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Oh my god… that is SIIIICK!!!! =))))))

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Nice title :D

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Real computers, see. Real computers don’t do spreadsheets… real computers are attached to robots, and fire lasers. Real computers can sneak up on you in the dark and grab you with THE CLAW.

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+1 ROTFL :)

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Lol amazing video ;)

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That’s cool, I am excited to know more.

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“Who wouldn’t want to equip their children for a life of playing with toys and getting paid for it?” asks Eben.

Absolutely! In my (pre-micro) days geeks built radio receivers, but the hobby led to employment and I considered myself fortunate to earn a living doing stuff that I enjoyed and was good at. Many are not so lucky.

Congratulations, Eben, on this well deserved recognition of your vision, drive and determination.

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Thanks Liz! I do have a wish list for the raspberry pi, but in terms of applications – we’re just getting started! =)

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