Ratsberry Pi – scampering Halloween rats

A quicky today – I’ve been running from meeting to meeting all day and have only just managed to get some time at my desk now, at half past four in the afternoon. Great meetings, though, and I discovered that Ben “Pi Weekly” Nuttall not only rescues the drowning in his kayak, but also does parkour.

Anyway. This Adafruit project, putting good use to servo motors, red LEDs and a bushel of rubber rodents, is just the ticket for freaking out your mother this Halloween.

Instructions and a parts list are at Adafruit, where I’m pretty sure Mosfet the cat (Mooncake’s favourite Skype buddy) is having a fantastic time with the rubber corpses.

Got a Halloween project you think we might like to feature here? Mail me!



That is such a good project! Even better if you could get them scampering around though!

The Raspberry Pi Guy


And I guess it’d be easy to take the same principles and create a ceiling-mounted “Batsberry Pi” version ;-)


Ben and I need to do a kayaking hack.

I <3 Kayaking.


So do Eben and I, although I suspect we’re not quite as skilled as Ben…


At hacking, or at kayaking? :)


Just make sure you pay attention to cooling: you can’t have your kayak and heat it too.


That is a truly awful pun.

Rachel – it’s on. Let’s chat this weekend.


Fry and Laurie couldn’t have said it better:


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