Raspberry Pi session at the London Games Festival

This is a fascinating five minutes of video from last Saturday’s Raspberry Pi session at the London Games Festival, where kids and teachers spent the day workshopping away at the Google campus. The Guardian were there to record what was going on, and talked to Eben, to Alasdair Blackwell from Decoded, and to Theo Blackwell from Next Gen Skills. Well worth a watch!



Awesome, just ordered 2 more pieces of pi too.


If you look /really/ carefully you’ll see the backs of both my and Pauls’ heads! :)


I think there’s at least one point where you can see the front of Paul’s!


Yeah, he totally got the star treatment!


It’s the lush sheen my head has. Natural light diffuser.


“Credit card sized computer……..”

Not a complaint, but is that statement really true…it’s been stated throughout the life of Pi and for the life of me I cannot see why.

It ain’t credit card sized is it ….

Thanks for a great piece of kit .. it’s creating so many changes in so many fields.
I remain amazed.

Stan Chelchowski


The only deviation from the ISO/IEC 7810 ID-1 format is the thickness of the Pi – the board is to spec. Ok, so the connectors stick out a bit….


The best yet, how will you get him though the door.


Hmmn… they changed the video description, edited out the “all 3 modules will be available” part. As an educator planning to use RasPi to teach kids to program I was so looking forward to those. : (

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