Pre-Christmas T-shirt sale! Get 20% off.

If you or someone you love is looking for one of our lovely T-shirts, and you live outside the UK, Monday Dec 10 is the last day you’ll be able to order for Christmas delivery. With that in mind, and to make your Christmas pennies go a little further, we’re running a 20% off sale on shirts until Monday evening. It’s a great deal, and as always, all profits go to the Raspberry Pi Foundation, which is a charity, to fund worldwide outreach, education and development work.

Rob Bishop, resplendent in a t-shirt. Photo credit Charlotte Spencer.


Minecrafter avatar

Yep, I’ll bite. I did think £15 was too much for a T shirt, so I bought another Pi instead, but £12 is more like it.

JHickson avatar

But… The RP Foundation is a charity don’t forget. I will be getting a shirt and will therefore contribute to the foundation at the same time. I hate just “giving” so this is fine by me. BTW I’m not stingy, just emotionally repressed.

Minecrafter avatar

Yes a charity, that’s one of the reasons I chose to buy another Pi instead.

liz avatar

The charity makes a lot more money if you buy a shirt – margins on the Pi itself are very (charitably) small. Just saying!

Minecrafter avatar

Sorry admin, Post Comment button kept coming up with an error and I was retrying.

liz avatar

No probs! I’ve squelched the duplicate comments.

Leonick avatar

Any idea when there will be stickers in the store again? I’m not much for clothes with product logos or names on them but I’d love some stickers.

Jim Manley avatar

As ordered by the High Command, T-shirt ordered, Ma’am! ;)

It’s been getting down below 0° C for months in many places in the Northern Hemisphere and given the younger generations’ infatuation with “hoodies”, it would be nice if sweatshirts were offered. However, I know that would entail risk and complexity in order processing and expensive inventory. In lieu of that, could there be an option for a quality iron-on logo, if such a thing exists (compared with a true silk-screened version)?

And now, back to watching the Army-Navy game … GO NAVY! BEAT ARMY!

liz avatar

We hear you! We’re looking at options for both those things. :)

If you’re ever in the UK, I’m going to drag you along to a Varsity rugby match (GO CAMBRIDGE! BEAT OXFORD!). I assure you the blood and venom is unequalled by anything you’ve ever seen.

Jim Manley avatar

Oh, I’m quite familiar with a scrum and Navy has a scrappy team. To prove my intimate knowledge of the game, the official sport motto is “Give blood – play rugby!” :D

liz avatar

There was I, a guest of Sony’s at the Wales/NZ game a couple of weeks ago, having spent months convincing them I was a decorous, ladylike thing. Three minutes in, howling “KILL HIM” over my sausage roll, and everybody was disabused.

Jim Manley avatar

That’s our gir… I mean, “decorous ladylike thing.” :D

Final score: Navy 17 Army 13

This is our 11th victorious year in a row over Army, although we were behind by three points from a point where there were three-and-a-half minutes left in the third 15-minute quarter, until there were only four-and-a-half minutes left in the game, when we scored a touchdown. Army fumbled during a nearly-certain touchdown drive down to the last minute with only 14 yards to go, which allowed Navy to take over and hold onto the lead to win. Army fumbled half a dozen times during the game, and we didn’t do a lot better in that department – just better enough to win. It was nip-and-tuck the whole game – PHEW!!!

As I believe the vernacular goes, “BOO-YAHHHH!!!” :)

Jim Manley avatar

As promised, T-shirts received four days before Christmas!

Now my conundrum is that the Pi and everything associated with it isn’t just small enough to be a stocking stuffer, they’re all cheap enough to be stocking stuffers, too – I don’t have anything to put under the tree because it all fits in one puny stocking! I suppose I could wrap up a lapdock in its box and pretend to be surprised, but it would help if Santa could actually visit and fill the empty space under the tree. Do cookies and milk really work to get him to visit? Given my naughty/nice track record this year, will a stocking full of Pi and accessories prevent the Big Man from trying to put any coal in it? Enquiring minds want to know! ;)

Astro avatar

Love the shirts, but I can’t wear white, wearing them makes me look like the Stay Puft marshmallow man (or in the UK the Michelin Man) I’ve been buying Pi’s, but would be happy to donate to the cause by purchasing some Raspberry stickers.

liz avatar

We’ve got black and grey too – I hear they’re slimming! :D

ukscone avatar

as long as you don’t deep fry them & serve with chips

Astro avatar

Black one with the small logo ordered! I guess it helps to browse the “entire” web store.

Balthazar54 avatar

I spend about an hour a week updating an inhouse web page and frequently find it an incredible drudge.

I am simply amazed that EVERY time I hit this page Liz has something not only new, but something I WANT to read..

Great job!!!!

liz avatar

Aw. I blush.

Thank you very much!

pSiMann avatar

Yaaayyyyy. That’s my X-mas shopping done. Geek-style of course!

masafumi_ohta avatar

Oh my! I’ve ordered ‘just A day before’ the special sale started… :-(

guru avatar

Then you’ve generously donated a bit more to the Foundation. Go you :D *high five*

yorkshiregrump avatar

Black with big logo ordered. Thats my xmas pressie sorted :p

najmi avatar

Delivery is very slow.. Still haven’t got my t-shirt. Ordered 22 Dec 2012.

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