Raspberry Pi retro gaming on Reddit

Reddit was alive with the sound of retro gaming this weekend.

First out to bat is this lovely minimalist, wall-mounted design built by u/sturnus-vulgaris, who states:

I had planned on making a bar top arcade, but after I built the control panel, I kind of liked the simplicity. I mounted a frame of standard 2×4s cut with a miter saw. Might trim out in black eventually (I have several panels I already purchased), but I do like the look of wood.

Next up, a build with Lego bricks, because who doesn’t love Lego bricks?

Just completed my mini arcade cabinet that consists of approximately 1,000 [Lego bricks], a Raspberry Pi, a SNES style controller, Amazon Basics computer speakers, and a 3.5″ HDMI display.

u/RealMagicman03 shared the build here, so be sure to give them an upvote and leave a comment if, like us, you love Raspberry Pi projects that involve Lego bricks.

And lastly, this wonderful use of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+, proving yet again how versatile the form factor can be.

CM3+Lite cartridge for GPi case. I made this cartridge for fun at first, and it works as all I expected. Now I can play more games l like on this lovely portable stuff. And CM3+ is as powerful as RPi3B+, I really like it.

Creator u/martinx72 goes into far more detail in their post, so be sure to check it out.

What other projects did you see this weekend? Share your links with us in the comments below.


David G avatar

You missed out PingSpike and his RetroStation made out of an old PlayStation 2 enclosure: http://www.pingspike.com/retrostation-part-1/

Marek avatar

Not exactly rpi-based ,but great solution for weekend parties, and much lighter than those from wood.
Planning to do it with my rpi model A

Biggest problem for me is that people don’t know how to use arcade joystick nowadays, and want to stop imidiatelly after first gameover. This way you can run all legendary games like contra,metal slug3,1944, and no one likes to pass first level…
Solution for now is a fighting game for 2players ie tekken3, final fight.
All best with your arcades!

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I’ve been thinking about doing the same with leftover political signs made out of coroplast…

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