Pub Quiz!

Everyone loves a pub quiz: the inept, red-nosed Question Master screaming, “I am telling you matey–glass is in fact a super cooled liquid”; the know-it-all team in the corner who win every single week and do a special little victory dance on the table with their fingers; and the drunken brawls over whether the short-beaked echidna is a eutherian or a monotreme mammal.  Happy days.

If you can’t get down to your local, François D has the next best thing: a Raspberry Pi quiz machine with four buzzers.

Raspberry Pi quiz buzzers

Each button controller is made from 1/2″ PVC parts and a momentary mini push button.

The Quiz machine stems from PyHack Workshop #01 which François says will now be a monthly event.



In the 70’s I built one of these out of scr’s and other discrete components. This is definitely very clever and I may just build one of these for nostalgia.


it’s a monotreme


I like the red case :)

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