Rob, Bacon

Our very own Justin Bieber, Rob Bishop, was at the world’s best-named conference last week. Bacon ( is a London conference on things developers love, like Raspberry Pi, Go, rockets, close-up magic…and preserved meats. The video of his talk was just released yesterday. Rob says, on watching it: “Man, I need a haircut.”

Rob’s good at this stuff, isn’t he?


Jim Manley avatar

Rob – Just go Gaga and put the bacon on yer pate, mate! Two problems solved – hide the hideous hair and have breakfast always at the ready! :D

liz avatar

“Hideous” is harsh. I would go for “bouffant”.

Rachel avatar

I’m a big fan of the hair. Keep it, Rob.

meltwater avatar

Great to see the evolution here…no longer “what is a pi” but “what can you do with it”.

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Jim Manley avatar

It was the alliteration I was going for (or, in my case, illiteration ;) ) – in fact, I tried to make every word in the post start with an “h”, but somebody forgot to put “hacon” in the dictionary. Besides, it was too late in my sleep cycle … zzzZZZ … I was lucky to get “pate” and “mate” to rhyme! :D

Stewart Watkiss avatar

Great presentation!

I have the opposite problem – I have loads of ideas for things I want to make, but not enough time to actually implement them.

Although funny enough a Sausage Box is not one of them. I’m intrigued, wonder what it actually does.

Alex Eames (RasPi.TV) avatar

Nice job Rob. :)

stubright avatar

Can I assume a sausage box is this
and not some strange ‘internet of things’ made by Durex!

AndrewS avatar

Rob’s *almost* as enthusiastic as Oliver the bee-maker :-)
Keep it up!

Jungle-Boogie avatar

Get him to end with “happy hacking!”

meltwater avatar

Ah a hot sausage box. :)

meltwater avatar

stubright has probably got the right thing.

Would be great use of a Rpi.

Thomas m avatar

Sweet. Nice job, rob! By the way, keep the hair.

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