly rude to deserving idiots. I emphatically do not want her replaced with a slightly younger woman of similar ethnicity who has difficulty dressing properly.

liz avatar

I think I love you, Pete. Drinks are on me on Thursday.

Wombat avatar

wonders if liz’s offer is an open invite….

SimonFD avatar

Feels wrong not to be paying for this. Stunning quality, pitched perfectly for my aged brain :-)

Chris avatar

Can somebody tell to send me my RaspberryPi already?

I have ordered it 4 months ago and they seem to have some trouble communicating with me by e-mail saying that they cannot bill my credit card on June 26th… The funds were there 4 months ago(Monthy fees were taken out by card company waited too long to bill me) and are there now and they can continue and send me my Tracking Number please.

Chris avatar

Hey Look!!! Another one from My Credit Card!!!

“06/30/2012 Fee – Monthly service fee”

Guess I’ll wait another 4-5 Months and see how much that I have left!

scep avatar

If you have genuine concerns about ordering and shipping please post in the “Ordering and shipping” forum.

If you are going to have converstations with yourself about your finances, please do it elsewhere.

Either way, a blog about the MagPi magazine is not the place.

Chris avatar

Thankyou for replying… I was wondering that I was actually talking to myself.

Chris avatar

“Constructive feedback is, as always, welcome.”

I’m gonna say that I am sorry here because I have not received a reply from [email protected] for a week now and I was hoping that Liz would be the one to help out here with ordering a Pi that I’ve wait so long for.

liz avatar

You know I don’t work for Newark, right? Are you also hoping I will help out with your marriage/dentistry/car repairs? A word to the wise: I don’t do those either.

Chris avatar

1 complaint on the Newark Forums I saw a day later they finally took my money and I just got my RaspberryPi Today… Now I’m scrounging for a proper USB connector that will fit… I’ve got 3 types and none will fit!

Chris avatar

Is there a link that I would be able to get the USB cable for this connector?

mahjongg avatar

On page 4 the last line reads
and the first line of page 5 reads

Maybe I’m dead wrong, but just to make sure, shouldn’t these two be appended, so that it should actually read

At least I have the curious feeling this should be the case.
I remember things like that (sentence breaking problems) happened al lot “in the good old days” with many magazines publishing listings for the BBC micro and Spectrum, causing much agony.

mahjongg avatar


If I click on the first link, above, then I get a “file not found”, if I get on the second (appended) link I get a download.

Seems proof for my theory.

tykus avatar

I tried out the tweaks for HDMI audio on the same page as the OMXPlayer installation and although I can get the video running from the command line, the audio isn’t working through the HDMI at all? The video used is Big Buck Bunny 1080p which looks awesome on the RPi!!!
But does anyone know a workaround for the sound?

alex avatar

If I remember rightly, you need to use the -o hdmi flag. So your command would be omxplayer -o hdmi /path/to/filename

tykus avatar

Hey, thanks – this worked (finally) when I also added the line to my /boot/config.txt file:
as was suggested elsewhere on this site.

tzj avatar

a solution would be to use links from now on, at least for the links that go over to the next line… only problem is some links are hard to type when O, 0, l, 1, I (i) are used.

liz avatar

I’m wondering: which serif fonts whose lower-case Ls and upper-case Is are easily distinguishable have a zero with a slash through it? (Then again, slashed zeros cause problems in some Scandinavian languages, where they can be confused with the letter Ø.)

AndrewS avatar

It has an emphasis on monospace fonts (which is typically what you’d use for magazine-code-listings) rather than serif fonts, but I found quite a comprehensive list here

meltwater avatar

Here are some additional (MagPi Official) mirrors (as the 2nd mirror on the site is already down – hit limit of 20Gb/day for that one):

Davespice avatar

Apologies to those of you who were expecting to find the next instalment of the Schism Tracker article. I have been in hospital this month for an emergency surgery, so I’ve had a lot of time away from the computer. I should definitely be in the next issue though.

liz avatar

That sounds dreadful. Hope you’re on the mend, Dave; best wishes from all of us at the Foundation!

Ben Wiley avatar

Great issue! The command line tutorials are useful, because I’ve been using linux for a few years now, but I’m learning things no one ever bothered to mention! It’s pseduo-embarrassing but mostly useful.

Matt Hawkins avatar

TheMagPi is brilliant. It looks good and is pitched at just the right level to interest most people. Beginners, experts and everyone in between. Keep up the good work!

Mark Routledge avatar

Loving the Magazine, it just gets better and better. Quake 3 works well, but why not do Quake 2, still freely available (all the files you need, and demo works!). Needs Debian (wheezy), but even for a complete linux beginner I managed it. (Once a 14 year old helped me out at school.) Keep it going !*!*!?!. You’re inspiring me (aged 34), never mind the young minds (11-16) to who I keep harping on about it!

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