The MagPi #39 is out now!

The November issue of the official Raspberry Pi magazine, The MagPi, is available now in print and digital. This month our cover feature is all about amazing Raspberry Pi projects that can be made in moments.

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Time isn’t always on our side, so it’s great to have a quick-fire project you can fire up when you have a spare moment.

They’re also handy to keep the attention of younger hackers, whose making adventures are that much more gratifying when they can achieve something amazing in short amount of time.

Highlights from #39: 

  • 30-Minute projects
  • Introducing GPIO Zero
  • Time-lapse photography
  • Pixel art with the Sense HAT
  • Eight-pageTouchscreen Display special
  • and much more!

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We’ve got lots of inspiring projects and features for for you to get your teeth into this month, including a whopping eight-page special dedicated to the official Touchscreen Display.

We also speak to the Foundation’s new CEO, Philip Colligan, about what 2016 has in store, while we also review the latest updates to Raspbian and Scratch. Elsewhere we chat with Ben Nuttall about GPIO ZERO to find out exactly how it’s lowering the barrier to entry for physical computing projects at home and in schools. Exciting stuff!

As always you can download your copy of The MagPi completely free. Grab it straight from the front page of The MagPi’s new-look website.

If you want something more tangible to prop-up on your desk while you code, you’ll be glad to hear you can get the print edition in more stores than ever:

And all good newsagents

US readers can grab the previous issue from either Barnes & Noble or Micro Center.

Don’t forget that – like sales of the Raspberry Pi itself – all proceeds from the print and digital editions of the magazine go to help the Foundation achieve its charitable goals.

Rather shop online? The Raspberry Pi Swag Store has copies available – better grab one before it’s sold out!

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Finally, we’ve just launched an eBook! It’s the first of a new The MagPi Essentials range that we’ll be expanding throughout 2016.

It’s currently available as a free download and as a digital edition on The MagPi app for Android and Apple devices. If you’d like to see this as a cute little A5 pocket book – let us know!

It’s dedicated to helping you learn the command line and features all the amazing tutorials from Richard Smedley’s excellent series, plus two bonus chapters you’ll only find the book.

Learn to love the command line – click the pic for more details


Szymon Życiński avatar

something wrong with #20 encoding in text above.

Yvan T. avatar

the link ” The MagPi’s new-look website.” leads to a black bird picture with a huge question mark…

Is it because it is wondering why so many peoples are visiting it?

Hans-Rudolf Hotz avatar

looks like it is just a typo: try “” instead of “”

AndrewS avatar

That’s because the link *should* be and not

Russell Barnes avatar

Just tested and seems to be fine :)

hystrix avatar

I would buy the The MagPi Essentials if it was an A5 pocket book.

Had a quick look at the download version and it seems to be a very useful reference book.

Kratos avatar

Too bad the months aren’t shorter. This is my favourite magazine! Keep up the awesome work!

juha avatar

How can I download it?

RobZwetsloot avatar

It’s on the MagPi website, big Download PDF button, but here’s a sneaky link so you don’t have to go that far:

stubright avatar

Is anybody else having problems viewing issue 39 using Evince (3.10.3) on linux? Most of the words using the LED font aren’t being displayed correctly, the tops of the words are getting chopped off, all the other fonts are fine. It’s not impossible to read, just a little annoying.

Russell Barnes avatar

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. We’ve tried it on a wide range of PDF readers (including the one on the Raspberry Pi) and we haven’t run into this issue.

Have you tried a different package?

stubright avatar

It works fine in Xpdf (but I prefer Evince), I’ve never had issues with Evince before.

It’s not everything using ‘digital-7’ font, just most things. E.G. Page 15 – the header “30:00” is fine but at the bottom right where it says “Start Timer” has the top missing.

Russell Barnes avatar

Thanks for the extra info Stu. We’ll look into it.

stubright avatar

Just a quick follow up, I meant page 16 not 15, but not really relevant.

The “30:00” header on that page appears to be a graphic, which is why that one worked. So everything using the ‘digital-7’ font has the top missing.


sunil avatar

Kindly note that eBook “The MagPi Essentials” unable to view on the Andriod. Request, kindly check and advice. Thanks in advance,

Russell Barnes avatar

Hi Sunil,
Sorry to hear that. Tested and working here – can you please drop us an email at [email protected] with some mode details and we’ll get it sorted.

Olivier avatar

Many, many thanks for the “Conquer The Command Line” bonus.
Definitely essential.
It is gorgeous! :)

Russell Barnes avatar

Glad you like it! There will be plenty more where that came from :)

Houmem avatar

Guys i can’t find the link to download the command line book !

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