Stuff Gadget Awards – please vote Pi!

We’ve been nominated for another award, and we’d really appreciate it if you could take a few moments to register a vote for Raspberry Pi. There are three categories in Stuff magazine’s annual awards which are voted for by the public: Innovation of the Year, Game of the Year, Most Wanted Future Gadget and Design of the Year. We’re up for Innovation of the Year.

Stuff Gadget Awards

Thanks for voting!


Ed Briley avatar

One for the Pi

Sancho avatar

And the Pi for all :)

Peter Betts avatar


The PI’s are starting to invade my home, 5 so far all in use.

eben avatar

Crikey. That’s got to be a record so far…

Lakeuk avatar

Normally I wouldn’t give in to such pleas for votes but since on the only item other than the Pi that I recognise is a samsung and they’re abit suspect at the moment then it’s my pleasure to vote for the Pi ;)

mittfh avatar

It comes to something when the only recognisable product on the Innovation page is the Pi…

Twinkletoes avatar

Surely given all the back ordering it’s gotta be a shoe-in for most wanted future gadget!

totoro avatar

One for raspberry pi (hope my pi comes next week :D)

Yuri avatar

Voted. Raspberry PI is incredible!

andy avatar


Stefan avatar

DONE – one more for THE Pi :-D

Michael Horne avatar

Done! But where’s the “Most Geeky Gadget” prize? Because I think the Pi would be a shoe-in ;-)

Andy avatar

Am I alone in finding all the other entrants in the other catagories boring?

Joseph avatar

Yes, the Renault twizy

alie lee avatar

+1 for Raspberry Pi!

Joseph avatar

I voted for the pi, mine comes late September!

Joseph, 10

Thomas avatar

One for the Lytro.

I think it’s a bit unfair to mobilize the masses to win each contest against really innovative products :-(. Nothing against the Pi .. but it’s just a low-cost computer.

Sorry folks.

psergiu avatar

Everyone does this. I bet Lytro are preparing a simmilar post on their blog. (And i bet that at least one of the replies to that blog post will be from someone saying they voted for the RPi as Lytro is just a camera who saves low-res photos in a proprietary format. :-) )

Andrew avatar

“Everyone does this.”

Yes, and it completely invalidates the voting process.
So what if RPF can get more people to spend 2 mins voting?

liz avatar

The organisers actively encourage nominees to let users know about their nominations. Everybody has a fair chance that way, and it’s good for the organisers, who get to publicise their awards.

The Internet is a big place; I’m sure you can find something much more justifiable to complain about out there.

Barry Allen avatar

Touché!! :-)

fdl avatar

hey Thomas,

Gadgets are not coming in nice boxes with polished logos and big price tags: those are called toys!

Frank avatar

Done :-)

Rob Sokolowsi avatar

pi is AWESOME !!!!

J avatar

One extra Pi slice(vote)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rene avatar

You got another vote for your Award winning Pi…

(Does this mean I get my Pi faster???)

Best regards, Rene

fdl avatar

mission accomplished
Thank You!

Adrian avatar

How can I vote when I still do not have a board? Yeah, I fall in to the disenchanted group that ordered from the wrong company.

Mateusz avatar

I wonder if they limit the votes anyhow? If I reopen the page, it allows me to vote again.

Jorge Palanques avatar


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