Raspberry Pi Powered Minion Fart Gun Machine

The Raspberry Pi Powered Minion Fart Gun Machine. It’s got LEGO. It’s got an ultrasonic proximity sensor. It’s got farts. We loved it.

Paul Weeks‘ kids are the proud owners of a Minion Fart Gun. It’s a toy reproduction of a despicable gadget from the movie Despicable Me 2.



(You can buy your own Fart Blaster on Amazon – but this project will work with any toy that has a trigger mechanism.)

Paul had an ultrasonic sensor kicking around from some other Raspberry Pi projects he’d worked on with his kids (the Scratch Ultrasonic Elephant Cheese-Puff Game is a thing of beauty, and we commend it to you). He also had a box full of LEGO Technic. He brought everything together with his kids to make beautiful music fart noises when someone approaches the setup.

Paul has created a thorough writeup, complete with code. It’s a fun project; you’ll learn about controlling motors, how ultrasonic sensors work, and how best to annoy family members going to the loo in the dark in the middle of the night. Thanks Paul; we salute you! (Please don’t come near us with that thing.)


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Brings back memories of the story of Bob Nagel’s Pneumatic Hot Air Research Tube (they made him change the name) decades ago, though if there were any code involved it was FORTRAN punched on a Hollerith card.

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Woww Its soo interesting… We also post it on pihunt.co’s todays projects. Is there anyone do that? Isn’t it funny? :)

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