Issue #38 of The MagPi magazine has landed

The October issue of the official Raspberry Pi magazine has arrived in more stores than ever. Grab it in print or as a digital download and take on the ultimate weekend project for £50 / $75!

Click to see the latest issue on our new-look website!

Click to see the latest issue on our new-look website

Highlights from #38: 

  • Build a Raspberry Pi robot for £50 / $75
  • Make a web-powered plant waterer
  • Create music with the Piano HAT
  • Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Display reviewed
  • Spooky Halloween projects
  • and much more!
Take a closer look at what's inside this issue

Take a closer look at exactly what’s inside the October issue

UK readers can buy it today in newsagents, WHSmiths & Tesco, while US readers can buy the previous issue in Barnes & Noble or MicroCenter.

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Once more the amazing Mike Cook has put together another cracking Pi Bakery project for you to enjoy. This month it’s a particularly spooky Halloween project you can use to scare your friends and neighbours.

You can read our eight-page step-by-step guide to putting your own Mulder skull project together in this issue as well as loads of other cool Halloween project ideas!


Russell Barnes avatar

So excited to be in Tesco this week. Fingers crossed they like it :)

Tim avatar

Redeemed gift cards on Google play, then went to use this credit to buy a subscription….. and then received the message that this method of payment can’t be used for this purchase…..this is from the app in playstore…fair enough, but I wish I had been told before redeeming the cards :-(

Russell Barnes avatar

That’s bad form on Google’s part there. You’d think gift cards would be redeemable against anything on the Play Store. Sorry to hear that :(

Drop me an email at the magazine address and I’ll see what I can do.

Tim avatar

when my budget allows I will get a subscription, til then I will just keep reading the PDF :-) . Waiting for my first Pi now, I think this will be the start of a beautiful relationship

Les Pounder avatar

Great work from all of the team! Well done for another fantastic magazine.

ColinD avatar

Agreed. It’s a fantastic issue. I’ve a penchant for all things robot so it’s great to see PicoBorg getting a look-in. This was the first motor controller board I used on George v1 (the red Magician chassis in the bottom photo ). George v2 (at top of page) uses Pimoroni’s Explorer HAT Pro (a beautiful board of tricks!).

I can definitely recommend PicoBorg for anyone wanting a straightforward way into robotics. To be honest, I’ll happily recommend most anything from PiBorg as their kit is top notch.

JBeale avatar

Great to see the magazine with so much content! Minor detail: the IQaudIO Pi-DAC looks good but the maximum potential hardware sample rate is 32 bit/ 384 kHz, not 32 bit / 384 MHz as mentioned in the article.

Russell Barnes avatar

Thanks for the kind words! Well spotted on this – we’ll make sure this is fixed for any re-prints / new editions. You win the star prize (fully signed-up contributor)!

Tzarls avatar

The same goes for the “We need to hit the sweet spot, and that is 44.1MHz and above” part. It should be “44.1KHz”.

Bob avatar

Is it ethical to review your own products? You give both the SenseHAT and the display five stars. Shouldn’t these pages really be labeled as advertisements?

Russell Barnes avatar

Hi Bob,
All official magazines are in the same position (Xbox, PlayStation and so on), so it’s not an unusual position.

That said, we review these products in the same way we review any – impartially! That said, we ensure these reviews go to third parties whenever possible.

Thanks for reading!

1 avatar

Any contest winners announced in this issue? Awesome robot project by the way…I need to try that!

Russell Barnes avatar

We’ll be announcing two back-to-back issue winners next month.

Nick T. avatar

I followed the first 10 issues of the MagPi and I’m happy to see it’s still going. Great work guys.
Just a question, I see it available as PDF version but is there any chance we get an ePub version for e-readers? (PDFs aren’t that cool on Kobo)

Russell Barnes avatar

Hi Nick,
It’s definitely on our to-do list, but we’re not expecting anything to happen on this until the New Year.

Thanks for reading!

ColinD avatar

Q about the 7 inch screen review: it’s described as HD-ready, which I take to mean “can be used for lovely resolutions later.” Does that mean the screen can output a higher resolution than is currently supported?

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