Issue #37 of The MagPi, the official Raspberry Pi magazine, is out now!

The second print edition of The MagPi is here and this month our cover feature is all about digital home automation!

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Take a closer look at what's inside this issue

Click for a closer look at what’s inside this issue

Highlights from #37: 

  • The Raspberry Pi digital home
  • Stream to your PC
  • Build a computer vision sequencer
  • Make a fridge monitor
  • The Fallout Pip-Boy
  • Pi in the movies
  • Cool beats with Sonic Pi
  • and much more!


Another new face!
Barely a month seems to have gone by recently without an announcement about an exciting new appointment. Well here’s one more: Rob Zwetsloot.

Rob has joined us in the role of Features Editor fresh from a long stint as a staffer on Linux User & Developer magazine.

Rob Zwetsloot is The MagPi's new Features Editor

Rob Zwetsloot is The MagPi’s new Features Editor

He’s got some great ideas for the magazine, though his mission right now is to find yet more writing talent hidden in the Raspberry Pi community. If you have an article or idea you’d like to see featured in the magazine you can reach him via [email protected].

By the way, if you’re unsure how to pronounce his surname (it’s Dutch), just vocalise the sound that the TurboLift doors make in Star Trek: TNG (at least that’s what I do).


Liz Upton avatar

I have been pronouncing it “Rob’s Wetsuit”. I am 98% sure this is totally wrong. (Welcome on board, Rob!)

Russell Barnes avatar

Wetsuit is a good one – love it! Sorry Rob, but that’s your name now.

Silas avatar

This is Brilliant!!

Mikhail Itenberg avatar

want a subscription to the magazine

Leo Leibovici avatar

Is it still available as a download?

Liz Upton avatar

Yes – and it always will be. (It says so right in the article you’re replying to!)

Nuex* Luke Castle avatar

Can’t wait. My mum is taking me to buy it tomorrow at WHSmith. I love this mag. This is the best mag I think so far so that is why I am buying it. YAY ?

Liz Upton avatar

Thanks Luke – we really hope you enjoy it! (And thanks, Mum!)

dutch pedant avatar

sloot as in RP boat – sorry, linguistics background not tapped in daily life:)

Rob Zwetsloot avatar

Don’t worry, it’s got to the point where my entire family doesn’t pronounce it the proper Dutch way anymore

Kath Morton-Smith avatar

Any chance of a special price on the MagPi subs if we run after school coding clubs for schools, and we are a non-profit community interest company?

1 avatar

I love this magazine! By any chance…do you know when winners of the issue 35 contest will get an email? In the latest issue it said I was chosen as a runner-up! Yay :D I haven’t gotten an email yet though :(.

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