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Wow, how do you better that, amazing piece of work.

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I think there must have been fumes in the box. My eyes watered.

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Yes, Pi’s run on smoke! In al my expirements, they stopt working, after the smoke was gone.

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What did he use in writing that stuff? can any one tell me???

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Meanwhile, a Chinese electronics supplier tried to woo me by shipping a pack of LEDs to me… in a wedding ring box.


My first thought: Did I accidentally buy my wife a new ring?

Second thought: Did she buy me a new ring?

Third thought: I must ensure the wife never sees this packaging.

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Did you say yes?

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Actually, yes I did. My wife proposed to me on 29 Feb 2004.

I shall be celebrating our ten-year engagement anniversary this weekend, by leaving my wife at home in Gloucestershire, whilst our eldest daughter Annabel and I party at the Raspberry Pi Birthday Bash.


So long as the missus doesn’t remember, everything will go just fine… ;-)

Anyone know any good florists in Cambridge, ideally en-route to the A14 westbound, that will still be open after Saturday evening’s party?

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Do you mind if the flowers smell of petrol?

(Tesco’s at Bar Hill just N of Cambridge on A14 have flowers)

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How did he fit a 3d printer in that box?

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How could any girl refuse a proposal like that… just lovely!!

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Well that puts all us mear mortals to shame.

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Whatever happened to saving up every penny you ever earned to hire a guy with a biplane to tow a lettered banner along the shoreline that read, “Jackie … “? Oh, yeah:

(1) biplanes went out of fashion a while back

(b) the guys who flew them were former WW-I aces and are now savoring some kind of pudding because not only do they no longer have any teeth, but they’ve lost their dentures

(ɣ) it’s February, and therefore Winter North of the Equator, and not many people are on the beach, whether or not they’re named Jackie

(∞) every girlfriend named Jackie who happened to be on the beach that day would suddenly think that their significant other had finally popped The Question, much to the puzzlement of their significant other, except for one!

The magnetic drawer handle is a very nice touch though, and made me recall Arthur C. Clarke’s quote, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Excellent magic trick, Matt, and congratulations that it was based on sufficiently advanced technology! :D

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That’s not just a quote from Clarke…that’s Clarke’s Third Law.

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Is there no sound or something wrong with my speakers?

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There’s no sound. (DO watch to the end, though!)

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I was sort of expecting a pair of red and green blinking buttons under the screen, where only the green button would unlock the ring drawer (and the red button would… set the house on fire or something).

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Why oh why was technology not this cool when I got married. But it was 20 years ago I suppose. And a small portable computer was called a luggable, about the size of a hod of bricks and just as heavy. You put us to shame! Hmm, but mothers day is around the corner…… Any ideas how we get a bunch of flowers to fit in that drawer?

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Very cool, I am glad I found this. I have been trying to think of something kind of like this, minus the proposal, for my pops 70th birthday. A digital shadow box if you will, to display meaningful images, pictures of family & to deliver a message. Very cool indeed & inspiring.

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Wow Now that was the coolest thing I have ever seen!! CONGRATS!!!!! SHE SAID YES!!!! AMAZING!!

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