Raspberry Pi smart IoT glove

Animator/engineer Ashok Fair has put witch-level finger pointing powers in your hands by sticking a SmartEdge Agile, wirelessly controlled by Raspberry Pi Zero, to a golf glove. You could have really freaked the bejeezus out of Halloween party guests with this (if we were allowed to have Halloween parties that is).

The build uses a Smart Edge Agile IoT device with Brainium, a cloud-based tool for performing machine learning tasks.

The Rapid IoT kit is interfaced with Raspberry Pi Zero and creates a thread network connecting to light, car, and fan controller nodes.

The Brainium app is installed on Raspberry Pi and bridges between the cloud and Smart Edge device. MQTT is running on Python and processes the Rapid IoT Kit’s data.

The device is mounted onto a golf glove, giving the wearer seemingly magical powers with the wave of a hand.

Kit list

  • Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Avnet SmartEdge Agile (the white box attached to the glove)
  • NXP Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit (the square blue screen stuck on the adaptor board with the Raspberry Pi Zero)
  • Brainium AI Studio app
  • Golf glove
Waking up the Rapid IoT screen

To get started, the glove wearer draws a pattern above the screen attached to the Raspberry Pi to unlock it and wake up all the controller nodes.

The light controller node is turned on by drawing a clockwise circle, and turned off with an counter-clockwise circle.

The full kit and caboodle

The fan is turned on and off in the same way, and you can increase the fan’s speed by moving your hand upwards and reduce the speed by moving your hand down. You know it’s working by the look of the fan’s LEDs: they blinker faster as the fan speeds up.

Make a pushing motion in the air above the car to make it move forward, and you can also make it turn and reverse.

“Driving glove”

If you wear the glove while driving, it collects data in real time and logs it on the Brainium cloud so you can review your driving style.

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Aidan Ohl avatar

Seem pretty great, but what does it do?

Daniel Smith avatar

Learns machine based language for AI

Christian Lents avatar

So I have a right hand that has the middle finger amputated completely at the knuckle all the way down a cool indication besides a little nub, and my ring finger is virtually useless, is there a way to make your technology help my hand and be more efficient and closer to what it once was…
Or even if it could not work as a prosthesis, I believe it would be very cool to get data from the movements that the nubs and nerves and surrounding make, as if do they move and unison or have they found their own way to compensate for their lack of??
Idk, I had a raspberry pi 3 b+ and could never really figure it out I guess I’m not that good at coding, I always thought I was able to above average intelligence and so I started messing around with the pie and motherboard systems… Made me realize I was not as smart as I thought LOL if someone could please help me make these gloves a reality I would really appreciate it and maybe we could go play with it create an actual brand it could help many people just like me not just for hands either for any employees that one can lose, think of the combination… This is my idea to be used off the set in place version of the creation you made… Maybe call it the QLovE 2.0

My name Christian LaQue Lents
CEO & Co-owner of LaQuE Enterprises
LaQuE EnT.

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