Raspberry Pi physical dashboard

You can do an awful lot with a seven-segment display, a dial and some imagination. Happily for us all, the good folks at Adafruit have metaphorical and literal buckets of all those things, and have come up with a project which is completely customisable, a lot of fun, and should hopefully teach you a thing or two about connected data.

Full instructions are, as always, available over at Adafruit – let us know what you use yours for! (I’m thinking news ticker, weather, inbox, time until next meeting…)



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And if you want to drive 7-segment displays directly from the GPIO, instead of via an i2c backpack, there’s a nice tutorial at http://raspi.tv/2015/how-to-drive-a-7-segment-display-directly-on-raspberry-pi-in-python

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I really like this! I would like to get something like this talking to my Fit Bit, and maybe telling me how long it was since I last called my Mom! Making it changable and customizable is very smart. I like the whiteboard idea.

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I wonder where is Tuesday’s Blog Post?

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It’ll be along any minute now. We’re glad to see it’s eagerly anticipated.

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This is a similar system that I use to display the weather

It uses 5 Adafruit LCD displays (one of each colour) to display current temperatures in my home, plus an Adafruit servo driver to drive 15 micro servos.

The coloured panels at the bottom use weather forecast data downloaded from the MET data feed.

The black rectangle on the right is a 4 line LCD display used for testing (backlight switched off)

Runs from a model A

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That looks blummin’ awesome, Paul. Have you got any more details on it? A blog post or anything? :-)

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Another project to show the versatility of the Raspberry Pi. Well done Adafruit, I really need to get myself one, It would save me so much work.

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