Raspberry Pi (momentarily) more popular than Lady Gaga…

We’ve just been pointed at a graph from Google Trends by @thormagnusson on Twitter. It seems that for a little while last week, there were more searches worldwide for “Raspberry Pi” than there were for “Lady Gaga”.

Google Trends graph

Key: Lady Gaga is blue, Raspberry Pi is red. Click through for more detail.

I am having to sit down for a minute to process that.


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may i be the first to say nice one!

also that RS may not be too happy though!

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What’s the vertical scale? Millions of searches?
In that case, poor google… And good job, guys. :)

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I believe so, yes (although Google don’t actually say, which is a bit naughty – but that figure ties in with the sort of traffic we’ve been seeing).

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Oh, no no no! The “Raspberry Pi” makes me hungry enough… And now you’re talking about bacon…

And something more important: Raspberry Pi is not available in Finland for normal people, only for corporations. Is that going to change in the near future?

Only site I found selling Raspberry Pi is this RS site: http://fi.rsdelivers.com/campaigns/raspberry/pi.aspx And it’s not for individuals…

P.S. You cannot post comments here with Opera, complains about wrong password (which is 100% right)

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Lol, replied to wrong comment after changing browser (delete please)

Right one: http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/817#comment-15335

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Yes, they’re fixing that (as are Element 14/Premier Farnell). I think there are some legal restrictions which mean that RS can’t sell to private consumers in Austria, but it’s the only country affected. It does seem to be taking a little time to get everything changed in some locations, but individuals everywhere WILL be able to buy from both sites.

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I was not talking about Austria, I was talking about Finland. Could you put the right reply to http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/817#comment-15335 and delete my replies from this comment here (I posted my reply to the wrong comment)

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I know you were talking about Finland – I’m saying that Austria is affected and that everywhere else (which set includes Finland) is not. And I can’t move your comment now because it’s attracted replies – sorry!

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Overhere in the Netherlands the RS site states it is not selling to private consumers. In Dutch:
“RS Components levert echter niet aan particulieren, maar enkel aan bedrijven die over een KvK- of BTW-nummer beschikken.”

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They’ve told us that is being fixed. They will be selling the Raspberry Pi (and peripherals) to individual consumers, but not anything else.

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RS Austria is also RS’ only dealer for Slovenia, so there is at least one more country affected by this.

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I had the same problem with the ‘you need to be a company’ thing for about 30 seconds. This fixed it just fine.
Ship to:
REK Limited
Attn: Rek
Suite 1-A
123 My Street
My postman has been warned and had a good laugh about it!

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Nerd is the new cool.

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Yep, guys. You really did a good job (unlike Gaga)

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Quite right too :P

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And now I’m thinking of a case made from steak. Or perhaps streaky bacon. Hmmmm.

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Oo. Baconcase. That wins my vote.

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Oh, no no no! The “Raspberry Pi” makes me hungry enough… And now you’re talking about bacon…

And something more important: Raspberry Pi is not available in Finland for normal people, only for corporations. Is that going to change in the near future?

Only site I found selling Raspberry Pi is this RS site: http://fi.rsdelivers.com/campaigns/raspberry/pi.aspx And it’s not for individuals…

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Noooooo… Not allowed here in Saudi Arabia – but I can see the appeal!
Mmmmmm Baconnnnnnn…….

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If I do that, my dog will chew it up. Not good.

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And beating Justin Bieber in the news that same day… the kids are all right :)

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I like graphs.

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(chanting) RPi! RPi! RPi!

Anyway, that’s pretty sweet! I am a little surprised, but not a huge amount… It’s been getting a huge amount of media coverage.

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It would be more interesting to compare against searches for heavy metal bands :O)

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Or searches made by guys with pony tails.

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No wonder.. Lady Gaga can’t run Linux and won’t fit in a small case.

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But if you sliced her right she would almost certainly fit in an initial production run of 10,000 small cases. And I’m fairly certain I saw a picture of her with a run in her Linux.

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Are You and I on The Edge of Glory? I’d Telephone the Paparazzi but I’m Speechless! I’ll just have to put my Poker Face on!
How sad am I?!.. LOL
Well done guys

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Searching for Raspbery pi waitrose. “We have a roulade sir”. What a fool I am :)

liz avatar

A raspberry fool (just to the left of the gooseberry fool in the chiller cabinet) I hope.

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Awesome! It’s just showing how well a job you are doing!

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See you (all) are making a difference! You can add this to your performance evaluation for the year end.

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Liz, the correct way to process this event is to realize that more people want to hear your words than Lady Gaga’s. I suggest you go into songwriting.

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i’ll be waiting for the song about the ddos attack on the ppl selling the pi

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Congratulations! That is how it should be every week.

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So Liz forget the bacon case and try Raspberry Pi with Bacon Jam!



Chris Rowland avatar

What is Lady Gaga?

Don’t answer, I’m probably better left in ignorance.

Paul Johnson avatar

Are you familiar with old Victorian freak shows? Lady Gaga is one of them.

Silviul avatar

Never heard of such device. Who’s makin this Lady Gaga? Is it ARM based?

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Liz – Do you have any idea what kind of cross-marketing Gaga-palooza has dropped into your lap? She is famous for taking up the causes of the outcasts, the unusual, the … geeks (see “Born This Way”). I will bet you a meat dress that she would be willing to help promote the educational aspects of the R-Pi. When the production volume catches up, we should have her fans who are R-Pi owners make her aware of what the R-Pi is all about, and the best way to do that is encourage them to produce multimedia that shows off her with the R-Pi (can you spell R-Pi dress? ;) ).

This could get reeeeeally interesting – the team could be approaching “The Edge of Glory” … :)

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I do actually have a scientist friend (I won’t mention what flavour of science, because I’m not sure if he was meant to tell me about this and I don’t want to get him into trouble) whose department was approached by her designers to make a dress with some very special attributes. I actually rather admire her; that’s some killer marketing she’s got.

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Anyone who can bring two major internet sales sites to their knees has nothing to learn about marketing :-)

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Raspberry Pi was trending on Twitter first UK then worldwide #1 for a while on launch day

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It’s probably time for Raspberry Pi to deliver the lather that is now surrounding it. So far a market for cheap disposable Linux networkable media players has been demonstrated, hence the model B interest…but beyond that, where is the revolution? The Arm11 technology is borderline retro, the GPIO is token.

For completeness, yes I will buy one…and happy cheap media center novelty, but is extra disposability of an older technology really a revolution worth a lather?

JamesH avatar

Lather? Soap lather?

Older technology means a lower price, which we believe is critical to the aim of the foundation.

Thomas Doubty avatar

Lather…as in to work oneself into a lather. More a sweaty, horse saddle type lather than a soapy one, but visually similar.

As for technology, low tech is fine…just this current focus on every media center and absence of innovation renders the whole exercise subject to being a comparison of case mods / Mini ITX mark II.

PS do we get hardware integer divide on this chip?

JamesH avatar

Look up the spec of the Arm for data on its integer capabilities.

It’s not the foundation focusing on the media side, and I’m not suite sure of the absence of innovation to see to be not seeing. Are there any other $25 Linux devices out there with the capability of this device? Of course, you could always provide innovation yourself -in fact we thoroughly recommend it.

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This Lady Gaga device when did that come out? How many USB ports does it have? Wifi enabled? Will it run Windows? Does it come with a case? ;-)

Andrew Scheller avatar

Don’t forget “does it run android?” ;-)


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How many remember the BBC TV production of “The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town”.

Jancis avatar

it’s actually so sad that millions of people burn their brain instead of educating it :/

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I know it’s not really saying much, but you’re way more popular than the Olympics… Pity HM Govt didn’t throw that level of cash in your direction too!


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Watch out guys, you even beat Chuck Norris for a short time… :O I hope he won’t take revenge. :(


But there’s one thing, that no one can beat apparently:


JamesH avatar

I’m sure we don;t put ourselves in the same frame as Microsoft and Apple! Those two are, I believe, quite large companies with quite large markets!

Silviul avatar

@JamesH: You should feel above them, Those two are companies who sell products, you made here a worldwide community of enthusiasts. who share passion and knowledge. Those shiny-round-cornered-touch-enabled-devices lovers will never taste this.

Hien avatar

My name is Hien,
I love Raspberry Pi, and I really want to buy this ones, how can i buy it in Viet Nam
My e-mail: [email protected] or HP: 84988990225
Thank you very much for your reply soon!
Bye bye!
Duc Hien

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Yet still no coverage in the New York Times.

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At least the Ras-Pi is actually useful (and doesn’t kill animals to build its case :)

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Should be safe from mass hysteria as long as no one claims it is more popular than cheeses…

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