Quick update from RS

Just landed in San Francisco for Maker Faire – please come and visit us if you’re in the area this weekend!  (I’m near death – this is my fourth trip to and from the US this year, and my soul still thinks it’s somewhere over Iceland.) I found this in my inbox from Jo. RS customers take note!

Hi Everyone. Just a quick update for you on the information Liz posted here on Friday.

As promised last week, we have started inviting the next customers in our queue to place their orders for a Raspberry Pi. Delivery dates for these orders will be through June and July.

By this time next week we expect to have invited everyone that registered for a Raspberry Pi with RS on the first day – some 100,000 of you – to place your order. We’ll also have an update on expected availability for those left in the queue.

As always we will be regularly updating our FAQs and sending further updates to Liz to put on the Raspberry Pi website.

Best wishes

Jo & all the RS Raspberry Pi Team


Snowy6 avatar

Nice looking forward to getting my order date :D

Snowy6 avatar

Well its 9 days later and I still have not been invited to order :(

Snowy6 avatar

Got my invite and have now ordered is showing Standard Delivery (Despatch expected within 6 week(s)).

Noah Caldwell avatar

I am extremely impressed with the speed of my Pi’s delivery. I placed my order (I was there at launch night, but ordered unfortunately late) on Tuesday, it arrived today, Thursday! I look forward to spending my summer coding and learning!

(I think it was RS, but am not sure. My parents dealt with the ordering, myself only being 16 next week. For reference, I am in Tennessee. (That is, in the US.))

Andrey avatar

I got the invitation yesterday. But I can’t order Raspberry Pi because my country not in list (on the order page). Why is not possible to deliver in Russia?

Kirill avatar

have the same problem. i’ve sent the question to [email protected] about this problem. and now i’m waiting for response.

Kirill avatar

have the same problem. i’ve sent the question to RS

Jo@RS avatar

Hi Andrey, please email me at raspberrypi.rswww.com putting Jo@RS in the subject line and I will contact you on Monday.

Kirill avatar

Andrey, did you get a help?

jyo avatar

Definitely looking forward to it; our Ubuntu California team will be in attendance with a Raspberry Pi as well. I believe we’re in the ‘Bay Area Linux Groups’ booth along with BerkeleyLUG.

Maybe we should play some Quake.

Richard Urwin avatar

“As always we will be regularly updating our FAQs”

So why is there information on there that was only valid before the first 700 shipped, and no information about any subsequent deliveries? Your other customers may be interested in what a Raspberry Pi is and so forth, but we’ve got all that on the forums here. What we want from your FAQ is where you are in reducing the backlog, when you will be taking orders and when boards will be delivered. Your FAQ singularly fails to give this information.

David R avatar

Please don’t speak for me. What I want from the FAQ is what is there. The obvious answer is that third party companies are doing the ordering, processing and delivering and the foundation isn’t responsible for those. I am being regularly updated about expected delivery dates on the front page news and via e-mail once I placed an order.

Jo@RS avatar

Hi Richard, it seems that the FAQs on DesignSpark haven’t been updated yet with the new Q&As we have added to the registration page. Thanks for pointing this out – we’ll get it changed ASAP. You can find our current full FAQs here: http://uk.rs-online.com/web/generalDisplay.html?id=raspberrypi&file=questions

JanW avatar

Funny how 25.000 additional customers registered on launch day since last week. How come last week there were 75.000 of them and now it’s 100.000? Methinks that if you want to gain confidence from your customers you have waiting for months, you’re better off avoiding to provide obviously inaccurate info.

Dan avatar

I think it says 75,000 ordered by 5pm GMT. Presumably that means 25,000 ordered between 5pm and midnight.

Phishwak avatar

That article said there were 75,000 orders by 5pm GMT, which means there were still 7 more hours to place 25,000 orders. Not that unrealistic really.

Jan Warnking avatar

Oh I see. I guess I was thrown off by the fact that in this last post they refer to their earlier promise concerning 75.000 customers, and go on to talk about 100.000 a little later. But seeing as the time frame of the period they promise invitation by has increased slightly as well, all fits. My apologies.

Matt Parsons avatar

My Pi is now on order!!! Woohoo!!! Can’t wait to start work poring my favourite hobby OS (AROS) to it!! :)

ps… Why doesn’t this site like my email address?!?

Alex avatar

Interesting that their FAQ hasn’t been updated since the 17th of April.
Or that there’s nothing regarding those removed from the list.
I’ve got my Pi now, but I can’t be the only one that was removed for no reason.

If you think you should have a Pi by now, it’s worth emailing RS and asking if you’re still in the queue. I’m really disappointed that no-one’s made any kind of official statement about that.

Jo@RS avatar

Hi Alex, please check out our full Raspberry Pi FAQs here: http://uk.rs-online.com/web/generalDisplay.html?id=raspberrypi&file=questions

The FAQs on the DesignSpark Raspberry Pi page need updating – thanks for pointing this out – we’ll get it done ASAP…

William H. Bell avatar


Thanks to RS for ramping the production up. I was very happy to receive an email from them yesterday and ordered as fast as I could type ;-)

If you spend just two or three days in the USA the jet lag does not really set in. There was one guy here who used to spend every other week in the USA, therefore swapping time zones each week. Perhaps there was a pharmaceutical solution to prevent insanity :-/

Best regards,


Rek avatar

Tequila is remarkably good for resetting your body’s internal clock!

p4trykx avatar

Yesterday I received my Raspi :) but because there was an error on server side I was charged double. Unfortunately RS does not respond to my e-mails. Is someone form RS is reading it like the post from Farnell?

Jo@RS avatar

Hi p4trykx, I’m sorry that you haven’t had a response to your emais yet. Please send another to [email protected] and put Jo@RS in the subject line and I will look into it on Monday for you.

p4trykx avatar

Jo@RS did you revive any e-mail. I just got a standard reply form a bot.

Roy avatar

I know if I had received mt Pi I would not be writing this, but sadly what you say each week does not give me any confidence in RS at all. Rather I think you are completely inundated by the volume of orders but are afraid to admit it.
I submitted my registration at 6.20 GMT on the 29 February. Because of the chaos I submitted a further registration about an hour later. On the 3 March I received 2 emails thanking me for my registration. I assumed that I was therefore in the queue and would get one PI in due course. So far nothing. As has already been said one minute its 75000 then its 100000. Even so I would have expected to have been invited to order by now if there was some time ordering of the queue.
I am left with a feeling that either RS treats its customers with contempt or it wishes it had never heard of Raspberry PI

Alex avatar

RS deleted some orders, their willing to individually explain it if you’re one of the unlucky ones- but not openly confess to it (or the scale). [And the RPi guys seem to be unwilling to call them to task] You’ll need to email their tech support, and they should send you one out.

JamesH avatar

I think that a bit unfair on ‘the RPi guys’. What has this particular issue it got to do with the Foundation?

Alex avatar

I don’t think I’m being unfair, I deliberately said “seem” rather than saying they’re not calling RS out on this.

I don’t hold the foundation responsible for RS dropping the ball like this, but I’ve bought this up before (and it seems that someone read it) and I forwarded them my correspondence with RS. I expected a response along the lines of “We’ve asked RS if this is true, and if so to include it in the next status update.”

These status updates are posted on the blog to help people who preordered know when they’ll get their Pi’s; and as RS have accidentally struck names off the list something like “We have sent out all registrations of interest received before Xam, if you have not been contacted please email us.” should have been in the this or the last update. And I feel that the foundation should be keeping RS honest.

In short: What this has to do with the foundation is that this issue isn’t in the status update.

Jo@RS avatar

Hi Roy, I’m sorry you are not happy with your experience of RS so far. We are still sending out emails to those that registered with us on the first day and will continue to do so for the next few days. Hopefully you will recieve yours very shortly but if you have still not received anything by next week please email [email protected] and I will look into it for you.

Jo@RS avatar

Hi Roy – I forgot to say, please reference Jo@RS in the subject line if you do need to email us.

Roy avatar

Hi Jo, Thanks for your reply. “Happy” to wait another week and will keep taking the tablets

William H. Bell avatar

Hi Roy,

Due to the DoS level of interest, I could not get into the queue at around 06:00 either. I registered interest slightly earlier than yourself and received an email a couple of days ago. Therefore, your email will probably show up soon too.

Best regards,


m0ntala avatar

Hope you enjoy your visit Liz, and we will of course look forward to reading a full report on your return! ;)
Good news about the RS deliveries also… especially for those (like myself) who were unable to express an interest on ‘launch day’.
Could you please clarify though if Jo is based in the UK, or the USA, as I am getting the impression that they are currently receiving a bit more information regarding estimated delivery dates than we are here at the moment.

benjani13 avatar

I received the mail from RS and ordered yesterday.

I hope I will receive my PI soon!

Virgil avatar

Just got my order through, looking forward for the device.

Philip Machanick avatar

I posted this in the forums but it’s a bit lost in the noise. After ordering, I had the apologetic error message some have reported, and tried again with the same result. Shortly after, my bank sent me two SMS notifications that my credit card had been charged, and these two charges have now shown up on my statement. Next day, I tried again, with order confirmation this time from the RS site — and another confirming SMS. The third charge (a slightly different amount because I changed something else on the order) has now shown up.

I replied to the confirmation email from RS, and have had no response. Is anyone reading this able to get an answer from RS as to what’s going on, or should I ask my credit card provider to cancel the bogus transactions? Judging from the forums, I’m not the only one with this problem.

And no, I’m not expecting 3 of them to show up.

James avatar

Have you thought of picking up the phone?

p4trykx avatar

I had the same problem, picked up the phone. Heard a message that all consultants are busy. When I finally got connected they said the can’t help me and I should write an e-mail ;-)
However this is in Poland maybe RS in other countries runs better.

Philip Machanick avatar

James, I don’t post reports of problems to show anyone up. Obviously there are short-term glitches to iron out and I am trying to help with getting information out on how to deal with them. Handling routine issues is described at the order FAQ http://authenticate.rsdelivers.com/staticpages/pi/faq.aspx and this isn’t one of them.

Using the phone is a possibility but given that I am in South Africa and the price is quoted in UK currency, who do I ask? The one time I asked the local RS office about Raspberry Pi they knew nothing except they’d had a lot of enquiries. If you read the FAQ you will see the online store is meant to be run by CS Technologies, and the information on dealing with ordering problems is pretty sketchy. So if I called the UK RS office would they be able to help? Emailing as Jo described did eventually result in 1 of 2 incorrect charges being reversed (I’m trying again to get the second one fixed) so that seems the best option for dealing with glitches as opposed to routine issues (remember to check the FAQ before going this route).

Jo@RS avatar

Hi Philip, I’m sorry you’ve had this experience. Please email the details to [email protected] and reference Jo@RS in the subject line and I will ask customer services to contact you on Monday.

Philip Machanick avatar

Hi Jo I tried emailing as you suggested and just had a standard response.

Mike Thompson avatar

I plan to be at the Maker Faire on Saturday afternoon with my kids. I hope to stop by and have a brief chat about the progress being made on Raspbian. It’s not quite ready for prime time, but it’s coming along nicely. The early users are reporting the Raspberry Pi optimized Debian port running stable and efficiently.

Ugo avatar


Is it possible to order a Raspberry from France ? How to know if we are in queue ?


benjani13 avatar

Salut, oui ils livrent pour la France. J’ai reçu le mail de RS hier et j’ai pu commander normalement. Je ne pense pas que tu puisse savoir ou tu en es dans la file d’attente.

Jo@RS avatar

Bonjour Ugo! Yes, please click on this link to register: http://radiospares-fr.rs-online.com/web/generalDisplay.html?id=raspberrypi and fill out the online form. A confirmation screen will let you know that your registration has been successful and that you are in the queue to purchase a Raspberry Pi.

Adrian avatar

Had my invitation to order today ! All done, delivery expected within 3 weeks.

Abel (in Texas) avatar

Ordered on Thursday, kids 10 and 13 are nearly as excited as their Dad!

Doktor-X avatar

me too

Lobinski avatar

Just ordered mine! Now to pick an SD card! =D

GR avatar

And when will farnell ship? My order is from “29/02/2012 07:08”, but I didn’t get mine yet. Hey, come on, in PDF they sent me in March there was something about 24/04/2012. And it’s middle of may.

Dappy avatar

Ordered mine Thursday afternoon, already got myself a couple of SD cards, a 2A PSU, Bluetooth, WSB Hub has enough space in the rear to accomodate the Pi :-)

Only about 3 weeks to wait………

Andy Cater avatar

Just ordered mine having had the magic email. RS website VERY SLOW and frustrating. USB powered hub, power supply, SD cards already bought: now to wait three weeks or so. :(
Many thanks to all for their help here on the site, their encouragement to everyone – and of course the RaspberryPi project team themselves.

Steve Smith avatar

Got my email yesterday and placed my order. The waiting continues, but at least there is now light at the end of the tunnel. Only problem now is what to try first?.

Joe avatar

Liz, when you have time can you please have someone from RS look into my order. I’m in the US and have already contacted Allied, but they didn’t even know that the Pi was being shipped yet. I was fortunate enough to be invited to place my order last week and used my PO Box as the shipping addess (since that’s also my billing address.) I didn’t know that they were using DHL to ship. I fear the PO Box may pose a problem. Let me know what info you need. Thanks!

Jo@RS avatar

Hi Joe, please can you send an email with your details to [email protected] and put Jo@RS in the subject line and I will look into this for you.

Joe avatar

Done. Please let me know if you need anything else. Thanks!

Joe avatar

Got a call from DHL today. Thanks!

Rowdy Ratts avatar

I’ve registered my interest for one, but haven’t gotten the opportunity to place a pre-order just yet. I hope manufacturing will get up to full speed soon so everyone patiently waiting can place their orders.
For now I’ll remain patient and continue dreaming up more ideas of what to use this guy for and how to cope with only being able to order one.

Seth avatar

It seems like others have better luck with the ordering process, when I hear so many already having their Pi. I registered as soon as humanly possible with RS, it took 10 mins with all the web lag though. I got store invite on 15th and processed my order as fast as I could, but it looks like I still won’t get it before my birthday at the end of May.

Jared avatar

Will the team have any PI’s for sell? i really want one and im still in the queue.

Darren Couch avatar

Registered interest on launch day(night?), still no email.

Serious frustration.

Hobbs avatar

Cayce Pollard, now, absolutely, hearing the white noise that is London, that Damien’s theory of jet lag is correct: that her mortal soul is leagues behind her, being reeled in on some ghostly umbilical down the vanished wake of the plane that brought her here, hundreds of thousands of feet above the Atlantic. Souls can’t move that quickly, and are left behind, and must be awaited, upon arrival, like lost luggage.

Wombat avatar

Can some one confirm, I have just received the RS email inviting me to buy, BUT instead of going to rs-online.com the purchase link takes me to eu.re-email.com?

I can find no way of using the code on the actual rs-online web site? Is this invite a phising email?

Why is RS sending people to a “none” standard site? I have delt with RS for years and always access their services via their main protal.

Jo@RS avatar

Hi Wombat, it is not a scam – we have created an online store dedicated to the Raspberry Pi. You will be able to purchase your Raspberry Pi here and any accessories that you need.

Ian Horacek avatar

Just wondering if one can find out where one lies in the QUEUE.
Champing at the bit with impatience…

Joe avatar

Read the FAQ. It should be able to answer your question. http://www.designspark.com/knowledge/orders-raspberry-pi-your-questions-answered

Kevin avatar

RS delivered my Pi (to Australia) last Friday and I have not seen daylight for over 48 hours. This is amazing work guys! Thank you!

Scott Bridges avatar

I registered my interest on March 1 and again on March 9. Would it be possible for RS to just confirm with us that we are, in fact, still in the queue? Or can RS give us something to the effect of ‘all registrations from have been processed or invited to purchase’? I’m trying to lesson plan for the fall semester. If there’s a Pi in my future (before July 1) I’ll leave some teaching time open for it. If I’ve ‘fallen through the cracks’ and won’t be seeing one by that time, I’ll move ahead with other plans. Is there any indication that the education Pi’s will be ready for classrooms before Christmas?

Scott Bridges avatar

Just to clarify: I don’t want to know where I am in the queue, I want to know if I am in queue.

Dimitre avatar

Dear RS, it feels very frustrating when we read how great everything is going and how you are inviting people to place orders, when my order with Allied from March 2nd has not been shipped yet. Are we forgotten here across the pond ? I contacted Allied several times last few weeks and on the 3rd attempt finally received a response. Never mind the no-response on first 2 inquiries, I will paste the response I got on my 3rd attempt, because it is just the “you can’t make this stuff up” type and let everyone make their own mind about it.

I’m sorry but there have not been any updates on this product because we ourselves have not received updates. We are at the mercy of our parent company in the UK. Our competition that is also offering these is in the same situation. As soon as we get word, all the customer’s that pre-ordered will get the email right after. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you for your patience.

Juno Casanova | Allied Electronics
Customer Account Representative

Needless to say, I will think twice where I place my next order.

Lesiuk avatar

I need more than one device. Still waiting.

~John E~ avatar

Got my email this afternoon and have already placed my order :)

Go RS :D

Hajo D. avatar

Just gave up on the Pi after multiple attempts to engage RS Germany in any meaningful conversation about order status.

jzack avatar

meanwhile if you ordered from newark, you can get bent. my ship date is still next month and I put in the morning after launch.

torean avatar

At Last…
I received my invitation to order yesterday afternoon. I registered my interest around 3:00 PM on the 29th February. I received my confirmation e-mail on 1st March @ 7:34 PM.

Despatching in 3 weeks.

Allosaur avatar

Yay, Just got to order my RPi!

stephan avatar

“By this time next week …We’ll also have an update on expected availability for those left in the queue…”
Could you please give us the promised information? Why do you need 2 Months (June and July) for delivering the next batch? Does it mean that people that placed their order on day 3 or later should not expect their Pies earlier than 2013?
Please start communicating with your “customers”.

Andysuth avatar

I just used my code to put a RP in my basket at RS and went to get my credit card. When I clicked “Place order” it took me to the Log on screen, asked for my authentification code again and said it was invalid.

Anyone else had this problem?


Enrique avatar

Hi, i just received the Raspberry Pi, so i am buying all aditional stuff, but i have a question related to the power supply.
As i know, it must be a microUSB 5V 1Amp, i have a Blackberry power supply with MicroUSB 5V and 2Amp output. The question, is it OK to use a 5V 2Amp PSU?.
Best regards.

scep avatar

yes, the RasPi will only draw what it needs. It’s the voltage that is critical as long as you have at least 1A.

Enrique avatar

I’ll put it to work.

Joshua Welch avatar

My order says 3 weeks till dispatch, and I ordered on the 18th. By my calculations we are on 4 weeks tomorrow. Can I get an update? I am order number 15992

Joshua Welch avatar

Got my order tracking today.

jericho avatar

I have ordered and paid for mine on the 30th of june and still waiting for it… should i open a dispute on paypal or not???

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