Take a virtual reality tour of the Raspberry Pi Store

Some months back, we received an email from Rob Chinery, explaining that he’d created a virtual reality (VR) tour of the Raspberry Pi Store, Cambridge.

When I heard about the new Raspberry Pi store in Cambridge, I was immediately impressed by the design and aesthetic of the store. I thought it would be a great project to add to my portfolio, so I put together a quick virtual experience based around the store.

Here’s a video for those without VR headsets:

Cool, right?

Based in New York, Rob hadn’t visited the store at the time and created the walk-through using images and video content that he’d found online.

I had to rely on a few press images from the opening to make the model (which did make things a bit difficult). One of the reasons I decided to build the app is to allow us Pi fans on other continents to virtually experience the store.

Since our initial communications in April, Rob has now managed to visit the store in the flesh, as he explained on Reddit.

Rob has built the tour specifically for mobile VR platforms, and it is available for free on Oculus Go and Gear VR. You can also view it via Testflight on Android and iOS using a cardboard viewer. You can try the Raspberry Pi Store VR tour here.¬†And, if you’re in need of a¬†mobile VR experience for your architectural projects, Rob’s your guy!

In the words of Liz, colour us impressed.


Liz Upton avatar

It’s shocking how well Rob managed to capture the shop even before he’d visited it in person – and now he has done, it’s positively uncanny. For those of us who spend a lot of time in there, there’s something very, very eerie about the VR experience. Thanks again, Rob!

AndrewS avatar

The Babbage Bears look a bit freaky with no facial features ;)

anders avatar

Being so close to Ed’s and their peanut butter shake would be a problem for me and my diet.

M Bhargava Ramakrishna avatar

Nice virtual footage, Rob!!!…

AmandaM avatar

Incredible VR experience of the store. It feels like I actually got to visit it.

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